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Sat May 13, 2006 17:50 (XFF:

When the teacher allowed them to challenge on another to a fight, a wide smile spread across the face of the Aethan’Tar. Finally, some real action, He immediately made his way towards one of the men from the Black Tower, he intended to see how tough these bloody channeling men really were.

The man he picked was no larger then Sarin himself, dark brown hair and green eyes and just a large and bulky as Sarin was. “You up for a fight Asha’man?” The large black tower trainee looked up and smirked. “I’m no Asha’Man yet trainee, but perhaps after I lay you out here they will consider it.”

Sarin let out the cockiest laugh he could possibly muster, “None of that channeling stuff, you do want this to be a fair-fight do you not?” The large man simply nodded and Sarin fell into a defensive stand, “Good luck.” The large Black Tower trainee said, Sarin smirked “I’m not going to need it.”

The large man went on the attack at once, he went straight for Sarin’s head, which he calmly blocked with a grunt. The man continued his pounding on Sarin’s forearm hoping that he would back down and let him get one clean shot to his head and knock him out.

With another loud grunt Sarin slid slightly to his right, and caught the large Black tower trainee in the ribs, and then another all while keeping his left hand near his head to block the slower over-hand like punches coming from his opponent. The man let out small grunts with each punch to his ribs, but kept raining down punches towards Sarin’s head.

Sarin brought up both hands to block them, and finally found an opening catching the man in the chest with a straight punch sent him back a little bit, he took to his legs and pulled the man onto his back.

He tried to climb onto him to rain punches into his face, hopefully ending the fight quickly. But was caught in the face with left hand that sent him onto his own back. The large opponent stood thinking himself victorious.

After several seconds Sarin pushed himself onto his feet, his right eye now swollen and bleeding. He smirked and spat onto the ground, “That’s only round one.”

The Black tower trainee smirked, and tried to come out with another large attack. Yet Sarin was to quick, he ran at the man and jumped hoping to catch his opponent in the face with his knee, it wasn’t something he had learned that day, but it looked to be a means to end this fight.

The black tower trainee was quicker then Sarin had given him credit for, and moved out of the way as Sarin jumped past him landing with a thud. He was given no time to catch his breath as another shot found the right side of his head, and another to the right side of his ribs.

He spat out more blood as another punch caught him in the mouth, he came back hard with a jab to the man’s chin and then another to his left eye. He ducked another punch towards his right, and then another, and another.

This man was only going after one side of his body.

He dodged to his right, ducking under the next punch and then threw a hard straight jab into the man’s chin knocking him back several steps. He gave him no time to breath as he grabbed his right arm; bleeding from the punch he had given Sarin earlier to the face.

Later on Sarin would learn that was actually his blood.

He slid his right arm under his opponents, and placed his left onto the top of his elbow and pushed. With enough strength his arm would snapped and he would go home the loser. The man held on for several minutes, trying to swing with his left arm as Sarin backed around him keeping the arm tight and pushing as hard as he could.

The man let out a yelp, calling for the fight to end and Sarin released just in time.

He fell onto his back, and coughed up spit mixed with blood as the man sat down to nurse his arm. “I win…” Sarin spat as he caught eyes with his opponent.

Hand to hand combat was not for him, but it would come into to use as a last resort and he was glad to have it in his arsenal.

Only a fool, trusts his life to a weapon.

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