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Re: Falconry Part II: Caring for Nestlings
Fri May 26, 2006 12:11 (XFF:

It was warm and dry, and Riani swallowed a yawn. Light, but she was tired! Or not tired, really, merely a bit…unaccustomed…to the heat and dryness combined with the strong smell of bird. It wasn’t precisely an uncomfortable smell, just-

Riani snapped back to paying full attention – she could feel her back straightening, damned the woman! – as the Green spoke her name, gesturing towards a small wooden box standing on the other side of the small room they were currently in. The corridor leading to the room had made Riani somewhat uneasy; she had never liked feeling fenced in, and that corridor had come as close to being trapped as Riani wanted to allow herself. I guess that is one way you’re quite alike a falcon, Riani, she thought to herself as she lifted the box and carried it back across the room, bowing slightly after the Aes Sedai had taken it from her.

She glanced at the Peregrine nestlings again as Demetri Sedai spoke. The woman’s accent was quite implacable even to Riani’s well-trained ears; if the former noble - she no longer thought of herself as such, she had realized to her amazement some time ago; until she was Gaidar she was merely a trainee of the Tower, no more – was pushed to guess she would’ve said Andoran, but…

Who cares where the woman is from, Aethan’Tar? Her admonishment was sharp, given in much the same voice her instructors would assume, and Riani squared her shoulders and looked on as the golden-eyed bird – the one Demetri had named a Kuyper’s Hawk – snapped its beak shut over the thin sliver of meat the Green had afforded it.

Riani was already on her way to her chosen bird – the Peregrine nestlings might not be at their prettiest, but the Peregrine was her favourite and that was that – when the voice of one of her classmates broke into the bustle. It was a question that Riani already knew the answer of since she had heard it answered when she took her very first class on the theoretical aspects of falconry at age seven; her father might have refused her to touch the birds before she turned seventeen summers, but had been unwilling to let any sort of knowledge his daughter could ever require in courteous conversation pass her by, knowledge on falconry included. And Demetri’s answer fit the one her father’s chief falconer had given so many years ago, fit it closely enough that Riani could almost hear the old man’s voice under Demetri’s softer, fuller.

It almost seemed the tiny Peregrine she had chosen for her own knew that was the case even before she had stepped into a circle of a yard or so of it. It stretched its tiny beak up against the wooden ceiling, forcing it wide enough open that Riani would’ve been afraid it would disjoint if her teacher way back then hadn’t told her that was the way of birds. She had been barely tall enough to be able to look down at the nestling back then; now she stood tall over it. Well, as tall as a girl of her stature could stand over anything. She marvelled for a moment over the fact that the tiny bird was not at all afraid of her; as she leaned down over it to make sure the sliver of meat made its mark the feather-clad creature seemed to push itself against her, towards her.

Or towards its food at least, she thought to herself, letting out a wry laughter that turned a couple of her peers’ heads, dropping the sliver of meat into its beak. The ‘click’ when the Peregrine’s beak snapped over the treat was loud enough to surprise the tiny Aethan’Tar, but she quickly fed it the three remaining slivers.

The bird looked content. It gave away no sound as Riani lifted it carefully from its nest, and if Riani had ever been tempted to pet a falcon it was right now, this moment.

“It’s so light!” she murmured softly to herself.

“Yes,” a soft voice said behind her; the Aes Sedai. “They are light. Light, quite trusting, and vulnerable. And ferocious hunters-to-be. Don’t forget that, Riani Aethan’Tar.”

Riani bowed, murmuring a polite ‘yes, Aes Sedai’, but the woman had already continued. Careful so as not to disturb the peregrine nestling in her hand the Aethtan’Tar rose, savoring the feel of soft feather-clad body on callousing but still soft female skin.

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    • Re: Falconry Part II: Caring for Nestlings — Riani Aethan'Tar, Fri May 26 12:11
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