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Nose to the Grind
Tue Aug 29, 2006 07:24 (XFF:

A flat stare said it all for Valla. She knew it could be disconcerting. It was part of the fun. Unfortunately, this new Gaidin -Carrick- didn't seem to have much of a sense of humor. He was very much business only. Having repeated her previous introduction with remarkable restraint upon her impulses Valla retreated to the relative safety of the crowd. Congratulating herself silently at not accidentally becoming a conductor for this irritable Gaidin's ire she immediately pondered the wisdom of doing it on purpose. Somewhere between the, "You know nothing" and the pro's and con's of the weapon the Saldaean shook her sleek dark hair and dismissed the potential amusement as her fascination with knives drew out her interest.

Although the choice of knives were almost pathetically blunted she was quick to the block, eager to get the scope of the range before others started nabbing the best of the bunch. She was pleasantly surprised by the assortment. Different edge designs, grinds, grips and sizes presented themselves to her. The smaller, lighter knives were obviously throwing. These she ignored as Carrick Gaidin had specified for a close combat knife - and one that could be drawn quickly for offensive or defensive purposes. However, she equally disdained the heavier, but more impressively serrated, knives. Too messy. Also, only truly effective in a one-way slash.

By-passing these she settled on the straight edge range, however, even these had their quirks. Straight pommels, curved, ridged... Valla picked up one of each type, moving the weapon from hand to hand. Trying the two holds on the knife, from the palm with the real grip at her index finger then reversed with her first grip at her little finger. Infinitely preferring the curved pommel for ease of draw and comfort she had already narrowed her choices down to just a few. Her eyes caught on one particular knife.

This knife had a higher guard, out of which were two small curved blades, what she could only assume were catches. One of the blades on the higher and the other opposite on the lower guard. The blade was thicker in the middle than where the tang became covered by the pommel, and it tapered to what would have been a spear point had the knife actually been sharp. Her decision made, the Saldaean swiped up the knife and moved away to a quieter space than that around the block. Slowly letting her hand adjust to the weight, shape and feel of the knife Valla practiced the smooth movement demonstrated by the Gaidin for a smooth draw.

Without even being aware of her movement she found herself brandishing the knife while in the stance of low guard. Perhaps all those hours practicing sword stances in every spare moment were finally beginning to pay off. Either that or she was just a natural. She laughed at her false self flattery, drawing more than a few looks as well as her knife.

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