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Rotating leather orb
Wed May 24, 2006 22:24 (XFF:

It was dark. Falora wondered down the dank, dark corridors. She was somewhere beneath the earth. Water dripped from the stone above, the steady plip-plop a soft counterpoint to the staccato beats from her heeled boots. She looked around. Where was this place? How had she gotten here? Answers were not forthcoming. Silence returned her mental queries as she wondered. She knew she was searching, but not for what. A T-junction loomed ahead. Both branches looked identical, long leaky stone passages disappearing into darkness. Falora wondered on.

Long since having lost track of the turns behind her, Falora rounded another corner to find a heavy, wooden door set into the stone walls. Made of a thick, solid oak and secured with iron bands, it drew her toward it. Someone knocked on the other side, as if beckoning her to open the door. Hazily, Falora reached for the handle. As her hand met the brass loop, the door dissolved.

ďHello Falora,Ē a sickly sweet voice came from a pruned face. Sade! The derísulídam grinned her sickly grin, an aídam appearing out of nowhere to clasp itself around Faloraís neck. The soldier screamed.

Falora awoke with a start, drawing in deep breaths of panic. It was the same disturbing dream. Again she had dreamt of Sade. The sadistic sulídam was dead but still, somehow, she lived on in Faloraís mind, tormenting her rest. Calming herself and shaking the off last vestiges of sleep, the Soldier got out of bed. With nary a wasted motion, she stripped out of her night clothes, dressing in the manner she had for the last ten years. It was the only thing now that she kept from her troubled past. That and her rapier.

Crisp steps sounded as Falora marched down the corridor, the heels of her boots striking the stone with regular timing. So much had happened in her life. Once a moratíraken, then a sulídam and now a runaway damane here in the Black Tower, she was under no delusions about how dangerous her life really had been. If the Seanchan ever caught her, she would suffer for the rest of her days under the leash of that hated aídam. Having held the leash once, Falora did not relish the thought of being on the leashed end. Her only hope was here, in the Black Tower, where it would be far more difficult anyone to re-capture her.

Tucking the idle, useless fears away, Falora approached the Travelling field situated at the edge of the grounds. A half asleep Dedicated sat behind a desk, pulling herself awake at her approach. The Soldier bowed, presenting the piece of parchment containing written permission for her passage to the White Tower for a lesson. Finding everything in order, the older lady stepped into the exit field and wove.

Falora stepped out into the chilly, moist air of the White Tower. Tar Valon sat in the middle of the vast River Erinin, which kept the city warm in winter and cool in summer. The soldier smiled. She was learning something of the geography of this strange land at least. She would have to. The rest of her life would be spent here. Bowing to the Aes Sedai seated within a little hut at the entrance of the field, Falora continued on her way.

Having spent a little time in the White Tower prior to leaving for the Black, the former Seanchan knew her way around its outer grounds, though not within the buildings themselves. Setting off at a brisk pace, she approached the lesson venue.

Her icy blue eyes caught sight of a bunch of people dodging a flying leather ball. Half wondering if she had the wrong lesson, Falora nevertheless reported to the man who seemed in charge. She was rapidly briefed and sent into a game of dodge-the-ball. It seemed a useless exercise but perhaps it was all right to have fun once in a while. The Soldier stepped into the fracas.

OOC: Have permission from Mark and Jeremy to participate. Not an awfully good post though, its been awhile since Iíve written her so bear with meÖ

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      • Try, Try AgainValla Karajan, Aethan'Tar, Sat May 27 03:46
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      • New and OldSoldier Falora Tilde, Thu May 25 01:51
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      • Low Wind RisingTain Aethan'Tar, Thu May 25 00:47
        When the SeiíTar began to describe the two different types of philosophies, Tain smiled slightly to himself. Faoelin had drilled the Flame and the Void into his head, as forcefully as she could,... more
      • Rinse and repeatAccepted Celeste Illharess, Wed May 24 23:30
        Finally, the game drew to a close as the SeiíTar, one Harin, called the group to gather. He began the lesson proper by touching first on the philosophies of fighting, the schools of thought that... more
    • Best Friend, or Worst Enemy?Riani Aethan'Tar, Sun May 21 11:50
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      He didnít ask the manís name. He didnít ask anything of him. He probably had a name, Sirestes suspected, and a life, and goals, and aspirations, and everything that he himself shared. Sirestes still... more
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