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A New Art (Oh, Tain-ey!)
Thu Jul 20, 2006 03:50 (XFF:

The midday meal would soon be ending, and that was when Jield intended to find the Aethan’Tar he had been searching for all day. Tain had been one of the trainees that Jield mentored from the beginning of his time at the Training Grounds. With the recent departure of Dillan, Jield had somehow managed to take on all of her trainees so that they now called him their mentor. This had increased his workload quite a bit, but slowly they were beginning to be raised to Sei’Tar, a time when they no longer needed mentors to help them around the Training Grounds. Two were certainly approaching a stage when they were reading to be raised, which would deflate the number thankfully.

Tain was not one of those ready just yet; he was still quite new to the White Tower and the Training Grounds. The time had come that Jield felt he was accustomed to the life of an Aethan’Tar that he could now begin to move up Tain’s training, having some one on one sessions with this mentor. It had been to Jield’s surprise to learn that the boy hadn’t even held a blade since coming to the White Tower. He had attended an archery lesson, taught by yours’ truly, and showed some skill for the bow and arrow, as well as a hand-to-hand lesson, but never had he learnt about the sword.

The Head Gaidin had every intention of teaching the art of swordsmanship to the boy, starting today if he could just track him down. He knew where he had been in the morning, but Jield didn’t want to pull the Aethan’Tar away from a lesson, even if it wasn’t a physical lesson; all lessons were important to Aethan’Tar and Jield didn’t want to encourage any other notion to the Aethan’Tar. This was why he’d check Tain’s schedule and worked out that the boy had nothing on this afternoon – a perfect time to start their training.

So Jield could now be found walking through the corridors towards the mess hall, his stride large and his pace quick as he acknowledged and greeted those who did the same to him, bowing in respect to the few Aes Sedai that was walking these parts. Some of them were obviously Green Sisters and Brothers, a weapon held heavy in their hands as they made their way to the Training Grounds so that they could give their own hand at training with the Gaidin. Now that was always an experience to watch a Gaidin or Gaidar go up against his or her Aes Sedai bondmate, it some instances it was very difficult to determine a winner before the spar was finished, and some even left you guessing after they’d put down their weapons and were waiting for the next challenger. They probably would be able to sense what the other was going to do, to some degree the bond would give a preview into what the person was thinking. Jield couldn’t be sure, as he had never been bonded, but he suspected that it would do something like that.

His thoughts slipped away as he spied a glimpse of familiar, long red hair that was tied up in a tail as most trainees did. Jield himself did it too, at least whenever he was training – having one’s hair sweep into the eyes during a spar was not useful at all. He watched the boy walk for a moment, he was as tall as Jield himself was, before walking smoothly up to him and stopping him by calling out his name.

“Tain Aethan’Tar!”

The boy turned around, and upon seeing Jield, dropped down into a respectful bow.

“Yes, Jield Gaidin?” The boy caught onto the manners required of the Aethan’Tar quickly, which pleased Jield greatly.

“You have an afternoon off, I’ve noticed, so I thought that this might be a perfect time for me to begin teaching you the art of swordsmanship. I’ve been very pleased with the progress that you’ve made and the lessons that you’ve been attending, and now I want to take you for a few one on one lessons. You seem dressed in the appropriate gear, are you ready? While we walk to the armory, why don’t you tell me everything that you know about the blade, even if it is nothing.”

    • More training? When do I get a day off?Tain Aethan'Tar, Mon Aug 14 13:26
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      • The BasicsJield Pilaweth, Head Gaidin, Fri Aug 25 03:52
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