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Talaban Morenae, Gaidin
Cocktail appetizer
Fri Aug 18, 2006 22:24 (XFF:

His lungs drew slow, steady breaths listened to the girl. She gave her name, Kat Tenzin. Talaban struggled to place a face to the name. He had been gone for so long it seemed. The better part of two years outside of the Tower and everything and everyone in it seemed to have changed. People moved on. Some had left, some returned, others had disappeared without a trace or become one with the Wheel again. Breath misted in the cool evening air as he gave up the effort.

Jade slits met hazel orbs as the Gaidin peered intently at the Sei’Tar. She was of average height, with an angular face dominated by prominent cheekbones. A slim, tight figure spoke of years of conditioning.

"Your dual blades in particular interested me, Gaidin, and maybe if you're not too busy sometime, you could possibly teach me something of your techniques. I think I'd like to learn," she continued, breaking the silence.

Talaban held his tongue. The Sei’Tar could wait. He drew another breath, sizing her up once again. It had been a long time since anyone suitable had requested a lesson in his particular technique and the last individual to do so had failed miserably. Would this girl be any better?

Indecision. Hesitation killed you in a battle but here, the Gaidin could afford to take all the time in the world. Memories came flooding back.

The armoured Warder leapt off his horse, landing in front of the haggard looking animal before striding towards him, the clink of plate adding to the menacing air. “Draw,” came the single utterance from the Gaidin, his blades clearing their scabbards as he charged toward the stunned Sei’Tar.

Spinning to the side, Talaban made a mid-air pirouette while simultaneously executing Unfolding the Fan. Parrying the strokes with his own improvised version of the form, the former thief landed perfectly balanced and ready to receive the next attack. The Warder came on, his heavy plate seemingly weightless as he spun on the attack. Talaban backed across the training yards, both hands working independently in a vain effort to keep his opponent at bay. They seemed to be mirrors of each other, two black figures flitting across the yards but Talaban knew it was an illusion. His skill was nowhere near the other's.

Blades flicked, filling the yard with a metallic symphony. Lion on the Hill came at him, quickly flowing into Arc of the Moon then the Tower of Morning. The Sei'Tar back pedaled furiously, deflecting as best as he could. A most unceremonious roll just barely avoided Ribbon in the Air. Talaban grunted as he caught yet another blow and turned it. The Gaidin was toying with him, Talaban knew as the fight drew on. Twice, he could have ended it with clean thrusts but instead merely gave the Sei’Tar small cuts. He possessed preternatural speed, even in the cumbersome plate, and his strength was unholy.

Mentally, Talaban shook himself out of the reverie that consumed him. Perhaps it was time to try again. After all, he had sworn a vow to Myrjala Gaidin some twelve years ago that he would train at least one other before passing on. Drawing another breath, he focused again on Kat. The Sei’Tar stood where she had been, wisps of hair drifting in the gentle breeze. Talaban came to a decision. He would try again.

“Very well Kat, I will teach you. But before I begin, tell me more of yourself. What have you learnt, what are your favoured weapons and how you came to be interested in the Tower and the ranks of the Gaidin.”

Kat blinked at him, probably wondering what this busybody of a Gadin wanted with her life story. Talaban merely gave her a tight smile. This was a first test in itself. Would she deign to answer seemingly irrelevant questions? Or would she flare up and lose her temper like some of the other pups with the temerity to question him on why he wanted to know?

Half a minute passed, the chilly night wind gusting by the stationary figures before the Sei’Tar began answering. Talaban nodded, listening to every word. He genuinely liked knowing more about some of the trainees. They talked for some time, with Talaban asking a few more inconsequential questions.

At length, the Gaidin turned to Kat. “Go now, Sei’Tar and get some rest. You will meet me tomorrow, at dusk and not a moment later, in the yard in front of the west stables. Be dressed to fight and bring your weapons. Live blades mind, not practice lathes.” Talaban watched as the girl bowed and walked off her silhouette fading gradually into the darkness. The Gaidin headed for the stables.

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