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Accepted Celeste Illharess
Rinse and repeat
Wed May 24, 2006 23:30 (XFF:

Finally, the game drew to a close as the SeiíTar, one Harin, called the group to gather. He began the lesson proper by touching first on the philosophies of fighting, the schools of thought that governed the mental process. Celeste listened easily, somewhat intently even, as Harin told them about the void, the oneness, the state of mind wherein one poured all emotions into a burning flame, leaving calm emptiness. It was the mark of a rational, calculated fighter.

The opposing philosophy was a nameless one, a trait that suited its very nature of inconsistency. This philosophy allowed a fighter to give in to his emotions, allowing instinct rather than conscious thought to lead.

Harin lectured on, his voice reminding Ceeste a little of her younger days when old Hector had taught her elementary sword work. He had spoken of such things too but Celeste had paid little heed at that time.

Next, the SeiíTar moved on to the five disciplines, the styles governing the physical aspects of fighting. The names rolled of her tongue as he spoke them. Thunder on the Ocean, Way of the Wind, Scales of Power, Path of Water and MoíKaiíLa.

Celeste knew a little about these too. There were a few new details but most of what was mentioned matched her memory. She already knew how she would fight. The Accepted had trained from an early age, before she had even come to the Tower, learning the sword under the eyes of her fatherís loyal retainers. While she was not particularly impressive with weapons, Celeste was competent enough to have mastered some of the basics.

Now, Harin moved on to demonstrate the guard positions from which all forms were launched. Some of these were new and the Accepted watched intently as five different positions were demonstrated. They seemed simple enough but she knew that there was no way one could pick up all the nuances from observing. Practice would be needed.

Once he had finished with the initial explanations, the SeiíTar ordered his class to fall in on the open field, where he quizzed each in turn about his or her philosophy and preferred fighting style. When it was her turn, Celeste answered without hesitation.

ďI choose to fight with my emotions and practice the Path of Water.Ē

Nodding, Harin gestured to the next trainee down the line who answered in a raspy voice with her own combination. After he had quizzed the last student, the SeiíTar began putting them through the stances, coming down the line to examine each and correct any errors. The first was LosíVal, the forward guard. Celeste raised her lathe bundle to the right, beside her ear, waiting patiently as Harin started from the beginning of the line. He passed her after a glance, moving on.

Next in line was TaeríVal, the straight guard. Here, Harin stopped to correct the angle of Celesteís grip. The sword tip was supposed to point at an opponentís throat. Following that was the exact opposite, the MosievíVal, where the point was towards the feet of the opponent.

The first set was finished up with another two stances, RahieníVal, the Dawn guard and JiíVal, the side guard. Again, Harin made corrections to her position as he passed, correcting her foot placement in the last stance. Once through the first set, Harin repeated the process. The second series went a little faster, less of the students needing correction.

A third and a fourth series followed before Harin started jumbling the order up, causing a little confusion among those who were moving by rote. Again and again they went, in pursuit of smooth, perfect guard stances. After a while, Celeste allowed her mind top drift a little, her body following the SeiíTarís calls without conscious thought.

  • Philosophies, Disciplines and Stances!Harin Rieldred, Sei'Tar, Wed May 24 04:18
    Scanning the courtyard, Harin decided that the game had done the job. The trainees looked slightly red faced, and a couple of them were stopping to double over and pant slightly. Yes. He'd let it go... more
    • The Forms to Success!Harin Rieldred, Sei'Tar, Wed May 31 05:18
      They weren't children, so it was easy enough to rectify a mistake once and expect not to see it again. As such, Harin spent his time nipping possible bad habits in the bud. They were all quick to... more
      • Swing it, shake it, move it, Spar it.Harin Rieldred, Sei'Tar, Sun Jun 11 05:47
        Harin watched as the more pitiful attempts becameÖ less pitiful. The forms were executed with a complete lack of precision or poise, but what they did have, was promise. Some seemed pleased with... more
        • Lesson ClosedRick, Tue Jun 20 04:13
          Nice job guys. Thanks to all who took part. Credit is awarded to: Sarin, Aethan'Tar Riani, Aethan'Tar Valla, Aethan'Tar Sirestes, Aethan'Tar. I will be e-mailing Jeremy with credit later today. So... more
        • To Be Practical or Orthodox?Sirestes Aethan'Tar, Sun Jun 18 08:04
          Sirestes appeared to have done well enough with this activity, it seemed, for he was feeling confident in his skills when the time came to progress. He claimed no mastery over the weapon, but thought ... more
        • Enter The DummyValla Karajan, Aethan'Tar, Thu Jun 15 14:22
          Valla did not want a fair fight. She wanted someone with the grace and speed of a three legged pig. Half the intelligence; optional. It was not due to a desperation for victory, rather, not entirely... more
        • An Expected LossRiani Aethan'Tar, Wed Jun 14 13:55
          Sparring, Riani thought, gritting her teeth, oh, thatís just great. Excellent. Her mouth should have been dripping with the sarcasm of her unspoken words, but Riani had had sixteen years of practise... more
        • Wood as SteelSarin Cordana - Aethan'Tar, Sun Jun 11 18:08
          Sarin scratched his chin as he listened to the SeiíTar lay out the rules for their spars. He smirked when he heard that if you got hit in the leg you lost use of it, he couldnít imagine himself... more
      • Give It All, or Give It UpValla Karajan, Aethan'Tar, Sat Jun 10 11:46
        Letting the lathes dip down toward the ground Valla allowed herself a muscle loosening shake. It wasnít that the activity was taxing, though holding a stance for an extended period of time does... more
      • Four in SuccessionSirestes Aethan'Tar, Sun Jun 4 08:40
        Once all had been said and done, and once Sirestes, breathing more heavily than he might have liked to, could lower the wooden lathe in tandem with the rest of the trainees, the lesson could... more
      • Dancing Cats & Kissing HummingbirdsSarin Cordana - Aethan'Tar, Fri Jun 2 22:10
        The lathe in his hands began to irritate Sarin as he shifted it from stance to stance and back again. He snuck a quick glance down at them and noticed that his right hand was now a bright red. He... more
      • No Pain No Gain, Right?Riani Aethan'Tar, Thu Jun 1 10:47
        Riani felt the weight of the lathes in her hand even as she stood at careful attention, listening to the instructions of the SeiíTar. She had absolutely no desire to lift the wooden thing above her... more
    • Decision and IndecisionSirestes Aethan'Tar, Sat May 27 14:42
      As the last vestiges of the game came to a close, and as the final few AethaníTar finished tossing the ball around, even with the halfheartedness of exhaustion, the SeiíTar summoned them to begin the ... more
    • Now this is what I call a work-out!Riani Aethan'Tar, Sat May 27 12:36
      To Rianiís surprise her body hurt considerably less after the game of tag than it had earlier. She and Harina both stood gasping for breath as the SeiíTar who was teaching gave them a small lecture... more
    • Try, Try AgainValla Karajan, Aethan'Tar, Sat May 27 03:46
      Pressing the back of her clammy fingers to her red cheek Valla took no more than a moment to collect herself. The game had truly woken her up, she now pulsed with energy. In fact, rather too much... more
    • Super-conducting loopSarin Cordana - Aethan'Tar, Fri May 26 17:52
      The void, it was something that was constantly talked about during lessons and to tell the truth Sarin never could get a hold of utter calm within his mind. Every time he had tried to find this void, ... more
    • New and OldSoldier Falora Tilde, Thu May 25 01:51
      After twenty odd minutes, the SeiíTar finally decided to call a halt to the game, gathering the trainees into a cluster in front of him. Once all had gathered, Harin began the lesson proper by giving ... more
    • Low Wind RisingTain Aethan'Tar, Thu May 25 00:47
      When the SeiíTar began to describe the two different types of philosophies, Tain smiled slightly to himself. Faoelin had drilled the Flame and the Void into his head, as forcefully as she could,... more
    • Rinse and repeat — Accepted Celeste Illharess, Wed May 24 23:30
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