The Forms to Success!
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They weren't children, so it was easy enough to rectify a mistake once and expect not to see it again. As such, Harin spent his time nipping possible bad habits in the bud. They were all quick to catch on, and were even beginning to put right their own mistakes before he needed to say anything, which was definitely a good start. Granted a couple still had trouble, but that was to be expected. No one became a Gaidin from just one sword lesson, after all. Having spent a good amount of time calling out the various stances, Harin decided that all his students had become proficient enough in the guards to be able to progress to the next part of tuition. He had been instructed to demonstrate for the Trainees Ė Aethan'Tar, Soldiers, Privates and even Accepted alike Ė how to perform some of the more simple forms. Having already told the group a little bit about the forms used in sword-play, Harin thought that the next step wouldn't be too difficult. He called out the last couple of stances, adding the minimal amount of correction where it was necessary.

"Okay," he called to them, indicating that the exercise was over. The group dropped from Rahien'Val, the last form he had called, back to a neutral position. Most of them were glistening with a thin sheen of sweat, not due to a great physical strain, but that standing out in the sun, which was rising at a steady rate at that point, was beginning to take its effect on his students who had spent time warming up and rapidly jumping between stances. The next part would probably fatigue them even more, but first he had to show them the forms they would need to make the last part even slightly workable, and come to rely on the moment they picked up anything resembling a sword in their whole lives as a servant to the Aes Sedai and Barracks.

With that thought, Harin chuckled; he found it funny that he believed the Gaidin to be the protectors of Aes Sedai before the Barracks or White Tower, and he wasn't even bonded. Miek and himself had conversations on the topic Ė there wasn't a Sei'Tar who didn't, whether they were scared about it, over excited or otherwise, all found themselves curious Ė and the Gaidin had told Harin that one day he'd make an excellent Warder to a lucky Aes Sedai, but Harin doubted the reality of such a statement.

With all their attention on him, Harin had neglected the fact that he'd remained silent, but seemed to have passed it off as a resting period. "Now," he continued, as the trainees began to look less red-faced, "as I mentioned earlier, forms are the most essential parts of swordplay. They flow into one another, and basically make up the whole fight. After all, standing in a perfect Rahien'Val isn't going to win you a fight, but flowing from there into Swallow Takes Flight or perhaps from LosíVal into Lizard in the Thornbush might just see your opponent a goner." Blank faces surrounded him, but they were all marred with curiosity. Harin remembered the same feeling Ė form names sounded soÖ wonderful.

"So, first of all: Cat Dances on the Wall. This form is a feinting, tentative series of short slashes, thrusts, and parries. A prerequisite of this form is that you must have good wrists and quick feet for this to be effective; itís especially useful for buying time. This form is one of view that doesnít have to start from any stance, which is why I am teaching it to you today Ė itís easy because you can use it no matter what position you are in you can use it and return to your starting position or across to another one Ė itís great if you want to change from one stance to another. My discipline comes in through such an intimate knowledge of the forms. You might apply a technique to hammer away at them if you use Scales of Power, or perhaps utilise a string of defensive forms to find your opponents weakness, as in Thunder on the Ocean. I'm sure you will all be able to see how the multitude of forms you learn apply to your style, but that is for you to figure out later, not now.

"The next form is Hummingbird Kisses the Honeyrose This form, as you will use it, is a quick thrust in the face. It will at least deter an opponent, and will usually kill a charging opponent outright. This is initiated in LosíVal with your blade pointed slightly downwards towards your opponents chest, as opposed to their throat. So you just bring your blade up and then attack. When youíve finished this form, flow back into LosíVal."

Harin was going through them each time he spoke them through, but he knew he would have to spend more time making sure they got them right; one demonstration would never be enough. "Ribbon in the Air is a horizontal slash that may change direction up or down at the tail end. This form should be begun just below chest height, and make sure that both feet are used in this form, unlike the Heron forms, which youíll experience in your time here in the Grounds. You start off in TaeríVal, and then can either flow into RahieníVal or MosievíVal, the choice is yoursí.Ē
"The final form I'm going to teach you today is called River Undercuts the Bank. This form can be done from a kneeling position, but it can just as easily been done from a standing position. If kneeling, your aim is to disembowel, and if standing, your goal is to behead. This is basically a horizontal slash, like this.Ē He demonstrated the form like he had the others for them to see. Itís best to start off in LosíVal Ė kneeling or standing Ė and finish in TaeríVal.

"Now. Same as before Ė I'm going to call out the forms and you're going to perform them as best you can. I will, of course, correct your errors and help you along the way to perfection. The Gaidin would require utmost effort from you, and I will too. Just because I haven't a fancloth over my back doesn't mean you can prat about." To be fair, they'd probably already noticed that attitude coming from him, but it was best to be clear on such matters. "Right then, lets start with Cat Dances on the Wall!" Harin's eager eyes began to pick out every trainee in as much detail as possible, flaw hunting.

Deciding that shouting everyone's errors aloud might prevent others from making similar mistakes, Harin waited for everyone to finish their form, then yelled them out to the trainees, so they would all benefit from everyone's mistakes.

Harin longed to be Gaidin.

OOC: Apart from that: the usual of 600 words. The lesson is now closed to newcomers apart from Soldier Laila if she so wishes. You can find the forms in more detail here. If youíve got any questions or anything, just email me. Hopefully it won't go to the Junk FolderÖ but I'm checking that every day now >.<

On the final note, I apologise for the mega waffly-ness of my lesson posts. Lesson posts are normally short and sweet so you people who want your credit don't drown in reams and reams of crappy text, but in spending no time writing with Harin I have a tiny field day each time. So blergh.

Next part up in a week from now. Have at it!

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