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Adrien-Baptiste Chandonee
Practice Makes Fools of Us All.
Mon May 15, 2006 20:11 (XFF:

Adrien-Baptiste Chandonne had to give the Sei’tar credit. She would have made a fine soldier in the Dragons army, with her fire and her matter-of-factness. He admired that in her, in everyone for that matter. After the questions, of which there were only two, the instructor decided that it was time to instruct her students in how to block strikes, not just throw them.

There were four blocks she taught, and Adrien, as the others in the class, practiced them as she demonstrated. Though it was obvious that he would never be a Combat Master, he still managed to feel half decent about his progress.

“All right,” the instructor interrupted her students practice. Everyone immediately stopped and turned to see what their instructor wanted next. “Now, if you like, you may challenge a fellow student and see who wins.” There was an excited murmur at that, as the class began to cast around for likely opponents. Adrien however had eyes for only one person. The Sei’tar. She continued… “The best way to learn hand-to-hand is to use it against real, unpredictable people. If you like, you can even challenge me.” The Sei’Tar gave them a wicked smile at that. “And I’ll promise not to hurt you too much. So who’s up for a fight?” The class immediately began to pair off, but Adrien stood rooted to his spot, watching the Sei’tar who was watching everyone else. After a moment or two, she noticed him standing there.

“Is there something I can do for you Trainee?” She asked, raising one eyebrow, and crossing her arms, her tone implying the question she herself refused to answer.

“Chandonne.” He replied. “Private Adrien-Baptiste Chandonne.” He saluted, fist over heart before dropping into the stance the Sei’tar had showed them earlier in the lesson. “As for what you can do for me?” He chanced a smile before becoming serious once more. “You can try me.” He suited his words by lunging and throwing an overhand strike.

The Sei’tar didn’t move at first, didn’t blink, didn’t even lower that infuriatingly arched eyebrow, but at the last instance she turned out of the way, spinning over her outside shoulder to deliver a short punch to her assailants ribs. Her laugh set off peals of anger in her attackers mind. Though reeling from the inordinate pain in his floating ribs, Adrien turned back to face his opponent.

“I guess that’s a yes?” He said, reassuming the stand off position as the Sei’tar deigned to assume it herself. Her cold smile was answer enough. Nodding, the Private renewed his attack, throwing three punches which the Sei’tar avoided or blocked with ease. The third, she twined his arm and torqued it uncomfortably, before putting her fist in the same spot she had a scant moment before. Biting off an oath, the Private pulled himself free and reconsidered the Sei’tar. He hadn’t thought she was that much better than he was, apparently he had been wrong.
After a pause to consider, Adrien attacked once more, throwing three punches to the Sei’tar’s midsection before tossing an uppercut, all of which the instructor parried. The force of the last was so great that the Andoran trainee spun on his left heel in a full circle. As his right foot came back around, he aimed it at the Sei’tar’s ribs. Though a look of surprise flashed across her face, the instructor nevertheless caught the kick

“How?” The private demanded indignantly, hopping from one foot to the other. The Sei’tar just grinned, switched her grip, and flipped him backwards, heels over head so he landed face down on the mats covering the floor. Even so, the air was driven from his lungs by the force of the landing.

“Practice.” The Sei’tar whispered in his ear as Adrien lay on the floor, trying to collect his thoughts. “Lots of practice. It makes perfect, and fools of the brash.”

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