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The Basics
Fri Aug 25, 2006 03:52 (XFF:

"Do not fret about knowing nothing about the sword, Tain. In many cases, it is more of a hindrance than anything; people have to re-learn what they have been taught wrong. Right, this looks like a good place!”

Jield stopped in an open field that was, for the moment, void of other trainees. It would suite their purposes well.

“I want you to start running laps, Tain, while I collect the required weaponry from the armory. It’s just a way to warm up, so don’t push yourself too hard, but continue until I return.”

With two lathes in hand, Jield motioned Tain to a halt and passed one to him.

“Now that you’ve warmed up, I will now talk to you about philosophies. As dull or as pointless as it might sound, these are essential for combat. It gives you your direction and motive. There are two main philosophies: The Void and the other remains without a name. The Void, you might know, is a state of peace. Utter calm within the mind. Some say they form a flame in their mind and burn away their emotions. This is the most commonly used method, so its best to stick to it.

"It isn't easy, but when fighting, it can control any emotion. You and your sword are one, you fight together. Form a flame in your mind, and begin to feed all of your emotions into it, until they’ve all gone and you are left in an emotionless void – appropriately called ‘The Void’. As you practice this more, you will be able to slip into The Void quicker, and without much thought. The nameless philosophy demands that you utilize your emotions, and fight with them. Some Gaidin look upon this as reckless; that emotion clouds the mind and whatnot. But it suits those people who don't want to disregard all their emotions, and I have seen it work, so don't feel you are hindering yourself by which choice you make.

"Now think about which one of those you would fight with, you will have time to decide later. For now, listen to the disciplines you can follow, and these will be how you use your sword in combat. In total, there are five disciplines. The first of the five is called Scales of Power. As you could probably guess, this discipline requires you to overpower your opponent. It requires strength and is probably better suited to the bigger, stockier Aethan'Tar.

"The second I will teach is my own chosen discipline. It has an odd name: Mo'kai'la. It originates from Illian, my home nation. In order to master this discipline, you must become a master of the forms. I will show you some forms for later, and explain more about them, but know that each form is a specific movement or set of movements to attack with in a fight. To master this form is to know which form counters which, flows into another, and essentially fight with the forms. This is, perhaps, one of the more difficult disciplines, but others argue not.

"The Way of the Wind is the name of the next discipline. It requires that you are nimble and agile. To add to that, you must be relaxed whilst in battle and this will allow you to attack quickly and also permits that you can talk to your opponent, jaunt them and tease them. Another is called The Path of Water, and this discipline follows the laws of water itself. It reacts to its surroundings, as water might change shape to fill a new container. To use this, you must flow, all your movements fluidly striking. This is less about attacking and more about re-directing the attacks of your opponent to make a strike.

"The final discipline is called, Thunder on Ocean. This discipline requires a great deal of patience from the user, and a good, strong stamina too, since this discipline can usually see battles going on for long periods of time. Using this discipline you are able to hold off your opponent’s attacks. Whilst doing this, you are able to look for a weakness, a flaw in their fight style and then once you have the chance, you utilize this imperfection and strike. It’s said that this is similar to Path of Water."

Having finished the talking part of the lesson, at least for now, Jield gave Tain a while to ponder on which philosophy and discipline he was going to chose. It was important he, among with all other trainees, picked on which suited him, since it would effect the rest of his life, probably. After a moment of two of looking over the lathes to check that everything was in order with them, he brought Tain out of his thoughts and back down to earth.

"Okay," he said, "hopefully you've found your philosophy or discipline by now, and you can tell me about them in a minute. If they truly are suited to you, you'll be able to remember and tell me all about which one you picked after I've shown you the basic stances. Now. As with the disciplines, there are five basic stances. To quickly clarify, your strong side, is literally the same side of the body as which hand you write." Not always true, but it made little difference. Instinct would inform them which their strong sides were. "Similarly, your weak side is the side of your body opposite to which you would write with. I hope you can write, Tain.” The last part he added with a smile on his face, and a tone of jesting in his voice.

"Now, onto the basic stances. All forms lead from these, and into these. So you must learn them and get them as perfectly performed as possible. The first is called Los'Val, the forward guard. You take hold of the sword in both hands," he demonstrated with the lathe he'd picked up, "and hold it on your strong side. The sword is level with your ear, ideally, it has a slight diagonal rise, and is pointing to your opponent." Jield, having adopted the position, stood back to a neutral position, and began to explain the next. "Taer'Val is known as the straight guard and to adopt this stance you simple grip the sword with both hands, and ensure the hilt is level with your waist. The sword is pointed upwards, towards your opponent’s throat.

"Next is Mosiev'Val," once again, he moved fluidly into the stance, turning himself so that Tain might better see it, "this is the opposite of Taer'Val, really. Your hilt is in the same position but the sword is pointed instead at his feet or ankles. Now," he adopted Rahien'Val, the sword above his head and sloped upwards. "This is a very open stance, so beware. Your arms are slightly bent as you hold the sword overhead, and you must ensure your sword is angled up. If not, you let it fall down your back and risk being disarmed, or not being able to bring it down for a quick enough strike. This slash would be aimed at the gap between an opponent’s eyes.

"Finally, Ji'Val. The blade is held by both hands on your strong side, as you can see," he'd instantly leapt to take on this stance, "and must be level with your waist. The sword is held low and on the side, and the blade must be pointed backwards and down, this is quite important." Jield lowered the lathe, showing it the respect he would for any other blade, before continuing. "Right, now; first thing’s first, you are going to come and tell me which form and discipline you have picked, or are torn between. Once you’ve done that, I want you to take up your lathe and prepare to practice the forms as I shout them out to you. I will do them also, in time with you, and then we’ll go from there!”

OOC: Let’s get this lesson rollin’! If you need more information on the stances and what not, check out the section in Blade, found here! You know the minimum word count, Bob! Email me if you need to =)

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