Four in Succession
Sun Jun 4, 2006 08:40 (XFF:

Once all had been said and done, and once Sirestes, breathing more heavily than he might have liked to, could lower the wooden lathe in tandem with the rest of the trainees, the lesson could continue. He was still attempting to get his bearings as far as his weapon of preference went, hating concurrently that something such as weapons required him to put such great thought into them. He was not a bloody philosopher, no matter how likely it was that he could once have become one!

Either way, the sword and the axe were both two very different weapons. The sword, he admitted, felt peculiarly light–though this was only in comparison to the behemoth that was a poleaxe. There was at least some relief in the fact that he would not necessarily have to tap into the Void, which was a blessing, as it was something he’d not sought since . . . well, his mind could supplement the end of that sentence even if he would not think it aloud. The axe, on the other hand, was blunt, strong, and requiring less technique and more power. Oh, one could not win anything with the axe if one did not put some thought into it, though strength was the engine that drove such a weapon. That drove a Gimlin, even.

Not now, he thought, kicking at the grass idly with his legs. Only after he’d actually completed this sword lesson would he truly be justified in giving a full comparison.

The Sei’Tar demonstrated for them four different forms, each of them requiring the use of various stances and demanding different types of movements. It made sense, after all, as each form would depend entirely on what the user was doing. Attacking, defending, diverting, biding . . . that, perhaps, was something the axe did not have. Versatility–patience, perhaps, too. A spar between two users of an axe would end quickly and bloodily to boot. The patience aspect was nonexistent; two equally matched Blademasters could likely leap about for hours. Even the two most experienced Gimlins would cause one to fall to the other in little more than a minute, likely, if even that.

Cat Dances on the Wall was the first that Harin demonstrated. It seemed fairly unpredictable, perhaps even mimicking the “drunken master” style of fighting. Well, no, not really. Bad example. It was not designed to necessarily take down the opponent, no, but rather to garner time. Harin began explaining how it could apply to one’s own style, and it seemed fairly obvious. Use as much strength as possible and, well, that’s victory right there.

Hummingbird Kisses the Honeyrose had an effeminate name, suffice to say, though it was anything but effeminate–or even subtle–in itself. Essentially it was just a single powerful thrust–to the face, no less! It was a volatile hummingbird indeed, for few regular fowls could kill a man by driving itself right into their nose and out the other side of their skull. It was preceding and succeeded both by Los’Val.

Ribbon in the Air was a horizontal slash with a bit of a divergence toward the end, though it began at chest height, as the Sei’Tar explained. He only supposed Harin was referring to the user’s chest height, though that would hardly be practical. A horizontal slash at Sirestes’s chest height would easily go over the head of some of the other shorter recruits. He would have to practice this one a bit, making sure to acclimatize it depending on his opponent. Still, he supposed the same went for any sword form.

The final form as demonstrated to them was River Undercuts the Bank. It appeared as dangerous of a form as Hummingbird Kisses the Honeyrose, for apparently, depending on the user’s stance, it would either disembowel or behead an opponent. He was vaguely amused. It was also similar to Ribbon in the Air, though Ribbon in the Air did not require as much strength, he supposed, with decidedly less gruesome results. Los’Val began this one and Taer’Val ended.

Once they’d received their basic introduction into these four particular forms, they were set off to begin practicing them. Seeing the form but once was hardly enough to perform it exactly as Harin had demonstrated it, and Sirestes kept a watchful eye for the Sei’Tar as he moved throughout the crowd, demonstrating the form to various others. Following this lead, Sirestes began fine-tuning his own attempts.

After enough practicing, Sirestes was confident in his own attempts. Oh, his arms were burning at this point; Sirestes still was not in the shape he wished he was, or the shape he once had been. He demonstrated the forms, entering each stance and completing with the next. Indeed, this was much more subtle than the axe, though he’d yet to decide if this was a good or bad thing.

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