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Give It All, or Give It Up
Sat Jun 10, 2006 11:46 (XFF:

Letting the lathes dip down toward the ground Valla allowed herself a muscle loosening shake. It wasnít that the activity was taxing, though holding a stance for an extended period of time does demand exertion, for Valla the frustration of repeated mistakes caused her stiffening posture. The difficulty lay in trying the philosophy of the Void at the same time as being harped at for her less than perfect stances. Just as the Void grew tantalisingly close, to the point that her body seemed at once present and yet far away, would come the short sharp words of correction.

The quiet clarity would shatter, leaving her feeling ungainly and awkward as she re-positioned her stance. Awkward and ungainly were two words Valla had never expected to feel about herself. However, if a couple words of rectification could disrupt her so, well, she could only imagine the effect of her taunts once she had learnt The Way of the Wind. What a way with words.

Keenly, she listened and watched as the SeiíTar demonstrated the forms. Her eyes limpid and avid, Saldaean heritage showing in the hawk-like attention she devoted to every movement. Mostly to be forgotten, of course, she could concede that. It being the first lesson and all.

Cat Dances On the Wall was the first to be shown. It seemed a flurry of movement, particularly quick and distracting, Valla positively itched to try it. The way the lathes moved - or rather, how the SeiíTar moved - was at the same time so impossibly simple and yet simply impossible. She could tell by a couple traineesí faces that she was not going to be the only one struggling to remember the movement by moonlight.

Hummingbird Kisses the Honeyrose looked straightforward enough. Valla wondered though if she had the sufficient force to actually do any more damage than a dented helmet. Or ego, probably her own. Just as potentially grisly, Ribbon in the Air followed. At the back of her mind Valla wondered how anyone could come up with such beautiful names for something with such a result. Although, Ribbon in the Air did have a clue. As did the others once she started thinking about it. Vallaís scar twisted her smile to the depths of grim.

The last, a slash that could potentially part an opponent from his head, or torso. Again this seemed fairly uncomplicated, a horizontal slash from LosíVal and finishing in TaeríVal. Apparently, this could be performed kneeling too. Unless Valla came across a particularly vicious rabbit she doubted that would be called upon much.

"Now. Same as before Ė I'm going to call out the forms and you're going to perform them as best you can. I will, of course, correct your errors and help you along the way to perfection. The Gaidin would require utmost effort from you, and I will too. Just because I haven't a fancloth over my back doesn't mean you can prat about."

Irritation flashed briefly across Vallaís face. Valla remained in the dark about the Gaidin trick of a stone face. That discipline would have to be learnt too, for it was not natural. Returning to the space she had practised the stances in she took a long calming breath, as she exhaled she brought her lathes up into LosíVal - or what she thought was LosíVal - and waited. Again she tried to summon the Flame and the Void.

"Right then, lets start with Cat Dances on the Wall!"

A multitude of corrections followed that attempt as she settled back into LosíVal. First lesson she reminded herself over and over, perfection was not expected. Hummingbird Kisses the Honeyrose, she over straightened her arms but knew the mistake even as Harin SeiíTar called out the mistake for all to hear. Flow back into LosíVal. Next, River Undercuts the Bank, Valla couldnít suppress her relish for the tasks despite the mistakes.

Each Form flowed into the next so neatly, a blur of movement as she and the others round her became slightly more confident. A rhythm that she felt herself fit into without having to think, just move, just flow. Of course she made mistakes, but for the most part she understood the mistake, could remember the cause. It felt less awkward as time moved on. She could understand this, she could do this.

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      • Lesson ClosedRick, Tue Jun 20 04:13
        Nice job guys. Thanks to all who took part. Credit is awarded to: Sarin, Aethan'Tar Riani, Aethan'Tar Valla, Aethan'Tar Sirestes, Aethan'Tar. I will be e-mailing Jeremy with credit later today. So... more
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