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Ill suited for lessons
Wed Jun 21, 2006 15:39 (XFF:

Today was going to be gruelling day for Jack Silver, Aethan’Tar. An exceedingly boring gruelling day. He had to do what most young boys dreamt of. Learn to use a sword. From a Gaidin. Jack had no interest in swords. They were unwieldy, difficult but not impossible, Jack smiled to himself, to conceal. give me a dagger, or even better a hundred feet and a crossbow any day.

Jack shook his head as he headed to one of the armouries on the Training Grounds. It was before dawn. Such an ungodly hour, surely the Creator can’t have planned for its existence. Jack had woken up early. He was used to going for long periods without sleep, living half his life on the run had thought him that. But it was the necessity of getting up that irked Jack. He was not used to following orders. Especially not from jacked-up men-at-arms!

Despite his mood, Jack actually liked Talaban. The man wasn’t half bad… for a Gaidin. They where all better than the Gaidar, who seemed to enjoy, physically enjoy ordering Jack around. Jack just had to grit his teeth and get the job done. Still, the women didn’t have to enjoy torturing him so very much.

As he returned to the appointed place with the lathes he had been ordered to get Jack waited in silence. He had found a stick, of the same length and almost as heavy as a dagger. He twirled it across his fingers. Jack was no expert knife fighter. But he was very good at tricking people into thinking he was. He was fast and covered in a lattice of scars. It made people more than wary when he held a dagger. Though he had been stripped of them by Tower officials.

Talaban approached shirt open. Show-off! Jack bowed, with only a hint of reluctance. A smart thief was an excellent actor. . “Good morning, Silver. I hope that you’re well rested? Lets get started shall we?” Jack couldn’t fault the man’s manner. He was all cool efficiency. Jack admired that in the man. He drew one of his blades, and he gleamed softly in the cold dawn sun. “Now tell me, ever used a sword?”

“No… Gaidin.” Nor had I ever planned to. For Jack Silver, hedonist, gambler, thief and rogue, this was going to be a very long day.

OOC: Sorry it took so long! Well there it si, half-assed but done at least!

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    • Ill suited for lessons — Jack Silver, Wed Jun 21 15:39
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