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Fists of Rage
Sun Apr 30, 2006 16:36 (XFF:

Sarin Cordana’s fist was balled at his side through the whole time the teacher spoke; he was ready to fight without a weapon any day. He slowly raised each hand to their proper position near his waist, and tried his best to mimic what Lyone Sei’Tar had just told the whole class.

“Hard to soft, soft to hard” The Aethan’Tar began to whisper to himself as he tried to imagine and opponent for him to practice his punching on. He pushed forward starting with his right hand and aimed for his imaginary opponents nose, then retracted and went after his open chest.

His punches rained on the fake man until Sarin could only imagine the fool lying beaten and bloody below him. He smirked and shifted his weight to throw another left-handed jab and with a grunt he retracted it and threw a right hand just as quick.

“Simple” The Aethan’Tar mumbled to himself, in between gulps of air and punches. This was by far easier then using a weapon, but Sarin knew that something like hand-to-hand combat would come in useful had he found himself without a blade.

As time past, sweat dripped from Sarin’s forehead and the Aethan’Tar had lost track of everything going on around him. He stood in one place, alternating punches on any imaginary opponent he could think of. From thieves to Gaidin who had been there to punish him, they all fell before the fists of Sarin Cordana.

He almost wanted to laugh as he punched the fake opponents, but he tried his best to keep his face idle and focused on the task at hand. After so many fake punches, the Aethan’Tar started to slow down, trying his best to keep his energy for the rest of the lesson that was sure to come.

His eyes started to wonder, and he kept punching but started to watch the others as they tried to fight off their own imaginary demons. He figured that most people around him understood the punches just as well as he was able to, and he started to become eager to get on with the lesson.

What good is punching if you do not know how to dodge a punch headed your own way? Or a kick or a block to keep you from receiving one of these punches, Sarin Cordana intended to find that out before this lesson came to an end.

OOC: Yeah, its not that great of a feeling kinda braindead, sorry.

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