A Gaidin's Best Friend is his Sword!
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Harin, in spite of the lack of sunlight and the promise of morning in a couple of hours, was awake. Not just he, but most of the Sei'Tar population. The Aethan'Tar would just be rousing; their schedule wasn't as strict or demanding as a Sei'Tar's was, simply because it didn't require it. Granted, it was still rigorous, but newly raised Sei'Tar instantly realised that their Aethan'Tar lifestyle had been relaxed. Along with the dagger which the trainees were made to thieve from the Woods whilst being heavily pursued by a Brother and Sister to Battle, came a whole load of responsibility. Harin's in particular. Normally, social gather periods (usually limited to breakfast, lunch and dinner) were dragged out by Sei'Tar, for as long as possible – not particularly wishing to be beaten around a training yard with a set of bundled lathes to increase their agility and stamina.

Harin, however, thrived on such training, and seldom attended upon the lunch hall, save for a quick slab of bread to keep him going. His time at the Tower had changed him; to the point that he enjoyed a Gaidin picking all his sword forms to pieces, scolding his footwork and mocking the blade angle. It meant that he was getting closer to perfection, something which he aimed for – with a sword anyway. His stave work was still shabby, and Harin hated the thought of having to use a dagger, but since he'd announced to a couple of Gaidin that his passion lay with a good Longsword, he'd been regularly in contact with a couple of Gaidin and Gaidar, all of whom seemed to relish Harin's enthusiasm for the weapon.

His progression rate had been commented as great, and Jield himself had given up yet more of his time to further enhance his archery skills, and that poor man had a busy enough schedule without another Sei'Tar to complicate things. Though, the Head Gaidin was good enough at complicating things for himself; Harin still didn't understand what had happened between them at Braem Wood, and he probably never would, since he'd gone and buggered off halfway through the "training session".

Granted, he'd found out that it was the prequel to his Raising, but that didn't excuse how the man had played with him and violated him. But, now it remained unspoken. Jield had never spoken about it since their return, and Harin didn't dare bring it up. He only hated that the bloody man had the astounding ability to make him particularly hot under the collar whilst helping him out with his archery. Thoughts of the night they'd spent together in the tent would cloud both his mind and his shot. The Void never worked when that bloody man came into his head, his broad chest and…

The bitter, frosty water burnt his face right when he needed it. Instead of using the beautifully warm water from his own room, Harin had decided a more appropriate measure was to use the pail of arctic water from outside. He needed it; unwelcome thoughts were never good to have around when teaching a sword lesson, and a mere four days ago, he'd been asked to teach one such lesson given his utmost passion.

Miek Gaidin was supposed to be teaching it, but when he'd found out his Aes Sedai was planning on wandering off to Far Madding for some misadventure or another, he'd insisted on going with the Blue Sister, "just in case". Harin frequently found himself wondering what it would be like to be bonded, and to have such ties to another person, but could never see it happening; surely no one wanted a gay Warder, regardless of their skill.

As such, Miek – for some reason having decided that Harin was his best "pupil" – had ordered that Harin teach it instead, and that was precisely why Harin was heading to the breakfast hall ; to grab himself a slab of bread and meat to gnaw away at, giving him plenty of time to warm up and stretch before the Aethan'Tar even roused from their sleep. That morning, Harin had tugged on a plain shirt, pale blue in colour with a high collar, and some thick trousers. They were tucked into a pristine pair of dark brown leather riding boots, which came almost to his knees. Harin's light brown hair was held back with a leather cord – given its length – but his facial hair was comparatively short, a mere stubble compared to what he usually had.

It took mere moments for the blue-eyed Cairhienin to grab himself a slab of bread and beef, before he strode straight out the hall, ignoring anyone else in there; he cared nothing for socialising. Heading straight for the third training yard along, Harin carefully sat himself down near the weapon sheds, propping his back against it, whilst gnawing chunks out of the food he held in either hand. The Sei'Tar dagger hung at his side, and probably would for a long time, most of the Gaidin still wore them, if only for their aesthetic value. They were a pure white in colour, and had the emblem of the White Tower engraved into it in various places. It was definitely something to be worn with pride.

A Bell rang and that indicated to Harin that his lesson was to start soon. He'd got the privilege of teaching one of the lessons which took place before breakfast, which usually meant they were filled with half-asleep, grumpy Aethan'Tar who were sorely missing their morning meal. For that reason alone such lessons were best taught by Gaidin who held a great deal more authority than any Sei'Tar, but Harin had spent long enough as an Eye of the Tower to know how to keep a bunch of unruly Shields in line. It was more of an art than anything else, a fine line to follow. Thankfully, he did it well, though by no coincidence; Miek wouldn't have put any old Sei'Tar in the position Harin was currently in – one with experience was needed.

Harin felt reassured that Miek had decided to put such faith in him, especially since all the trouble erupted to do with his sexuality.

Harin's blue gaze fell upon the assembling Aethan'Tar, in disarray as they were. One or two were slightly more fresh faced, and Harin knew them to be the elder Aethan'Tar, not just by the fact that he knew them, but by the obviousness that they were slightly more accustomed to the very early mornings than those who were haphazardly dressed and still furiously scrubbing their eyes at the weak light in the air. When he finally decided that it was time to begin, judging by the fact that no more Aethan'Tar seemed to be wandering around, Harin clapped his hands to bring attention to himself. "Right then. Wake up! I know its early, but if I don’t get your full attention and efforts in this lesson make no mistake that Jield will know, and he'll be even more unhappy that I will be." Harin smiled at them, to break the ice. He was just being wicked to some of those trainees who were still rubbing their eyes or yawning.

"To wake you all up properly," he glanced at those select few. "I have a little game." Another grin. The Sei'Tar went into the shed, and fetched out of it a small, leather ball. Bringing it out, he threw it between his hand without looking, almost a demonstration of his co-ordination. "The game involves throwing this ball around. If you are hit by it, you are 'on' and then need to hit someone else with it." Some of them seemed to already be bored by the suggestion of the game, but Harin had one extra little detail to impart on them. He silence the moans and groans of those less eager. "In case you'd lost the incentive to dodge the ball," Harin spied an Aethan'Tar donning a sleeveless training vest. It was a shame to pick on that one, since more than one of them were visibly bored, but it was the sleeveless target he needed.

Sure enough, the ball struck its target with a precision, and gave out a loud "thwack". It was satisfying to say the least. The boy it hit let out a yelp and instantly began to caress his arm where the ball had so cruelly struck. Already, a large red mark was coming up, and it was quite obvious it would turn into a bruise. "So you see, its worthwhile trying to dodge the ball, it might not look heavy, but it is, and if that hits you… well… you'll know about it." With one last smile, he added "Oh, yeah, and you're it!" Harin instantly ran away from the lad who, whilst still scrubbing his arm (like it would make a difference somehow) was also picking up the ball and picking his next victim.

Harin could only hope nothing serious happened; he didn't particularly want to send any off to the Infirmary, but it was the only real way he could think of to actually get them moving around and trying rather than half-heartedly jogging. No, they would definitely take it seriously after seeing the damage it had done to the boy's arm.

OOC: No need for introductions –grin- I thought it was a better to start with a little game, raises the chances people will join ^_~

All you Aethan'Tar need this, Soldiers and Dedicated are probably okay to tag along too, along with those Privates and Sergeants (but make sure Taryn or Mark have given you the go ahead) Umm… I'm not sure if Accepted can join, since the sword isn't really an appropriate lesson for them… and Novices are a definite no-no.

So… shall we say 556+ words to start (I'll be counting =P), any more is a bonus. First part will go up on… the 22nd. 'Kay?

Have at it!

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          • Lesson ClosedRick, Tue Jun 20 04:13
            Nice job guys. Thanks to all who took part. Credit is awarded to: Sarin, Aethan'Tar Riani, Aethan'Tar Valla, Aethan'Tar Sirestes, Aethan'Tar. I will be e-mailing Jeremy with credit later today. So... more
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      • Now this is what I call a work-out!Riani Aethan'Tar, Sat May 27 12:36
        To Riani’s surprise her body hurt considerably less after the game of tag than it had earlier. She and Harina both stood gasping for breath as the Sei’Tar who was teaching gave them a small lecture... more
      • Try, Try AgainValla Karajan, Aethan'Tar, Sat May 27 03:46
        Pressing the back of her clammy fingers to her red cheek Valla took no more than a moment to collect herself. The game had truly woken her up, she now pulsed with energy. In fact, rather too much... more
      • Super-conducting loopSarin Cordana - Aethan'Tar, Fri May 26 17:52
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      • Rinse and repeatAccepted Celeste Illharess, Wed May 24 23:30
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      OOC: Strangest minimum length of a post I’ve ever seen…. 556? How, if I may be so bold, did you come up with this number? A flicker of thought at the edge of the Void, told the Aethan’Tar that he... more
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