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Part Three: Hands-On
Tue May 9, 2006 04:11 (XFF:

After a few moments of her little spiel, a few hands shot into the air and Lyone pointed at the boy who’d raised his hand first – one of those black clad trainees from the Black Tower. “What’s your name?” Lyone looked at the boy – he really was a boy, she didn’t think he would have been in those black coats for long – and looked him straight in the eye. Just because he thought himself to be a Weapon of the Dragon Reborn didn’t give her a fright; one day she’d be the weapon of an Aes Sedai, or at least pretty much.

“My name isn’t important; you can just call me ‘Sei’Tar’, or ‘instructor’. Next?” Another raised his hand, an actual trainee this time.

“Sei’Tar, should we apply these rules to weaponry as well? My name is Tain,” he said, bowing to her. Lyone gave a short and satisfied nod, pleased with the question.

“That’s a good question. Of course, the answer depends on what weapon you are talking about in particular – a bow and arrow, for instances, it is quite hard to follow these steps – but with a sword, an axe or a polearm such a rule can very easily be followed. However, that said, it really is up to your teacher at the time what they teach you, and if any rules apply to it. I personally only use such a discipline for hand to hand combat, because killing someone with your hands is different to with a sword, I feel. However, you are free to apply this rule to whenever or wherever you want.

Since it seemed everyone else planned to be silent, Lyone stretched and dropped back into her basic stance again. “We will learn to block,” she explained, “and then anyone who likes may choose another person to fight. So, beginning: the first block is to prevent a hit to your chest or stomach. As with all the blocks, you are attempting to create a temporary cross in your arms to maximize the protected area. So your right arm sweeps from waist level on your left to shoulder level on your right, passing your left arm as it moves diagonally from your right shoulder to the left of your waist. To block with the other arm, the movements are mirrored – the left arm moves from right waist to left shoulder, the right from left shoulder to right waist.” It sounded far more complicated than it was. She demonstrated, arms bent as though about to box with someone. “Keep the arm you are not blocking with as close to you as you can, and the other further away to prevent the blow to cause you to hit yourself,” she instructed.

“The next is simpler.” It was. “The blocking arm sweeps from its own side of the body to the other, defending the chest and stomach again. You would use the first block with your stronger arm, and the second only if your strong arm was otherwise occupied. The first block is harder to break through, but the second will do in a pinch.” Since that one barely needed any practice, being almost instinctive, the Sei’Tar moved on again. “To protect your head, one arm goes up so that the forearm is parallel to the ground. If you must block repeated blows to the head, you change the arm you’re using to block with every blow. The blocks will only work for one strike, and after that you are open to damage again. So with protecting your head, bring the arm you’re not using down in front of your face, to protect that from damage at the same time.”

Moving along, Lyone rearranged herself so that one arm hung straight by her side, the other pulled back as though she were about to use one of the punches she’d already demonstrated. “This one is harder,” she warned them. “The best way to remember how to perform it is to imagine that you are using the blocking arm – the one that looks as though it will punch – to wipe something icky off the returning arm. You ‘wipe’ straight down the arm and then out so that your arm is at a slight angle away from your body, on the side it belongs – right arm moves to the right, left to the left. The other arm simply pulls back into the beginning of the punch position again. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up hitting your fists together mid-block, so be wary. Your arms are moving with a great deal of strength and it will hurt.”

They were all trying out the blocks, some with more interest than others. Lyone watched until she was fairly certain they’d gotten the hang of it, then called a halt. “All right,” she said. “Now, if you like, you may challenge a fellow student and see who wins. The best way to learn hand-to-hand is to use it against real, unpredictable people. If you like, you can even challenge me.” The Sei’Tar gave them a wicked smile. “And I’ll promise not to hurt you too much. So who’s up for a fight?”

OOC: Okay, the final part of the lesson – huzzah! I say at least 600 words for this part, with the blocking and then challenging. Make sure, if you challenge a PC that you check with them before writing out who wins/loses, or if you use an NPC then no need to worry. Feel free to challenge Lyone and puppet her, but know this: you will lose because she’s much more experienced than your characters. Lesson will be finish and credits given out on the 14th. The lesson is, alas, closed.

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      Good job, guys, and those with cedit are: -Accepted Arin -Sarin, Aethan'Tar And those with extensions are: -Tain, Aethan'Tar -Adrien-Baptiste Chandonee New lessons ahoy! ::Jeremy::
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