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Protocols MUST Be Observed
Wed May 3, 2006 13:23 (XFF:

“Now,” the as yet unnamed instructor said after rattling off a whole spiel about the proper progression for defending ones self. As he would have expected for the White Tower, it was long, tedious, and unnecessarily complicated. He had personally shortened it for himself. “Maim before kill, kill before being killed.” That, he felt, was simple enough to deserve practice. And he noted, mostly in keeping with the philosophy of his own Tower. “who wants to help me demonstrate?” Adrien ran his eyes around the circle and though in no rush to be objectified, seeing that none of his fellows were volunteering, indicated his desire with a slightly elevated hand.

“Now,” she said “punch me.” Adrien had been given many strange commands in lessons, but never once had he been ordered to attack and instructor. The surprise momentarily rendered him incapable of following through. “Just do it,” she ordered once more; disdain bubbling into her voice, “I want to demonstrate something to the entire class.”

So, despite his reservations, the Private set his body and delivered his strike. The instructor side stepped it easily and addressed the class with the first level of her order of defense. Then she stepped back to him and grinning, challenged him “Try again.” He struck again and this time the nameless woman batted his blow aside like his father had used to do when he reached for things not his to touch. The young Chandonne could feel his rage building slowly, and when the instructor demanded “Again.” He had thrown almost before the word was off her tongue. With three strikes too rapid for him to follow clearly, the woman blocked his strike as before, gave his elbow a good blow and then rang his bell with strike to the side of his head.

Angrily he shook his head and rubbed at the impact site, trying to make the ringing stop. When the instructor demanded another punch, he obliged and this time saw her fist stopped a hairsbreadth from his own chest. She was certainly good; he had to give her that. They were almost to the part of the lesson that interested him. And when she called for yet another strike, he did so almost without thought, though a slight hint of weariness with the exercise was beginning to seep into his mind.

After the woman wrenched his shoulder nearly from its socket, the Private was forced to re evaluate her. She was much more dangerous than he had anticipated. He wonder how much more training she had than he did. He was glad she hadn’t ruined his arm, even though the actual possibility of the arm being ruined was slim. They WERE surrounded by Aes Sedai after all. There had to be some perk to being ensconced in the White Tower. “Again.” The instructor asked, and he threw one final punch.

Naturally she turned it, and a blast of air dried Adrien’s eyes as a palm came to rest almost touching his nose. He blinked rapidly to re-moisturize his eyes, at least, that was the excuse he was giving himself to avoid admitting that he was scared half out of his wits. “Any questions?” The instructor asked. And Adrien had just one. He posed it after the barest pause to be certain it got addressed.

“What’s your name?”

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    • Protocols MUST Be Observed — Adrien-Baptiste Chandonee, Wed May 3 13:23
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