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Dancing Cats & Kissing Hummingbirds
Fri Jun 2, 2006 22:10 (XFF:

The lathe in his hands began to irritate Sarin as he shifted it from stance to stance and back again. He snuck a quick glance down at them and noticed that his right hand was now a bright red. He knew after this day his hands would be even more red and stinging, but he let the thought slide for he knew that knowing the sword was most definitely worth the pain that a nights worth of ice could fix.

When the SeiíTar gave the okay and everyone came to a stop at what they were doing. He smirked, enjoying the fact that he was hardly even winded just yet and others looked as if they were ready to fall over. The teacher kept silent for several moments and Sarin took advantage of the time to wipe the sweat from his brow and take a look at his hands he switched switch the lathe to his left hand as they waited, trying to give the right a break for the moment if only for a little while.

Suddenly the teacher spoke up and everyone was on their toes again, not wanting to miss a word he had to say about the sword or what one could do with it. Sarin listened best he could about these forms, stances were one thing, knowing how to use those stances to fight off and even kill your opponent was the real reason Sarin was even at this lesson. He smiled when he heard the SeiíTar finally start talking about disemboweling and beheading and what not. That was what he really wanted to do, he was tiered of training and he did want action. But he supposed one must first train if he is going to stand a chance at being the one still living after the fight is over.

He kept his eyes focused on the moves as the teacher showed them as he went on explaining, he did not care for all the talking and the odd like names these things were given, sometimes when people talked on so long it made him want to just plug his ears and get to work.

Although he wanted to get back to work, he did catch the odd names that these forms had, crazy things like hummingbird kisses the honeyrose. He almost laughed at such a childish name for such a deadly form and wondered why they were even named such things. The thought drifted from his mind as the teacher started shouting out the forms and he tried his best to fall into them without much trouble.

Trouble did come of course, but luckily for him the SeiíTar never came towards him. Due to every time the teacher went to yell out something another trainee was doing wrong Sarin quickly tried to look down at his own form and correct it just the way he had told the other to.

At one point as he was switching forms he almost lost his footing and could of fallen over looking the fool and probably thought to be exhausted. He slid backwards, acting like he was just trying to find a better place to stand and carefully glanced around to make sure no one had seen. They all had their eyes forward or on what they were doing with the lathes and he shook his head at his own embarrassment.

The rest of this part of the lesson seemed to move on without much more oddities, Sarin did as he was told and for the most part he felt like he had for the most part accomplished the forms on at least a small level.

  • The Forms to Success!Harin Rieldred, Sei'Tar, Wed May 31 05:18
    They weren't children, so it was easy enough to rectify a mistake once and expect not to see it again. As such, Harin spent his time nipping possible bad habits in the bud. They were all quick to... more
    • Swing it, shake it, move it, Spar it.Harin Rieldred, Sei'Tar, Sun Jun 11 05:47
      Harin watched as the more pitiful attempts becameÖ less pitiful. The forms were executed with a complete lack of precision or poise, but what they did have, was promise. Some seemed pleased with... more
      • Lesson ClosedRick, Tue Jun 20 04:13
        Nice job guys. Thanks to all who took part. Credit is awarded to: Sarin, Aethan'Tar Riani, Aethan'Tar Valla, Aethan'Tar Sirestes, Aethan'Tar. I will be e-mailing Jeremy with credit later today. So... more
      • To Be Practical or Orthodox?Sirestes Aethan'Tar, Sun Jun 18 08:04
        Sirestes appeared to have done well enough with this activity, it seemed, for he was feeling confident in his skills when the time came to progress. He claimed no mastery over the weapon, but thought ... more
      • Enter The DummyValla Karajan, Aethan'Tar, Thu Jun 15 14:22
        Valla did not want a fair fight. She wanted someone with the grace and speed of a three legged pig. Half the intelligence; optional. It was not due to a desperation for victory, rather, not entirely... more
      • An Expected LossRiani Aethan'Tar, Wed Jun 14 13:55
        Sparring, Riani thought, gritting her teeth, oh, thatís just great. Excellent. Her mouth should have been dripping with the sarcasm of her unspoken words, but Riani had had sixteen years of practise... more
      • Wood as SteelSarin Cordana - Aethan'Tar, Sun Jun 11 18:08
        Sarin scratched his chin as he listened to the SeiíTar lay out the rules for their spars. He smirked when he heard that if you got hit in the leg you lost use of it, he couldnít imagine himself... more
    • Give It All, or Give It UpValla Karajan, Aethan'Tar, Sat Jun 10 11:46
      Letting the lathes dip down toward the ground Valla allowed herself a muscle loosening shake. It wasnít that the activity was taxing, though holding a stance for an extended period of time does... more
    • Four in SuccessionSirestes Aethan'Tar, Sun Jun 4 08:40
      Once all had been said and done, and once Sirestes, breathing more heavily than he might have liked to, could lower the wooden lathe in tandem with the rest of the trainees, the lesson could... more
    • Dancing Cats & Kissing Hummingbirds — Sarin Cordana - Aethan'Tar, Fri Jun 2 22:10
    • No Pain No Gain, Right?Riani Aethan'Tar, Thu Jun 1 10:47
      Riani felt the weight of the lathes in her hand even as she stood at careful attention, listening to the instructions of the SeiíTar. She had absolutely no desire to lift the wooden thing above her... more
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