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Accepted Celeste Illharess
Fri May 26, 2006 18:55 (XFF:

Raising her hand to gain the attention of her class, Demetri Sedai announced the start of the next phase of the class. They were to return the birds currently on hand to the mews and proceed to work with some of the younger nestlings. Students assembled themselves into a line, following the Aes Sedai as she led them to the cages. Celeste was near the front of the line initially, making a brisk pace to keep up with the Green Sister, when the falcon on her glove suddenly “stood” and flapped its wings. Startled, the Accepted slowed her pace. Perhaps the bird did not quite like the motion. Once within the aviary though, the bird was quite docile, hopping willingly onto the perch in its cage and emitting little kiks.

Leaving behind the mews and the cacophony of cries and screeches, the class trailed into a warmer, drier section of the aviary. They exited a narrow corridor, emerging into a room filled with open boxes. Nestlings sat in some of the boxes, chirping and squawking when they noticed the presence of humans. Demetri Sedai explained that most flying birds were 'altricial' birds, born without any feather or down and with theirs eyes closed while most ground nesting species were the exact opposite, or ‘precocial’.

Moving on to the nests, the Aes Sedai explained more about the characteristics of two species of nestlings, the Kuyper’s hawk and the Red Tailed hawk, describing their average clutch size as well as colouration. The young birds followed Demetri Sedai’s pointing finger with interest, staring intently until one began cawing for food. With startling rapidity, the other six birds followed, adding their voices to a suddenly noisy nursery.

A feeding demonstration followed and Celeste observed the little hawk as it tilted its head back and opened its beak wide to receive the little thumbnail sliver of meat that had been dangling above. As ordered, she picked up a Kuyper’s hatchling and studied the bird while feeding it. Yellow eyes followed her fingers intently, watching for meat. In the background, the Green Sister replied to a query about handling the hatchlings and the result it might have on the relationship between the chick and its parent.

Happily swallowing the last piece of meat, the chick gave a contented little squawk and sat down in her palm. It weighed as much, perhaps, as a little inkpot and watched her with mild interest. Like Demetri Sedai had predicted, once sated, it had little inclination to do anything else, sitting contentedly and letting Celeste stroke its downy underside.

OOC: Rather short and rushed post. Apologies… a little time constrained.

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    • Nestlings — Accepted Celeste Illharess, Fri May 26 18:55
    • Re: Falconry Part II: Caring for NestlingsRiani Aethan'Tar, Fri May 26 12:11
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