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Exaggerated Care
Mon May 29, 2006 22:55 (XFF:

Arin followed Demetri Sedai as Demetri led the group of students to the aviary, walking slowly. Perhaps she was walking a shade too slowly… but better to be over-cautious when dealing with animals such as these. Arin had learned that early on in life, when she had watched her brother work with horses that were, well, extremely spirited, to say the least. If one worked slowly, things might take a bit longer, but the possibility of injury was lessened distinctly.

There was smell of hay throughout the mews, and the general quiet of the place was broken by the occasional screech. Arin went to the left, as directed, and upon finding her bird's cage, carefully put the bird in. The falcon stepped off her hand and looked at her; Arin looked back and nodded to the bird as she shut the cage.

Demetri Sedai led the class down another hallway, and into another section of the mews that was noticeably warmer than where they had previously been. To Arin's surprise, this part of the mews apparently housed nestlings. She couldn't help smiling slightly. Many people seemed to love baby animals, and Arin was no exception – something about them apparently made them irresistible to most females. This was, however, a different atmosphere than one she'd ever been in, as far as animals were concerned. There would be no young women squealing and cooing over the young birds, of course. Arin had never been one for cooing, luckily.

Arin, along with the rest of the class, watched closely as Demetri Sedai fed the nestling. It doesn't look difficult, she thought, but these birds are so young, and… oh dear, it would be terrible to accidentally hurt one of them. Arin often tended to worry about doing things wrong, even when she had no real reason. This caused her to take almost exaggerated care when it came time for her to feed the nestling herself. She took a piece of meat from the container and examined it for a moment, making sure it wasn't too different in size from the piece that Demetri had fed the other nestling. Once Arin was satisfied that the piece of meat wasn't going to somehow asphyxiate the young bird, she took the meat in between her thumb and forefinger and dangled it above the nestling's head, and dropped it in when the nestling tilted its head back. The nestling swallowed it quickly and tilted its head back again, demanding more.

Arin blinked, half-amazed that the bird still seemed to be alive after being fed by her. Then she quickly gave the nestling another piece of meat as the young bird began to make shrill noises.

A couple more pieces of meat later, the little bird was no longer demanding food; in fact, it seemed to be quite content. Arin examined the nestling, carefully ran a finger down its back, and then, even more carefully, picked it up in her cupped hands. The baby bird did absolutely nothing; it seemed quite all right with whatever was going to be done to it, now that it had eaten its fill. Holding her hands close to her chest, Arin looked down at the nestling sitting in them and smiled. There would be no cooing from her, but she still had a certain fondness for young animals.

  • Falconry Part II: Caring for NestlingsGeneral Demetri da'Faile Sedai, Green Ajah, Fri May 26 08:24
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    • A TwistMajor Locke Lemain, Dedicated, Sun Jun 4 16:12
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      • NosediveMajor Locke Lemain, Dedicated, Fri Jun 9 20:53
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      • Lesson Closed!Taryn, Tue Jun 6 07:22
        The following people got Falconry credit: Riani Aethan'Tar Accepted Celeste Accepted Arin The following have an extension until June 11: Tain Aethan'Tar John, if you need an extension, just shoot me... more
      • Gaining ConfidenceAccepted Arin Alistaire, Mon Jun 5 21:15
        Arin donned her glove once more and examined it on her hand, deciding as she did that it was a bit on the large side; being a small person, she also had fairly small hands. She deposited it back in... more
      • HuntingAccepted Celeste Illharess, Sun Jun 4 22:22
        Celeste rifled through the box of gloves. Searching around for one that fit her. It took her awhile to find a left handed glove and longer still to find one that fit perfectly. Being nearly the last... more
      • Bird of PreyRiani Aethan'Tar, Sun Jun 4 14:42
        Riani sat easy in her saddle, enjoying the sensation of sun’s warming touch. Her green-grey eyes had long since accustomed themselves to the brightness of the wooded hill-land in which they were... more
    • Exaggerated Care — Accepted Arin Alistaire, Mon May 29 22:55
    • NestlingsAccepted Celeste Illharess, Fri May 26 18:55
      Raising her hand to gain the attention of her class, Demetri Sedai announced the start of the next phase of the class. They were to return the birds currently on hand to the mews and proceed to work... more
    • Re: Falconry Part II: Caring for NestlingsRiani Aethan'Tar, Fri May 26 12:11
      It was warm and dry, and Riani swallowed a yawn. Light, but she was tired! Or not tired, really, merely a bit…unaccustomed…to the heat and dryness combined with the strong smell of bird. It wasn’t... more
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