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The Art of drawing and Holding...
Tue Jul 18, 2006 14:29 (XFF:

Zander stood in a fairly relaxed pose whilst the lesson began. He was outwardly calm and infinitely bored to be in the small lesson. There was little to engage Zander's interests in the plain and smoothly flat Training Yard of the White Tower. It was serene and clean, very much unlike the Black Tower's twin.

Which is most probably why the Black Tower turns out deadlier men and women. Here they relax, where as at the Black Tower we dodge missiles of fire and thrown blades in between lessons as well as during he thought as he caught a yawn before it developed.

He had not really attended the lesson to learn, as he most probably already knew what he was about to be taught, given his life. He had come to get away from the Black Tower for a while and to spice up his drearily monotonous regime. It had turned out to be more boring at the White Tower, but Zander had never had much luck in his life to say the least.

"Begin" was all he heard as he snapped out of his thoughts and quickly grabbed a blunted knife blade from the rack.

True to his nature, he stood at the rack for a good while, picking three of the best ones. He ensured that they were balanced properly, or as properly as he was going to get with practise blades. He also felt their weights and their sizes and shapes. When he was satisfied he put one in his boot on his right foot and the other two in his belt, as if he had two sheaths there.

He then proceeded to go through the motions of smoothly drawing them all and slashing with them, merely to make the Gaidin happy more than to learn them. Once this was done to the Gaidin's satisfaction and he had nodded at Zander with approval, Zander decided to do something more active and interesting to aleviate his boredom. He rolled along the floor and ran up walls before flipping off of them. In each case he drew two daggers, be it from his belt or boot and landed in the stance he always used for knife combat.

He then leaned back against the wall as he waited for the rookies to complete their tasks to the Gaidin's satisfaction. As he waited he juggled his knives and whistled a little tune, as he always did when he was bored and had knives to hand. He had become very good at it over the years too.

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    • The Art of drawing and Holding... — Dedicated Zander Kilgas, Tue Jul 18 14:29
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