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More training? When do I get a day off?
Mon Aug 14, 2006 13:26 (XFF:


He sat alone in the centre of the clearing, cross-legged, hands on knees, waiting. For what? He could not tell. For whom? He was not sure. All around him, the forest stirred, silently dancing in the darkness. A soft breeze fluttered through the canopy above, causing the rays of silvery light, which emanated from the moon, to shift constantly. Buried deep in the calmness of the Void, his mind in tune with everything around him, the beating of the Earth, the whisper or the wind and the silence of the wood, he waited!

What am I doing here? the stray thought burst free from his supposed iron clad grip on the Void, before he could quash it.

What are you doing here? his head exploded with the force of a volcano, his mind awash with alternating currents of pain and ecstasy. You came here by my will boy. You came here to serve! the voice split his skull with peals of eerie laughter.

I will never serve you! he whimpered slightly, his body arching in pain.

Just at the edge of his tear-filled vision, just out of proper sight, he caught sight of a most unnatural shadow. He attempted turning his head to get a better view of this mystery ‘Shadow’, but found that his head was locked firmly in place. No matter how hard he struggled, he could not turn an inch.

“Oh, does it hurt?” the ‘Shadow’ stepped forward, behind his line of sight. He felt a soft, tender pressure on his cheek, a hand, silently brushing away the stray tears. “If you’re a good boy the pain will go away. Just you be a good boy and listen to your mistress, yes?” he felt her breath hot on his cheek, as she bent to whisper softly in his ear.

“I refuse you!” he wept fiercely, the pain making his body rock violently.

“Spirit? I love breaking spirit properly, when I have the time. Sadly, time is something I am short on…” his mind exploded with a sensation akin to thousands of little needles being pressed into his brain. “Listen to me boy, you will heed my words or you will perish at my hands, do I make myself clear?”

“Yes!” he whispered, slowly, painfully. No, why did you say yes? Defy her!

“You will address me as mistress, so you understand!”

“Y-yes, Mistress!” Defy her! Do not listen to her. We will not serve!

“Good! Now here is what you are going to do…” as she bent, whispering her instructions softly in his ear, the voice in his head screamed on, silently making a stand against this twisted mistress.


Tain sat up, panting heavily, his body slicked with sweat.

Im alive? sitting up he ran his hand down the back of his head, expecting to find some form of gash or cut. It was just a dream… again!

He swung his legs out over the edge of the bed and sat there for a second, head held in his hands, his eyes closed. His sleep was troubled of late, constantly wracked with images of a ghostly apparition. Tenderly he traced the edges of a long, thin gash that crossed his shoulder blade from his left side. He had simply awoken one morning to the stinging pain in his shoulder, only to find his bed covered in a thin film of blood. How he had acquired the cut was beyond him.

Get up Tain, you have work to do! the voice echoed off the inside of his skull, causing him to jolt to his feet. You can rest when you are dead!

Nodding absently to himself, he crossed to the washbasin and removed his clothes. He washed hurriedly, paying little attention to the chill in the air or the temperature of the water, and pulled on some clean small clothes and a clean shirt, finishing by pulling on his pair of trousers and his boots. As he dashed out the door, he grabbed his long coat from where it hung by a peg and scooped his pack up off the floor.

Rest when your dead, train now!

Tain slid onto the end of a bench, laying down the tray that held his midday meal, heavily. He had just spent the morning listening to an Aes Sedai talk about the many harsh dangers of the Blight, a topic that had left him stunned. For any one person to have this much knowledge was amazing, for her to have experienced it defied logic!

And she was not even a Green! he thought incredulously.

The woman had been a small, petite, Andoran Brown by the name of Ailiwin al‘Marr. She had spoken quite thoroughly about her time in the Blight and had told tales that amazed even some of the Borderlanders.

Maybe it is not only the Green’s that get to have all the fun! Tain thought, setting in to the food before him, eating methodically. The food was not bad in the mess hall, better than what Tain had been used to, but he did not eat because he was hungry, or for the taste, he ate for energy.

Since coming to the Tower Tain had gained a number of small habits that most of the Aethan’Tar picked up and had gained some that were his own. He had taken to traveling prepared and always carried a needle and thread and a clean set of bandages with him, wherever he went. Some of his other habits were stranger, like always visiting the same spot in the garden before he began his days training, to meditate on the day ahead.

Now, what to do for the rest of today? he wondered, stuffing the end of his meal in his mouth and standing, brushing the crumbs off his hands. Wonder what Faoelin is doing? he smiled slightly as he thought of the Andoran Sei’Tar. The woman had still yet to relent and agree to train him once more. Well… maybe she will at least spar with me!

After clearing away his tray, Tain made his way out of the mess hall and set off toward the dormitories. Before he had taken a second step, on his intended path, he was brought up short by a familiar voice.

“Tain Aethan’Tar!” Tain halted on the spot and turned slowly to face the Gaidin.

He dropped into a fluid bow, low enough to please the man, but not so low, as it once would have been. “Yes, Jield Gaidin?” he straightened to his considerable height and stared the Gaidin levelly in the eyes.

“You have an afternoon off, I’ve noticed, so I thought that this might be a perfect time for me to begin teaching you the art of swordsmanship. I have been very pleased with the progress that you have made and the lessons that you have been attending, and now I want to take you for a few one on one lessons. You seem dressed in the appropriate gear, are you ready? While we walk to the armory, why don’t you tell me everything that you know about the blade, even if it is nothing?” Saying this, the man turned on his heels and set off, not even having to look back to know that Tain would follow.

Tain followed in silence for a while, his mind occupied by other things. He had no proficiency or prior training with a sword and had not expected to have to learn. It was a daunting thing really, to be faced with having to take up the weapon of the Gaidin. Was he ready for that? He could not say!

“Gaidin I am afraid that as of yet I have no knowledge of the blade. I do however have some small knowledge of Knives, if that is of any help…” he trailed off and followed the Gaidin in silence as they entered the Training yard.

OOC: Sorry this is so late Jer and so bad…. The first part is in fact a dream…. For now! LoL We’ll talk!

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