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Thu May 18, 2006 03:12 (XFF:

After the short, delightful demonstration, that had the Sei’Tar pummeling the Light out of a Black Tower trainee, a short question and answers session followed. Tain smiled happily to himself, as the Sei’Tar, when asked a question, by the black clad initiate she had just thrashed, replied coolly, clearly unimpressed by the man. Tain hated the Black Tower trainees and all of the people affiliated with them. Men who could channel, doomed to insanity and sworn to a man, destined to break the world, who could like, or trust them? When the Sei’Tar finished answering the man, Tain stuck his hand in the air, to call attention to himself. When the woman’s gaze fell upon him, he stepped forward and bowed fluidly.

“Sei’Tar, should we apply these rules to weaponry as well? My name is Tain,” he straightened, shot her an apologetic smile and stepped back into the line of trainees.

Tain nodded briefly, as the woman began to answer his question. He had figured out some of what she said for himself, but was intent on becoming as good as he could become, in order to beat Faoelin and listened intently none the less. What he had not figured out, was why this rule should be used at all. Was it not better to leave a man dead, rather than maimed? He could not imagine, not being able to use a part of his body, for what it was intended. the idea of such a thing shocked him.

Light save I never have to! he shivered slightly.

After the woman had stopped answering questions she began to teach them the basics of blocking. There were four blocks in total and Tain flew through them, having them down in an instant. He would need to learn these especially, as he planned on challenging Faoelin to a spar, as soon as he left here.

I will win! he vowed. I will not lose again! His mind flashed back to earlier that day and Tain grimaced.

In quick succession, three blows landed in his midriff, knocking him off his feet, to tumble to the ground. Tain lay on his back, staring up at the clear blue sky, trying and failing to pull air into his deflated lungs. Ever since Faoelin, the Arafellin Sei’Tar, had started overseeing his off peek training, he had become accustomed to lying on his back, dazed and hurt. She was a lot shorter than him, surprisingly strong for her build and extremely well trained. Taking a shuddering breath, Tain pushed himself up to his elbows, wincing as his ribs twinged painfully.

“Lying down Tain?” Faoelin laughed, dropping lightly to the ground, from atop the raised platform that was used to train balance. “Always knew you were lazy!” she laughed, walking slowly over to her pack and picking up the waterskin she had left atop it.

“Ha bloody ha!” Tain shook his head and rubbed his ribs carefully, that fall was going to leave a bruise.

“Oh lighten up. If you don’t want me to beat you, go and take the bloody Hand-to-Hand lesson that Enriana Gaidar is teaching today. If you hurry you will get there!” she smiled and threw the waterskin at him.

“Think I might do that,” Tain said, between mouthfuls of cool, refreshing water. “It’ll be fun to beat you around for a change!”

“Ha! You wish squirt, now go, before you are late!” Faoelin smiled at him and turned to leave, collecting up her pack and trotting out of the yard, without looking back.

He had indeed taken her advice, but upon reaching the lesson, had discovered not a Gaidar, but a Sei’Tar. The lesson had gone well so far and was rapidly drawing to a close.

Faoelin better watch out! he thought, smiling happily to himself.

As the Sei’Tar finished explaining the last block completely, she ordered the Trainees to pair up and practice what they had learned. Tain had set his sights on the Sei’Tar, even before he had been told to challenge someone. He stepped forward to voice his challenge, but was beaten to it by the Black Tower trainee. Shocked, Tain was about to voice a complaint, when he glanced again at the Sei’Tar.

This, will be fun! he laughed and dropped to the mat, to watch how the scene could play out.

The man was so sure of himself, so cocky, that he actually smiled as he squared up to the Sei’Tar. Tain was laughing inside, as they exchanged ‘pleasantries’. He was looking forward to watching the man get a personal lesson. Tain watched in glee as the man dashed forward and threw a balled fist at the Sei’Tar, who easily side stepped the blow, to throw her own jab at the mans ribs. Obviously in pain, the man returned to his original stance, before the Sei’Tar. Tain was enjoying this far too much. Again the man attacked, three short jabs, all of which the instructor either blocked or stepped around. The other trainee was getting frustrated now, and Tain was having the time of his life, but he had to admit, he was learning a lot from watching the Sei’Tar and Black Tower initiate in combat. Although he hated anything to do with the other Tower and its people, he had to admit that they had heart.

Heart… but not a lot of brains! he laughed softly to himself, not wanting to break either of the combatants concentration.

As the man made his last desperate attack, Tain watched interestedly as the Sei’Tar, dispatched him with a flick of her wrist. It was done, the man was down and the Sei’Tar was victorious. After bending to whisper something in the man’s ear, the Sei’Tar straightened and glanced at Tain.

“You next?” she asked, straightening fully and crossing her arms beneath her breasts.

“No Sei’Tar, I am not! You have given me quite enough to think on already, I thank you for this instruction.” He swept her a deep bow and turned on his heels, crossing the room and slipping out the door, on his way to find another Sei’Tar, one that he needed to beat.

OOC: I know I technically didn’t fight anyone, but… hope this is okay. If it isn’t Jer, just delete it and I’ll do it again.

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