Lesson Closed
Tue Jun 20, 2006 04:13 (XFF:

Nice job guys. Thanks to all who took part. Credit is awarded to:

Sarin, Aethan'Tar
Riani, Aethan'Tar
Valla, Aethan'Tar
Sirestes, Aethan'Tar.

I will be e-mailing Jeremy with credit later today. So enjoy your fresh, red and bouncy credit ^_^

Neglecting Doniel and Harin in favour of GCSE's.

  • Swing it, shake it, move it, Spar it.Harin Rieldred, Sei'Tar, Sun Jun 11 05:47
    Harin watched as the more pitiful attempts becameÖ less pitiful. The forms were executed with a complete lack of precision or poise, but what they did have, was promise. Some seemed pleased with... more
    • Lesson ClosedRick, Tue Jun 20 04:13
    • To Be Practical or Orthodox?Sirestes Aethan'Tar, Sun Jun 18 08:04
      Sirestes appeared to have done well enough with this activity, it seemed, for he was feeling confident in his skills when the time came to progress. He claimed no mastery over the weapon, but thought ... more
    • Enter The DummyValla Karajan, Aethan'Tar, Thu Jun 15 14:22
      Valla did not want a fair fight. She wanted someone with the grace and speed of a three legged pig. Half the intelligence; optional. It was not due to a desperation for victory, rather, not entirely... more
    • An Expected LossRiani Aethan'Tar, Wed Jun 14 13:55
      Sparring, Riani thought, gritting her teeth, oh, thatís just great. Excellent. Her mouth should have been dripping with the sarcasm of her unspoken words, but Riani had had sixteen years of practise... more
    • Wood as SteelSarin Cordana - Aethan'Tar, Sun Jun 11 18:08
      Sarin scratched his chin as he listened to the SeiíTar lay out the rules for their spars. He smirked when he heard that if you got hit in the leg you lost use of it, he couldnít imagine himself... more
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