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What is in a sword?
Thu May 18, 2006 03:17 (XFF:

OOC: Strangest minimum length of a post I’ve ever seen…. 556? How, if I may be so bold, did you come up with this number?

A flicker of thought at the edge of the Void, told the Aethan’Tar that he should continue to move. Taking a deep, calming breath, he slipped out of his hiding place and began to creep from one tree to the next, after his target. He had been sure that the Arafellin woman had seen him and was surprised when she had stepped past him and continued on her way. Dawn was just breaking, the sun still only a pale yellow streak at the edge of the horizon. Tain had been up for at least two hours now, planning and awaiting his chance to strike.

I have her now! he thought, creeping forward, toward the clearing where the Sei’Tar had set up.

Faoelin had come to him three days previous, with an odd instruction. She was refusing to teach Tain anything else, till he managed to attack her and land a blow, without her first catching him. Tain had been contemplating just how to accomplish this and had settled on the most direct route. He would wait for the Sei’Tar to arrive at her usual training spot, a clearing in the woods, and attack her before she noticed his presence.

I have to do this, he thought, edging closer toward his target. I… need her! It was true, he needed the Sei’Tar, more than she needed him. Faoelin had been an amazing help so far in his training and in other matters. That was a mistake! Tain thought, shaking his head slightly while trying to push down the thought. Light, but it felt right!

Tain’s mind drifted back to a day, now more than a week in the past and he found himself smiling slightly.

Tain had been training in the Western yard, when Faoelin had come and found him.

“You all right Tain? You look troubled,” Faoelin took a step forward and gently took a hold of his face, bending his head down so she could stare deeply into his eyes. The woman was considerably shorter than him and she had to strain to reach him, but she managed. “Not over doing it are you?”

Tain shook his head slightly. “I am fine, just haven’t eaten yet is all! Thanks for worrying.”

“Course Im worried, I don’t want you dropping dead yet!” she grinned up at him and Tain found himself smiling back. “Well, you better go if you don’t want to be late. Meet me here tonight and bring that cloak you kept, from that lesson we did a while ago. Okay?” she dropped her hands to her side and looked up at him questioningly.

“Wouldn’t miss the chance to kick your ass, for the world!” he laughed and bent down to kiss her lightly on the lips. Light her lips are soft! Tain froze. He had just kissed a Sei’Tar. Light, he had just kissed Faoelin! Jumping back quickly, he apologized in a rush, saying that he was an idiot and that he was sorry. Light, I am a dead idiot!

Faoelin just stood there, looking dazed and staring at the ground before her. Light, any second now she was about to kill him! What felt like an hour passed, till Faoelin finally moved. Shaking her head softly, she looked up and at him slowly. Tain winced, he was bound to get a beating and the Sei’Tar dagger, which hung at the Arafellin woman’s belt, was headed for his liver, if he knew women.

Faoelin smiled slightly and crossed the distance between her and Tain, standing up on the tips of her toes, to tilt Tain’s head down and kiss him deeply. What felt like an Age passed, before they broke apart, both panting slightly, Faoelin leaning into his chest.

Shaking his head to dispel the thought, he sighed happily. Yes, he had to get the Sei’Tar back!

Taking a deep, calming breath, he took another step toward the edge of the clearing. He could see her now, sitting cross-legged beneath a tree at the other side of the clearing, eyes closed and seemingly asleep. Tain knew better. Faoelin was as alert as ever, even with her eyes closed. He paused for a second, to admire the woman, without being seen.

Light, she is beautiful! he thought, with a sad smile. He did not want to have to attack her at all, but if he ever wanted her to teach him again, he would. Get it over with! he thought, taking another step forward and into the clearing.

Silently, he crossed the small, leaf littered expanse, between them, bringing the practice blade he held in his hand, up, intending to knock her gently on the shoulder. As he swung the blade softly, toward her, her eyes flashed open, registering his assault and giving her enough time to react. Rolling to her right, she came up to her knee and pivoted past him, drawing the Sei’Tar dagger from the sheath at her hip and pressing it into his throat, hard enough to raise a small line of blood. It was done in a flash, Tain was disarmed and so near to death, he could taste the afterlife on the back of his tongue.

“Come Tain, you’ll have to do better than that!” she laughed.

“If you didn’t hear like a bloody bat, I might have had a chance!” he spat, the dagger was pressing far to hard into his throat and was beginning to become more than uncomfortable.

Faoelin’s hand moved slowly, from where it had rested on his shoulder, to grab a fistful of hair and wrench his head back. Removing the knife, but keeping a tight grip of his hair, she kicked him roughly in the back of his left knee, effectively sending him crashing to the ground.

“What was that for?” he gasped, attempting to twist his head, to look at the Arafellin woman.

“For? It wasn’t for anything. I just like it when you kneel. Makes it easier to do this…” releasing the grip she had of his hair, she stepped in front of him and bent briefly, to kiss him softly. “So much more enjoyable than stretching, hmm?” she smiled at him impishly and bent once more, to kiss him lightly on the forehead. “Well, looks like I am not training you again today. You know,” she said, straightening and indicating the practice sword he had dropped, “You should learn to use that properly. There is a lesson on in a little while, taught by a Sei’Tar I know of, you should go. I think you’d find it… interesting!” she smiled secretively to herself, then turned away from him.

Tain got to his feet and turned to leave, bending only briefly to collect the fallen blade, before setting off across the clearing.

“I will get you to train me again!” he shouted over his shoulder, as he left.

“I hope you do!” Faoelin laughed lightly to herself, before returning to her training.

Tain made his way to the training ground, that the lesson was to take place in, just as the bell sounded announcing that the lesson would start soon. He was surprised to find himself practically alone in the yard, save for one other man, the Sei’Tar he suspected was to teach the lesson.

I hope I am in the right place! he thought, bowing briefly to the Sei’Tar when his gaze fell upon him.

He would have gone over and struck up a conversation, but the man’s gaze seemed far away and in any case, he didn’t seem to want to be disturbed. Tain sat back on his heels and watched interestedly, as the man stretched and began to limber up. Tain was already warmed up and had no need to do anything but wait, till the other trainees arrived.

Light, how am I going to win Faoelin back? he wondered, busying himself with his own problems. Hopefully this lesson will help.

Tain had lost himself in thought and was shocked to find himself surrounded by people, when he roused himself, from his dream like state. When a sufficient crowd had gathered, to prompt the Sei’Tar, a Cairhienin man, with long brown hair and blue eyes, to begin, Tain stood and stretched slightly. He wanted to give this lesson his full attention.

The lesson was to start with a wake up call, for most of the trainees. Most seemed less than pleased by this, but Tain had been awake since well before dawn, and was ready for the game the man suggested. As the Sei’Tar tossed the ball at the first trainee, Tain took a step back and away from the man that had just been hit. he had no intention of being on and was willing to run around the Tower grounds to ensure he wasn’t.

I will get Faoelin back!

OOC: Well… Again I get carried away with the intro. In my defense, when I write about Tain and Faoelin, it just seems to flow! Harin… Richie I believe? Do you know who I am though? *grins slyly to self* You might and you might not. I will tell you, you have Rpd with me before, but not with this Charrie! See if you can guess before you check. Lol! God I love life…

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