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Now this is what I call a work-out!
Sat May 27, 2006 12:36 (XFF:

To Riani’s surprise her body hurt considerably less after the game of tag than it had earlier. She and Harina both stood gasping for breath as the Sei’Tar who was teaching gave them a small lecture on how they could not expect other teachers to provide them with a warm-up before the actual lesson began, and Riani could feel her face flush a deep red. She knew there was something they had forgotten! Harina mirrored her, but since her skin was considerably paler her friend’s face looked even redder that Riani’s did.

Philosophies, Riani thought as the Sei’Tar described the two main philosophies for how to handle a sword. Light, but she had never thought – her parents had never thought – it would be necessary for Riani to know these things, and so she had never learned them. Still though, she was used to the exercise of learning theory, and so she had no doubt that she’d be able to remember at least the theoretical aspects of whatever she was taught today.

The Void, she decided, didn’t sound like anything she would be able to do even if she tried. Her father had always said that she was too emotional, that she needed to shelve her emotions to be able to ‘focus’ – oh Light how she hated that word, focus - on what ‘needed to be done’. What ‘needed’ to be done was unvariably something Riani had no wish to do at all, of course., but it was the incessant nagging on focus, emotionless focus, that had very nearly driven Riani on the wall whenever her dad scolded her for not doing enough.

“I cannot begin to express my disappointment in you, Riani Seruam,” he would always begin, continuing with how he had told her ‘again and again’ how important it was to push ones feelings aside, how that was the ‘only way to succeed in life when the going gets tough’.

Well, father. There seems to be another way.

As the Sei’Tar listed off the disciplines they would be required to choose from Riani listened attentively. There were five of them, and by the expressions on some of the trainees around her it looked like some had serious problems remembering them all. Riani, however, had no such problems; her problem was of a much baser sort – how to find a discipline that would balance her weaknesses and, if possible, play to her strengths.

Elimination of those disciplines that were clearly not for her was easier, and so the Aethan’Tar decided to go that route.

The first and the last were, of course, the first to go. Riani looked at Sirestes; he might be able to pull of both of those, since he was both strong and, judging from their…activities…had enough stamina for anyone. The man was so unlike Riani herself; where he was tall and strong Riani was tiny and well, quite fragile; where he seemed to be able to run across the Waste from which he had come Riani felt short of breath and quite exhausted after an hour or two of intensive exercise.

So. Three left. The three in the middle all appealed to Riani on some level of another. Though, she knew that keeping level-headed in the midst of any emotional upheaval was beyond her, and since she had chosen the ‘way of emotion’ – she had named it as such to be able to catalogue it into her brain – emotions would be part of battle, for her.

Battle. Riani Seruam, if you ever think your father will let you into a battle-

"Okay." The Sei’Tar spoke, and Riani was torn out of her musings on her father and his rather…absolute…views on women and battle. In one of her letters – Riani did her best to write home every month, even if only a quick ‘all is well’ – Riani had mentioned that training to be a Gaidar had done wonders for her physique and that sometimes she actually looked forward to defending someone else’s life, giving her own if necessary. Her father had replied, his cold rage evident from the state of the piece of paper, that Riani could just remove any dreams of being the new Brigitte from her little head immediately, since he would sooner send her to mine in the Mountains of Mist than allow her to participate in battle. ”You,” he had written, ”are at the White Tower to learn discipline. Nothing more. If you had had the ability to channel I would have sent you to the White Tower proper to become Aes Sedai, but I will not have my daughter think she can go off gallivanting with a sword on her hip.”

“Hopefully you've found your philosophy or discipline by now,” the Sei’Tar continued, “and you can tell me about them in a minute. If they truly are suited to you, you'll be able to remember and tell me all about which one you picked after I've shown you the basic stances.”

Riani thought fast. She had eliminated the one with calm in battle, that meant there was only the one with the forms and the one Harin had called The Path of Water left. True, Riani had always been good at learning new movements; that was something those dratted dance lessons in her youth had taught her! – but with a sword…?

Too difficult. And with that, she realized, her decisions were made; her way would be that of emotion combined with the Path of Water.

The Sei’Tar, she saw, had picked up a set of lathes as he left them to consider their choices. As he continued talking, this time about stances, he moved fluidly in demonstration, the lathes looking as if they were part of him. It was a sort of dance, Riani realized, if a lethal one once real steel took the place of simple lathes. Once he finished giving their instructions Riani walked over to him, informing him in polite tones which strategy and discipline she had chosen. The Sei’Tar nodded in consent, and if he thought something amiss about her choices Riani could certainly not see it in his face.

As Riani had suspected the movements in themselves came to her easily. Feet and arms slid into position at each call the Sei’Tar gave, slightly uncertain at first but with more and more confidence.

Also as suspected, the lathes was what gave her the troubles she did encounter. Somehow the lathes refused to move in time with her fine-tuned body, refused to become part of her as it seemed it had been of the Sei’Tar. Instead it moved as if on its own accord, in the most annoying of moments sticking itself between her ankles or – worse – falling too far back as she held it in the stance Harin had called Rahien’Val. The latter was in part caused by something Riani had not expected from the ease with which the Sei’Tar let the lathes dance around; they were heavy. Her arms started burning not long after they began; after what felt like an eternity but was most likely minutes only she was gritting her teeth in pain – and when Harin finally gave the signal to seize her muscles felt like they were on fire.

Light, she thought to herself, brushing sweat from her forehead with a long sleeve, that was hard work.

(OOC: sorry about length…I suck at restraining myself when I am in a writey sort of mood. Good lesson!)

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