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Talaban Morenae Gaidin
Sun Jun 25, 2006 20:41 (XFF:

An eerie wind howled through the forests, bringing with a feel of great sorrow and desolation. It sent shivers down the spines of most who ventured into this forest, garnering it the title of haunted, even with its proximity to the Tower and countless Aes Sedai. Talaban sat within, meditating alone, feeling his communion with the night. Shadows drew up around him as the sun began sinking below the horizon. The last rays reflected off the still waters within the massive North Harbour of Tar Valon, a last gasp of glory as day succumbed to inevitable night.

As darkness enveloped the forest, the Gaidin allowed his senses to fan out, gathering information more from instinct than sight. In the night, he could more than match the servants of the Dark Lord. “Beat them on their own ground” was his private modus operandi. The former thief rose from his lotus position, both katanas leaving their sheaths as he launched into his battle trance. The blades weaved through the falling leaves, creating an otherworldly effect as he danced in the midst of the storm wind. Form after form flowed in an endless string. Movement blurred the Gaidin, his full body black silk adding to the illusion of a bodiless head.

Parrying skillfully against his imaginary opponents, Talaban spun round, ending the routine with a stylized cross-strike.

Taking a deep breath, Talaban turned around to face the targets swinging from the forest trees. Reaching for the bandoliers around his chest, the Gaidin waited. A slight movement alerted him to the flying stump of wood. Without hesitating, he pulled a knife from its sheath and launched, knocking the wooden block out of the air. Six other blocks followed before he stopped to retrieve his knives. Before returning to his room to prepare, he viewed once again, the message he had put up a few days ago.

Attention all Trainees.

There will be a lesson in basic knife wielding tomorrow at the East Field. If you wish to attend, please be present in good time. Those who are allowed to may bring their own weapons.

Meditating in the training yards, Talaban was half surprised to see students reporting for his class on knives. He really had not been expecting many people to turn up. Rising, he brushed his wavy blond hair back and ran his jade green gaze over the gathered trainees before introducing himself, “Welcome to my knives lesson. I am Talaban Gaidin, you can call me Tal. I hail from Shol Arbela and was a member of a darker profession before joining the city guard. Before we start, please tell me your name and preferred weapon. Also include any prior weapons experience that you may have had. Note that there is a difference between using daggers and knives for close quarters work and using throwing blades. Be specific.”

He waited for them to introduce themselves, listening with interest as they started. Most were no surprise but he wondered if any would turn up that really knew knife work. Talaban was no assassin but knew the trade as well as the best. This lesson just might be interesting.

OOC: Okay, knives lesson. 400 words, next part will be up on Friday or Saturday.

    • Blunt InstrumentValla Karajan, Aethan'Tar, Tue Aug 29 04:59
      In an environment such as the White Tower training yards days -even weeks- could pass in which nothing exceptional happened to an Aethan'Tar. A long blur of same routines, same faces, same practise.... more
    • How QuaintSoldier Kieran (Karen), Sat Jul 15 08:52
      A lesson on knives? How quaint... Kieran thought as a smile lit upon his face. This definitely sounded like a lesson he had to make a point to attend. Of late, it seemed as if his lessons were not... more
      • ariaaia, Sat Feb 3 07:32
    • Part One: The BasicsCarrick Gaidin, MuC, Mon Jul 10 17:12
      Carrick sneered down his sword at the young man standing before him, “Boy, I was using a knife before your parents were untied from their mothers’ apron strings.” “I…” the Aethan’Tar flushed, “As you ... more
      • Nose to the GrindValla Karajan, Aethan'Tar, Tue Aug 29 07:24
        A flat stare said it all for Valla. She knew it could be disconcerting. It was part of the fun. Unfortunately, this new Gaidin -Carrick- didn't seem to have much of a sense of humor. He was very much ... more
        • Return to the frayTalaban Morenae Gaidin, Wed Aug 30 09:14
          Talaban listened stonily, practicing the expressionless look that many of the Warders favoured. Halfway between apathy and boredom, it seemed appropriate as, in the background, voices droned on. He... more
          • It's A Mess Out Here, SirValla Karajan, Wed Aug 30 17:32
            Reluctantly Valla relinquished the previously chosen knife, slotting it into a free space in the wooden carrying block with a somewhat piqued air. Changes in tutor during a lesson was nothing new,... more
            • Up Close and PersoalTalaban MOrenae Gaidin, Fri Sep 1 16:33
              Talaban waited patiently as the students gathered their blades and returned slowly to him. The session on throwing had been informative for most of them, the trainees discovering that not all the... more
              • CharmingValla Karajan, Aethan'Tar, Sun Sep 3 07:54
                He stared at her impassively. She smiled wickedly. It was a match. Valla had chosen two knives to spar with, her partner just the one. His choice of a single blade was puzzling; the more weapons the... more
      • The Art of drawing and Holding...Dedicated Zander Kilgas, Tue Jul 18 14:29
        Zander stood in a fairly relaxed pose whilst the lesson began. He was outwardly calm and infinitely bored to be in the small lesson. There was little to engage Zander's interests in the plain and... more
    • My Old FriendsDedicated Zander Kilgas, Thu Jul 6 07:05
      Zander had spent the best part of twenty minutes polishing his new sword collar-badge. He was still shocked and slightly disbelieving about his sudden raising to the rank of Dedicated. He had only... more
    • Knives at LastCrael Kantar, Aethan'Tar, Sun Jul 2 10:43
      Crael grinned as he headed back up to his room, A knife lesson at last! No more looking like a fool trying to use one of those light blasted swords! Crael’s exultation was certainly justified as his... more
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