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Flying free
Tue May 16, 2006 03:09 (XFF:

Dawn had broken over the Tower proper, the darkness fading away to nothingness. Rays of bright, beautiful sunlight, making every inch of the magnificent white stonework, glisten like the surface of a lake, shone down on the single trainee, alone in the very most western yard. A sharp wind tussled his hair vigorously, sending the long, burnished red tresses, streaming out around him.

His mind blank, his feelings in tune with everything around him, Tain sat in the middle of the yard, his legs drawn up beneath him. He was finally settling in to Tower life and now even had a routine that he stuck to. He ran ten laps before dawn on freedays and twice that every other, then he spent an hour in meditation before meeting Faoelin for two to three hours of intense instruction, in what ever weapon she chose for that day. That normally left him with at least half an hour to change and eat, before he had to attend a lesson. Today was different, as the lesson he was to attend was starting earlier and he would not be able to meet Faoelin for their daily lesson. The Arafellin Sei’Tar did not mind that Tain would not be attending, for she had been planning a different exercise for later on, when it was dark.

Probably have me try and find her in a bloody wood, or something, a stray thought bubbled up, breaking through his steely grasp of the Void.

The shock of the stray thought made him rock slightly, but otherwise had no effect. Faoelin had thought him the way of the flame and the Void, saying that he would most likely be thought it soon anyway. It was a strange thing really. A lot like the meditative trance they had been instructed to attain, in the Hand-to-Hand lesson he had attended, but easier.

A flicker of danger, felt at the edge of his mind, was the only warning he had, but it was enough. Throwing himself sideways and into a roll, just as something heavy swished through the air toward his head, he leapt to his feet and turned to confront his attacker, thanking the Light that he had attended an unarmed combat lesson.

“Ah. So you are awake!” The Arafellin Sei’Tar grinned impishly at him, tapping the practice sword, she held at her side, against her heel.

“Light! You nearly took my head!” he sighed in exasperation, he had lost his grip on the Void as the blade had swung just over his head. If he could not even keep his cool, while a Sei’Tar, that meant him no real harm, was attacking him, what would he do against a bandit or a darkfriend. Light, what would I do against a Trolloc? he shook with fear slightly, as he caught a mental image of himself in a pot. I will not be anybody’s dinner! he vowed, straightening under the Sei’Tar’s gaze.

“Man up Tain!” Faoelin laughed, prodding him playfully in the stomach with the practice blade. “So, what lesson you got now eh?”

“Umm, Falconry with Demetri Sedai,” stooping to grab the length of toweling off of his pack, there would not be time to change today, he sighed as the scar along his right side twinged slightly. A going away present from the Rahad, the wound agitated him sometimes, when he sat in one place for too long.

“Oh, a Green?” Faoelin laughed softly. “Careful Tain, a tall strapping lad, like yourself, might find himself Bonded, before he could blink!” The look on his face must have been priceless, as Faoelin laughed harder, clutching at her sides and bending over almost double.

“But… Isn’t that illegal?” Tain straightened, dropping the toweling back atop his pack.

“Oh, she wouldn’t bond you against your will, but she’d manage to twist you till you agreed. Aes Sedai, you know!” she actually looked amused at the thought.

“No, I meant about me being an Aethan’Tar!” scooping the pack off the ground and shoving the waterskin and toweling into the open top, he checked briefly, to see if his letter was still tucked safely inside the pocket of the pack. It was still there, safe and sound.

“You don’t even have to be Aethan’Tar to be bonded. An Aes Sedai may bond any man, within reason, that gives his consent!” Faoelin nodded, as if satisfied.

“Not for me yet I think!” Tain laughed softly. “Im not worthy of protecting an Aes Sedai yet!” But soon! Soon I will be ready to receive my destiny. I will be remembered through the Ages! he vowed to himself, turning his face to the heavens, closing his eyes and basking in the warm sun. Soon!

“You all right Tain? You look troubled,” Faoelin took a step forward and gently took a hold of his face, bending his head down so she could stare deeply into his eyes. The woman was considerably shorter than him and she had to strain to reach him, but she managed. “Not over doing it are you?”

Tain shook his head slightly. “I am fine, just haven’t eaten yet is all! Thanks for worrying.”

“Course Im worried, I don’t want you dropping dead yet!” she grinned up at him and Tain found himself smiling back. “Well, you better go if you don’t want to be late. Meet me here tonight and bring that cloak you kept, from that lesson we did a while ago. Okay?” she dropped her hands to her side and looked up at him questioningly.

“Wouldn’t miss the chance to kick your ass, for the world!” he laughed and bent down to kiss her lightly on the lips. Light her lips are soft! Tain froze. He had just kissed a Sei’Tar. Light, he had just kissed Faoelin! Jumping back quickly, he apologized in a rush, saying that he was an idiot and that he was sorry. Light, I am a dead idiot!

Faoelin just stood there, looking dazed and staring at the ground before her. Light, any second now she was about to kill him! What felt like an hour passed, till Faoelin finally moved. Shaking her head softly, she looked up and at him slowly. Tain winced, he was bound to get a beating and the Sei’Tar dagger, which hung at the Arafellin woman’s belt, was headed for his liver, if he knew women.

Faoelin smiled slightly and crossed the distance between her and Tain, standing up on the tips of her toes, to tilt Tain’s head down and kiss him deeply. What felt like an Age passed, before they broke apart, both panting slightly, Faoelin leaning into his chest.

“Now you really have to go, before you are late!” she smiled up at him and winked, before straightening and turn away from him, to cross the yard, out the way she had come.

Light, women are bloody strange!

Tain wasn’t late. Tain was very late!

He burst into the mews, just as the Aes Sedai stopped talking. She cast a disapproving stare at him, before turning back to the rest of the class. Though the woman was not looking, Tain bowed to her anyway, sure that if he didn’t, he would be in for a beating.

I’ll never understand women, will I? Light, how he wished someone would answer!

Tain took a place at the back of the group, listening and watching intently. He recognized one or two Aethan’Tar from previous lessons, but names eluded him. Since Tain had come to the Tower, he had made only two friends, an Accepted called Kaera and Faoelin. He was not very sociable and in truth, large groups of people unsettled him.

I need to find my own type if people. I need a Tavern and a good fight! Tain was lost in thought, when his turn came and nearly missed his cue. Forgive me Aes Sedai,” he said taking a step forward and making his best leg, “I am Tain Aethan’Tar and to tell the truth, I have not really thought about my interest in Falconry. I would care to learn the correct way of handling them however, to broaden my horizons as such.” With that over, Tain saluted the woman and collected the handling glove, before returning to the back of the group. Lets hope this goes well!

OOC: Lol! I got carried away with the start! Poor Tain!

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