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Lesson Closed!
Tue Jun 6, 2006 07:22 (XFF:

The following people got Falconry credit:

Riani Aethan'Tar
Accepted Celeste
Accepted Arin

The following have an extension until June 11:

Tain Aethan'Tar

John, if you need an extension, just shoot me an email and let me know!


  • Falconry Part III: Going HuntingGeneral Demetri da'Faile Sedai, Green Ajah, Thu Jun 1 06:11
    Demetri led the class out of the mews quietly, studying the looks on their faces as they passed her; she saw reverence, happiness, contentment—everyone seemed to have enjoyed this portion of the... more
    • NosediveMajor Locke Lemain, Dedicated, Fri Jun 9 20:53
      Locke meandered silently amongst the rest of the class, mulling over the prospects of falconry as applied to military concept. It was not as hazy a comparison as one would think, on the most basic of ... more
    • Lesson Closed!Taryn, Tue Jun 6 07:22
    • Gaining ConfidenceAccepted Arin Alistaire, Mon Jun 5 21:15
      Arin donned her glove once more and examined it on her hand, deciding as she did that it was a bit on the large side; being a small person, she also had fairly small hands. She deposited it back in... more
    • HuntingAccepted Celeste Illharess, Sun Jun 4 22:22
      Celeste rifled through the box of gloves. Searching around for one that fit her. It took her awhile to find a left handed glove and longer still to find one that fit perfectly. Being nearly the last... more
    • Bird of PreyRiani Aethan'Tar, Sun Jun 4 14:42
      Riani sat easy in her saddle, enjoying the sensation of sun’s warming touch. Her green-grey eyes had long since accustomed themselves to the brightness of the wooded hill-land in which they were... more
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