Swing it, shake it, move it, Spar it.
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Harin watched as the more pitiful attempts became… less pitiful. The forms were executed with a complete lack of precision or poise, but what they did have, was promise. Some seemed pleased with their endeavours and it would've been unfair of Harin to start pulling them apart like a perfectionist Gaidin would do to a Sei'Tar. And whilst Harin thought of himself as a perfection-seeking Sei'Tar, he knew better than to expect a mastery of the forms from any of the trainees – Aethan'Tar, Soldiers or even the Accepted – to come from a quick half-candlemark of practice. What really mattered was that they all showed some form of potential.

Whether they chose to continue with the sword at the end of the lesson was completely up to them; Aethan'Tar had to, but the rest were probably free to never touch a sword again, probably choosing another weapon to use instead, should they so wish. But every man or woman before looked like, with enough effort, they could become good enough to stand in his place one day. Though, Harin had never heard of an Accepted, much less an Aes Sedai, teaching Aethan'Tar how to use a sword, and Asha'man hardly ever taught lessons in the sword either. The sheer idea seemed bizarre. In that respect, the sword appeared to be the weapon of a true Gaidin. That was their symbol as much as the glistening white dagger was for a Sei'Tar. The same one, in fact, that hung at his belt.

Where he might normally have needed a shout to gather his students together, this time Harin only needed to speak to attract their attention; they had been listening to him calling out the forms, and therefore were all waiting for him to issue the next flow of movements. Combining that with the fact that a couple of them looked particularly tired, and Harin had complete silence in the training grounds, without the need for any form of raised voice. "Now then," he began simply, still intimately knowing the rules for an Aethan'Tar spar, in spite of also having to learn the much more complex rules for a fight between a pair of Sei'Tar. "I think its time to have a couple of practice battles, more simply known as spars." A few whispers erupted over the yard, but he couldn't tell if it was excitement or complaints.

"So, it's as simple as this: You will fight using the forms you have learnt in this lesson, and using the stances as guards and also utilising them for links between forms. For instance, if you fall to Taer'Val to defend against an attack, the simplest thing to then do would be to flow into Ribbon in the Air. That should make sense for all of you, yes?" A few nods and the dull murmur of "yes" ran through the gathered trainees. "Good. Now, obviously these spars need rules." As simple as they were at Aethan'Tar level, Harin remembered being overrun by the new ones instigated when he'd first experienced the much more complex rules.

"So these rules are kept simple to keep the duels straightforward. Firstly, and probably most importantly: no direct attacks that risk a shot at the eye. Damage done in this way is very dangerous, and it's not guaranteed that even with an Aes Sedai tending to it you will get full sight back. Don't think about these attacks. A thrust that is aimed at the chest must go for the chest. It might be put slightly off course, and can be adapted, but the eyes are just a complete no go. In real battles, go for it. But then, in a real fight I would be surprised if your opponent didn't make a perfect parry and scratch your eyes out instead. Understood?" Harin needed no answer; he had placed a great deal of emphasis on that part; it was too important.

"Next. If you are hit, then depending on where you are hit, you will suffer a handicap. For instance, if you are bashed on your arm, then you lose use of that arm for the rest of the battle. Hit on your left leg, go down to your left knee. The only exception to this is if you hit your opponent's lathes before you hit his body. For instance, if you strike your opponent, but your hit ricochets off his lathes, then wherever you hit doesn't count as a hit. This helps promote the idea of blocking. Yes, you might argue it still constitutes as a hit, but I assure you, in more complex fights, the blocking idea is lost, and you will learn to follow through a block to completely re-direct a strike.

"Finally, if you are hit on the head or abdomen, you are dead. No buts. This simulates the real life situation again, and the desire you should have to keep any shots from hitting you in these parts of the body. On a last note, refrain from groin shots; I have been assured by some of my lady friends that it's as painful for them to be whacked there as it is for we males." He smirked; there wasn't a single trainee in the whole Barracks who hadn't suffered a groin shot in their lifetime. It happened and pain was something any Gaidin in Training had to deal with. But Harin didn't want any of that pain to happen in his lesson; he wasn't sure he would be able to show that he cared. Sympathy for pain wasn't his strongest point – the Gaidin had whittled that away from him, it seems.

"Grab a partner and begin!"

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