Accepted Celeste Illharess
Sun Jun 4, 2006 22:22 (XFF:

Celeste rifled through the box of gloves. Searching around for one that fit her. It took her awhile to find a left handed glove and longer still to find one that fit perfectly. Being nearly the last one to get her glove on and proceed to getting a hawk, the Accepted was not surprised to note that there were only Harris’ hawks left. It was an easy matter to get the large brown bird to hop onto her glove. The raptor swayed a little but stayed quiescent as she slipped the hood over its head.

Mounting easily, Celeste nodded thanks to Farouk Gaidin as he returned the hawk to her glove. She watched the rest of the class idly as they milled around a little while Demetri Sedai wove a Gateway. The threads of Spirit spun easily into a pattern that the Accepted had seen many times before. Truth be told, Gateways no longer awed her, though she had yet to try weaving one herself. Farouk Gaidin was the first through, riding through the portal the moment the silver arch spun open. The students followed one by one, the taller ones having to bend a little in the saddle to get through. Demetri Sedai brought up the rear, closing the Gateway as she passed through.

Riding in the direction the Aes Sedai led, Celeste let herself enjoy the ride. It had been awhile since she had ridden a horse. There was little time in the schedule of an Accepted for such leisure. The hawk on her wrist seemed to enjoy the slight breeze as well, swaying gently with the gait of the horse. It was a short ride to the copse of trees that Demetri Sedai had selected for their hunting exercise.

"We'll take the Harris' hawks out first," she instructed. "Due to their social nature, we can bring them out at once and let them hunt together. Depending on what's out here today, these hawks will hunt anything from another bird in the sky such as a swallow, or they may decide to go for something different and larger. "

A simple demonstration followed as Demetri Sedai let her red-tail hawk attack Farouk Gaidin’s lure. More explanations followed as the class paid close attention to the raptor’s behaviour as well as the reasons behind its actions.

As one of those holding a Harris’ hawk, Celeste was in the first group to release their birds to hunt. A gentle pressure pushed down as the hawk catapulted itself off her arm and rose into the air to join its brethren. The Accepted watched the bird carefully, monitoring its flight to make sure she did not lose track of the hawk.

It was a mere matter of minutes before the hawk abruptly stooped and dived rapidly. Standing in saddle to get a better look, Celeste waited a few moments before shouting clearly, “Baron, here!” The hawk obeyed, flapping its way back silently before perching one-legged on her glove. It resisted a little before giving up the field mouse gripped in its claws. After the hawk wolfed down its reward, Celeste replaced the hood and returned to watching the other hawks hunt.

OOC: Bleah. Rather short post. Just too tired to write properly after a 5 day convention. Apologies.

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