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Fri Jun 9, 2006 20:53 (XFF:

Locke meandered silently amongst the rest of the class, mulling over the prospects of falconry as applied to military concept. It was not as hazy a comparison as one would think, on the most basic of ideals, but the real thing that interested him was the beast's response to something it knew it could kill - it killed it flawlessly. An army should be so lucky, to have that sort of sense built in at birth! Train men like one trains hawks? Or apply the simplistics of the approach into every garrison tactical practice? It's not up to me, but it will be - and I should have the answers.

Donning his glove again, Locke unveiled his box of choice, and came to find he was in the possession of a red tail hawk - the independant, "loner" kind, as Demetri described it. How appropriate. Masking him, albeit a tad awkwardly, Locke mounted the prepared horse and tried not to disturb the bird so much. It seemed at ease, though it became slightly ruffled when he mounted, throwing one leg over the saddle langoriously. The horse was modest, nothing at all like Sim, his little thoroughbred. Being trained as a warhorse now, she is. Everyone scoffed at the idea of a girl warhorse. But we have female Soldiers, female Captains... why not a female warhorse? The gateway that slashed across space suddenly drew his attentions elsewhere than inward; Locke ducked his head lackadaisically as he passed through. Interestingly, the horse he was on didn't balk at the prospect of going through. Modest though he was, he was used to the oddities of the Power. A good horse, then.

It came to his attention that he'd have to wait to fly with his bird. Not disappointed in the least, Locke settled back into his saddle, surveying the other social birds at their games. Wheeling and looping when bored, then going arrow-straight to the ground when they saw something of interest. How good their eyes must be, to see small game from that height! The boy let his mind wander attentively, considering whether or not the looping and circling could be likened to the calm before a storm. He decided no, since looping and circling didn't seem calm - it seemed kind of hectic.

At last it was his turn! Unmasking his bird eagerly, gingerly though, to avoid annoying it, Locke smirked as the hawk blinked a few times, adjusting to the sharp contrast. It wriggled it's head back and forth in that impeccably fast way that birds often do, and then looked to Locke as if questioning the plans for the day. Lifting him skyward slowly, Locke could feel the pressure of the bird's talons releasing, as he let go of the glove and gave flight in an effortless few beats of his wings. Swivelling his his saddle to watch, the Dedicated crossed his arms consideringly, knuckles supporting his chin as he hunched over forward to observe the bird dive, after what seemed like only a few moments of flight. To his surprise, the dive ended in midair, with a squawk and a smallish burst of tufted feathers.

He caught another bird? Locke was delighted - it hasd been a while since he'd dined on poultry. Supposing I was allowed to cook it whilst I was here?

"Kispy, here!" Locke remembered from previous parts of the lesson to be stern, not placating, when demanding the bird return. It worked. The hawk whipped his head around, and gained flight, obviously proud, securing his reward piece of meat and keeping the unlucky bird in his talons. He lit on Locke's extended arm easily, smug. "Nicely done, bird." Another reward, just for behaving well.

I've never eaten a pidgeon before.

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