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Knives at Last
Sun Jul 2, 2006 10:43 (XFF:

Crael grinned as he headed back up to his room, A knife lesson at last! No more looking like a fool trying to use one of those light blasted swords! Crael’s exultation was certainly justified as his body was covered with welts from his attempts at learning sword forms with his mentor Talocan Gaidin. He just couldn’t get it right, every single swing of the lathes meant to represent a real sword was over done never turning out how he wanted it. Now though I can show them what I can really do! Talocan Gaidin had been impressed with his knife work when shown but he seemed to be overly focussed on getting Crael to use a sword.

Crael almost skipped into his room humming happily to himself as he began to undress for the night throwing his clothes over a chair rather untidily. With one last glance out the window at the setting sun he collapsed back onto his bed a smile drifting across his face making his startling blue eyes sparkle briefly before he falls into a peaceful and nightmare free sleep.

*******************Next Morning********************

Crael awoke slowly, his mind taking its time in reminding him why he’s up so early. Eventually he remembers the lesson he’s looking forward to and he quickly finds some fresh clothes pulling them on before quickly splashing water over his face then bounding through the door in his eagerness almost knocking another trainee just outside into the wall. Crael quickly made an apology before sprinting down the corridors and leaping down the steps onto the training yards. Where was the lesson again?....Oh…East field….where in the light is that?! Having only been in the tower for a couple of weeks if that Crael was still unsure as to the location of everything. On the point of he despair he spotted a Sei’Tar twirling a knife and decided to follow. When the knife wielding Sei’Tar finally lead Crael to a large field containing a gathering of other students many of which had knives with them the borderlander sighed with relief. Wouldn’t have been good to finally have a lesson come up with something I’m good at and then not be able to find it!

“Welcome to my knives lesson. I am Talaban Gaidin, you can call me Tal. I hail from Shol Arbela and was a member of a darker profession before joining the city guard. Before we start, please tell me your name and preferred weapon. Also include any prior weapons experience that you may have had. Note that there is a difference between using daggers and knives for close quarters work and using throwing blades. Be specific.”

Crael listened as the others in the class answered the questions one by one, surprised by the amount who had experience using knives, this revelation rather dispelling his idea that he was one of the only trainees who would prefer some throwing knives or a couple of dirks to a sword.

When it came to his turn to answer Crael decided that he would give as detailed and specific as he could without seeming to be boastful, not that any Shienaran could really manage that, “Honour to serve Gaidin, my name is Crael Kantar formally of Fal Dara and the lancers. My preferred weapon is knives, though I have no preference whether they be throwing knives or close combat dirks.” He thought for a second wondering is he should add anything else, “I was trained in their use by the weapons master in Fal Dara keep and I have fought Trollocs with them in the blight, though I wouldn’t pretend that means that I’m any good with them, in fact if it weren’t for the healing skill of a Yellow Sister I would be dead instead of standing here now.”

Satisfied Crael stepped back slightly back into the crowd of students as the remainder of the group answered.

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