No Pain No Gain, Right?
Thu Jun 1, 2006 10:47 (XFF:

Riani felt the weight of the lathes in her hand even as she stood at careful attention, listening to the instructions of the Sei’Tar. She had absolutely no desire to lift the wooden thing above her head – or to any other height, for that matter – again, but judging from the Sei’Tar’s words she’d soon have to do so.

She looked around at the others. As far as she could see no one were doing what she yearned to but did not quite dare, namely rubbing her aching biceps, triceps and shoulder muscles. Her back, surprisingly, did not ache all that much, but then again Niada Gaidar had said that women were often far weaker in their arms, especially shoulders, than back and feet. Gritting her teeth Riani fought back her urge to rub her aching muscles, instead holding onto the hilt of the lathes as if it was a matter of life and death.

Still, she admitted to herself as the Sei’Tar spoke and demonstrated the forms he wanted them to learn, the names were wonderful. Like poetry, she thought, remembering how her brother had sometimes taken her up on his broad (well, it seemed broad at the time, at least, but then again she had only been a child back then, eight or nine summers) lap, tickled her and recited love poetry in her ears. His breath had tickled her ears, and some of the words had made her crimson-faced and mortified besides, but it was still a most treasured memory from her childhood.

The demonstration was ended. Riani sighed inaudibly, lifted her lathes and went back to the same spot where she had practised the stances. Her muscles were still aching to some extent, and she winced as she lifted her arm, imitating the slashes and thrusts the Sei’Tar had done when presenting this first form to them. Unlike the others this one could apparently be started from any stance, so Riani chose the one that brought least strain on her arms; Mosiev’val or ‘lowered guard’. If she did it incorrectly - and it wouldn’t have surprised her in the slightest – it must’ve gone unnoticed, for no hoarse voice corrected her. At later points it did, though; especially her renditions of Ribbon in the Air and River Undercuts the Bank seemed, by the explosions from the Sei’Tar, to be feeble at best.

“Light blind you,” she muttered to him under her breath while she pretended it was his head she thrust her sword towards when he called out for Hummingbird Kisses the Honeyrose, “I am bloody trying to ‘keep my sword straight instead of flinging it about like some three-year old child’, but if you make me do one more form I swear my arms are going to bloody fall off!”

Luckily for her no one seemed to have heard; the Sei’Tar stood far enough away that it would’ve taken usage of the Power - Riani knew only too well that Aes Sedai were the experts of eavesdropping – but Sei’Tar couldn’t wield Saidin, could they?

A quick pause to wipe her eyebrow – she was soaked! - earned her a reprimand, and Riani grit her teeth. She would not give in! Forcing herself to accept the pain, even embrace it – she had chosen to follow her emotions and let them be the guide, right, so she might as well start it now! – Riani forced her unwilling muscles to obey the called-out orders of the Sei’Tar. Over head – the stance called Rahien’Val – into a hopefully passable rendition of Cat Dances on The Wall into Los’Val to initiate yet another attempt at Hummingbird Kisses the Honeyrose, ending stance of which was Los’Val which initiated River Undercuts the Bank which-

When it was over, Riani shivered. Her muscles felt…she had no words to describe it, she realized. At least none she could summon from a brain that felt like it would explode from the messages of pain the muscles sent to it. Beyond caring what others thought – that wasn’t something Riani had done often before, except from in her parents presence at least – Riani rubbed her aching biceps, triceps and shoulders, wishing fervently that her father’s masseuse could be summoned from their manor to take care of her aching lower back.

(OOC: Teehee, I so love playing characters that aren't really very good at what they are attempting.)

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    • No Pain No Gain, Right? — Riani Aethan'Tar, Thu Jun 1 10:47
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