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I was never one for rules!
Tue May 9, 2006 00:59 (XFF:

Tain smiled to himself, as he continued his fight against the imaginary foe, he was pretending to beat the life out of, by punching. He was enjoying this lesson and was looking forward to using it to his advantage, against Faoelin.

In quick succession, three blows landed in his midriff, knocking him off his feet, to tumble to the ground. Tain lay on his back, staring up at the clear blue sky, trying and failing to pull air into his deflated lungs. Ever since Faoelin, the Arafellin Sei’Tar, had started overseeing his off peek training, he had become accustomed to lying on his back, dazed and hurt. She was a lot shorter than him, surprisingly strong for her build and extremely well trained. Taking a shuddering breath, Tain pushed himself up to his elbows, wincing as his ribs twinged painfully.

“Lying down Tain?” Faoelin laughed, dropping lightly to the ground, from atop the raised platform that was used to train balance. “Always knew you were lazy!” she laughed, walking slowly over to her pack and picking up the waterskin she had left atop it.

“Ha bloody ha!” Tain shook his head and rubbed his ribs carefully, that fall was going to leave a bruise.

“Oh lighten up. If you don’t want me to beat you, go and take the bloody Hand-to-Hand lesson that Enriana Gaidar is teaching today. If you hurry you will get there!” she smiled and threw the waterskin at him.

“Think I might do that,” Tain said, between mouthfuls of cool, refreshing water. “It’ll be fun to beat you around for a change!”

“Ha! You wish squirt, now go, before you are late!” Faoelin smiled at him and turned to leave, collecting up her pack and trotting out of the yard, without looking back.

“Light, women are confusing!” Tain laughed, pushing himself to his feet and stretching languidly, before gathering up his own gear and making for the Notice Board. “I will beat her!” he vowed, smiling to himself.

He did not take defeat well and had indeed decided to take part in the lesson on hand to hand, though it was being thought by a Sei’Tar, not a Gaidar.

Wonder if she knows Faoelin? Tain thought, risking a quick glance at the instructor. They don’t seem to be anything alike, Faoelin is a much harder, meaner teacher! he smiled as the thought crossed his mind.

When the Sei’Tar seemed adequately happy with the progress of the class, she called them all back into the circle. She began to explain a discipline that was thought in hand to hand, a discipline that greatly appealed to Tain. Tain was not one for killing just anything, without a reason and felt that to walk away, indeed took more willpower, than staying and simply killing. He was shocked when the Sei’Tar asked for a volunteer for demonstrating this idea. It didn’t seem like something that could be demonstrated accurately, outside of a life and death situation. The man she chose got reluctantly to his feet and Tain did not blame him. The woman was Sei’Tar, almost Gaidar and he was right to fear her. After ordering him to attack her, she easily sidestepped his blow and backed off. Again and again he was ordered to attack and again and again she demonstrated the different parts of the discipline, each time explaining exactly why it was just so. When she came to the last part, she blocked the man’s punch and aimed an open palmed strike at his nose, pausing before it hit.

“Kill,” the Sei’Tar said softly. “At which point, your attacker dies, and you may find yourself in a great deal of trouble. But it is still better than the final option, which is being killed. Any questions?”

Tain’s hand shot into the air and when the Sei’Tar indicated to him, he took a step forward and bowed to her. “Sei’Tar, should we apply these rules to weaponry as well? My name is Tain,” Tain bowed again and took a step back, awaiting his answer.

OOC: Hope this is okay. This was a hard part to write for and in general this string has been harder to write than the Archery!

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