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Rule Number one
Mon May 15, 2006 17:25 (XFF:

Every teacher who would teach something like hand to hand combat would tell you that you should never use it unless in self-defense. But Sarin Cordana knew better, after all they weren’t training him to be a killer, they were training him to be a soldier…they are completely different.

Sarin idly nodded his head as the teacher started to tell them just that, and then proceeded to show them how to keep themselves from having to kill someone. He watched her block and block and block then show the fool that he should of never asked to participate in her little activity.

He sighed, but that he supposed is how things must go, they weren’t supposed to go around using their newly learned techniques for killing unless they must. Sarin’s mind slowly started to wander to what it would be like when he became Gaidin, and just may have to kill someone.

In his mind he shrugged his shoulders, trying his best to make it look like he was finding a more comfortable position outside his mind. He did not plan to have to use his hands to kill a man, he planned to be able to finish it quick with his sword and just get the bloody thing over with.

He sighed, death was never a pleasant thing to sit around and think about, even if you were the one doing the killing and not the dieing. He smirked when the teacher flipped the student, telling him she could break his arm if she was just a bit harder.

Sarin would of snapped the fools arm, make him realize it was never the right idea to stick out and be the volunteer. You had to stay in the background, try not to cause to much trouble here at the tower and you wouldn’t be made a fool of.

He had learned that the hard way, and almost laughed when he looked back on it. He was foolish, but it had been almost a year since then he to tell the truth, the fool had left the tower and he had forgiven himself for it.

The Aethan’Tar smirked, wondering when the first time he would finally have to use these techniques on a real opponent, on one who would actually see him dead when the fight was over. He laughed on the inside, try not to kill anyone unless threatened? Sarin intended to not even let them now he was coming.

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