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Of the Highest Priority
Mon May 8, 2006 22:17 (XFF:

Arin tried to keep her attention on the teacher, only half-succeeding. This woman's method of teaching and Lian's method were two different things. Lian's way had been rather… painful at times, granted, but it had kept her attention well. She had learned by doing. Arin had never been particularly skilled in the art of listening, nor the art of applying what she heard to things she did. She liked to try things, fix what didn't work, and then try them again. It was easier to do things that way than to try to arrange everything in her head, only to have it fly out once she started doing whatever it was that she was supposed to do.

At least the lecture wasn't boring. It was an interesting topic. Defending oneself was something that was definitely useful. Arin was reasonably competent as far as this was concerned already, but she could always become better: her small stature automatically put her at a disadvantage from the very start in any confrontation. She had learned this a long time ago, even before Lian had started teaching her. When she had tried to fight her sisters, they had been nowhere near as aggressive as Arin, but had still managed to subdue her. Both Shenalle and Naleane took after their mother in height, being tall and slender, while Arin tended more after her father, small and slightly stocky. Fighting her brother had been an even more ridiculous endeavor. Shilan had always been much larger than Arin simply because he had been so much older than she, and he had always been capable of merely picking her up and setting her somewhere else that was more convenient.

Arin would never be able to change her height, but she could become more skilled in other ways. Becoming proficient in hand to hand combat was, she knew, one of those things that would give her a bit more of an advantage in any situation. It would give her a better chance of getting the upper hand in any sort of conflict, and Arin had always preferred to be in control. She hated feeling helpless.

She turned her attention back to the woman teaching them, trying to concentrate. At the moment, she was demonstrating how striking the nose with the heel of the palm in a way that caused splinters from the fractured nose to be driven into the brain and would kill an attacker. Lian had showed Arin this a few times before. Arin had, of course, never practiced it or had cause to use it. But she knew the basics of it. There was a chance that she might be able to do it if the need arose.

Arin agreed with the woman teaching them. It was better to kill than to be killed. Lian had said the same… when attacked, always place your own life above all else. Do what you must do to survive.

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    • Of the Highest Priority — Accepted Arin Alistaire, Mon May 8 22:17
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