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Fri May 5, 2006 05:28 (XFF:

Tain had distanced himself from the rest of the group, in order to practice. He was not one for crowds or idle chitchat and he had no interest in listening to others ramble on. He had set himself up on the fringes of the ground, preferring to keep out of everyone’s way and practice in peace. That hadn’t been the case however, as Jield had begun to pace between the students, correcting posture and technique alike and Tain was expecting to be interrupted, counting on it really. He had not had much contact with his mentor since his enrollment and had really taken this class to have the chance of training with the man. Being the Head Gaidin was a busy life obviously.

Like you had a choice on whether you took this lesson! he laughed, as his mind flickered back to Faoelin’s threat.

As Jield finished his inspection of the class, Tain was surprised and a little disappointed that he had been looked over. The Head Gaidin called them all to attention and soon they were all gathered in the small, half circle, around the Gaidin, again. The man began to speak and Tain listened intently. Well, tried to anyway. His mind kept slipping away to different things. He was running extremely low on coin, but a trip into Tar Valon, to some of the seedier Taverns would solve that. Upon his arrival in the White Tower, he had treated himself to a new flute, as he had pawned his old one for coin, for his trip to Tar Valon. Tain had taken up the flute as a way to relax and had instantly fallen in love with the instrument. It had a strange calming effect and whenever he began to play, he found that all of his problems seemed to evaporate. He became so immersed in the music that he forgot about reality.

Kinda like now! he thought, shaking himself out of his daydream. You’re here to learn, not to dream, so wake up!

As Tain tuned back into the Head Gaidin’s speech, he found that the man was describing the Archery Range behind him. It was simple really, roped off tunnels, spaced evenly with a target at the end. The man then moved on to the rules of firing. Again, the rules were simple and obvious, anyone with a brain knew what the man was saying, though looking around, Tain thought that explaining them was not such a bad idea. A group of any size and things could get out of control, if you did not set down the ground rules.

Ceasefire? Isn’t that like, an agreed respite in a battle? Tain thought, slightly confused. What does that have to do with Archery? As Jield explained exactly what he meant by the term ‘Ceasfire,’ Tain nodded in approval. Ground rules and a safe word. No chance anyone should get hurt now! When everyone was sure of the meaning of the word ceasefire, Jield moved on.

Next on the list was the correct way of nocking an arrow. This part was oddly complex, for something that on the surface seemed very easy. Who knew that holding the arrow a certain way, could improve or hinder your shot? Not Tain for sure, he had been doing it wrong for the past two years, or so it would seem. As the man finished his instruction on nocking the arrow, he moved on to Aiming, before they were finally ready to go off and practice for themselves.

Finally, something fun! Tain thought, rubbing his hands in glee, at the prospect of handling something sharp and metallic. He was having withdrawal symptoms from the loss of his knives and found himself feeling oddly naked without the multitude of blades he had normally carried. Well, this might make up for it.

Tain held back from the rest of the group, as they each collected their bows and quivers from Jield. The last person to collect the equipment, Tain hung back for a second, wanting to engage the man in conversation, but failing to think of anything to say. He liked the man well enough, but he could not think of anything to talk to him about. Shaking his head in defeat, Tain trudged off toward the range and took his place at the end of the line. He wanted to get to know his mentor better, but could not think of a way to do it.

Better just leave it be for now and get on with it. Tain sighed and, discarding the glove on his right hand, drew an arrow from the quiver he had slung over his shoulder, took careful aim and let loose.

The arrow went wide of the target by a good foot and Tain found himself puzzled. Being more careful this time, Tain fitted an arrow to the bowstring and leveled the bow at the target. Drawing the fletching of the arrow back to his cheek, he paused for a second, before releasing. Heart in mouth, Tain watched as the arrow soared through the air, to imbed itself firmly in the centre of the target.

No way! Beginners fluke? he wondered to himself.

It turned out that it was indeed a fluke, as the next three arrows went into the ground, before they had reached the target. It didn’t matter to Tain, he had soon got the hang of it and was in no time at all, hitting the target on almost every try. Almost!

OOC: Blugh! Crap and I know it! In my defense I am only fine tuning Tain now and he hasn’t gotten as deep into my blood as Alex did. I keep on writing the string as if it was Alex and having to start again. I cant seem to loose Alex’s cocky, Im a Borderlander, nature. *grins* Listen to me rant! Ill do butter, I swear. (Yes I realize I said butter!)

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