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It's A Mess Out Here, Sir
Wed Aug 30, 2006 17:32 (XFF:

Reluctantly Valla relinquished the previously chosen knife, slotting it into a free space in the wooden carrying block with a somewhat piqued air. Changes in tutor during a lesson was nothing new, sometimes Valla welcomed it and others, well, not so much. For this particular session she didn't care about who taught, who attended or even what was said. She just wanted to learn, improve and in the end excel. Recently, such keenness had been difficult to summon but now Valla thrummed with it; a true desire to work. First thing though, was to actually get started. She swallowed a huffy sigh, reining in her inner sulky child and re-focusing her thoughts back to Talaban Gaidin. Whatever it was that had called him away from this lesson had obviously been quickly resolved, his return had not been noticed initially by the Saldaean until she heard Carrick Gaidin's departure.

The Gaidin started with underlining the point of the knife. The weapon was, to Valla's mind, first blood or last chance. She understood. In Saldaea it was joked that knives outnumbered people twenty to one. It was probably a conservative guess. Talaban Gaidin was surely a Borderlander, although Valla could not quite pinpoint his origins. A mix of Northern tells confused her. Not that it mattered. She was interested in his skill, not his life story.

She was not disappointed. Throwing knives were a different breed to that of her previous knife. Glints of light spun as the blades flashed through the arcs the Gaidin threw out with the easy confidence of mastery. Valla's tilted eyes did not watch the steel flash to the target, she had no doubt that if she were to look the knives would be embedded in the middle. No, her attention was fixed on the movement of his body. Explanations accompanied the throws, but words could never fully convey what went into the motion.

Fingers itched to copy immediately, to sort through the waiting knives lined up ready for practice and choose the rank that were right for her. When released to do so she eagerly joined the first to start rifling through the packs of knives, uncaring of her previously nonchalant approach to all things structured within lessons. Although she was not the first to settle upon a blade. Valla took her time, she knew enough about throwing knives to realize the near enough to correct feel. Picking up each set by the handle between thumb and index finger she let the weight of the blade point downwards, then jerking her arm as if in mimicry of Talaban Gaidin's overhand handle-throw without the release. Only three of the sets were light enough for her, as the Gaidin had earlier pointed out the centre of balance of the knives were more or less perfect. The handles were close to non-existent in comparison to the heavy knives previously displayed, being designed to keep down the weight and streamline the blade through flight.

In the end she chose the third lightest knife with a convex blade and retreated from the collection to an unattended target. Aware of Talaban's words on the judgement of distance she took a position a pace and a half closer to the target than he had taken, anticipating a marked difference in strength behind the throw. Not only did she lack the power, but also the experience of the Gaidin. No matter what she had thought before joining the Trainee's here, Valla knew it would count for nothing here even if she did admit to prior education.

Lacking a sheath the petite Saldaean kept a hold of the first knife, simply allowing herself a couple of breaths to relax and run through the first thow - a cross body underhand - through her mind. It had been a while since she had yielded her knives to the care of the Tower. Keeping her arm movement fluid she brought up her arm, releasing the knife just a bit too early at about chest height. The blade bounced off the bottom of the target ineffectually. Her scar turned pale with annoyance, but did not last long as she picked up the next and with less ceremony went from right hip upwards, the knife leaving her palm at chin height and slicing forward to thunk rather satisfyingly into the lower right hand side of the target. Spurred on, she did it again and again gradually covering the target with thin slices and standing knives. Twice she missed the target altogether, and twice more the handle butt bounced what would have been an otherwise central throw. More often than not though, she made good hits.

After having levered the knives out of the target and collected those few misses from the ground she returned to her previous position. More often than not was not good enough for her taste, but it was a start.

Taking up her stance of resting her weight on the ball of her rearward right foot, and slightly bent knees Valla brought back a skinny arm to a rounded swing over and back. Then, swinging forward the arm she felt, rather than intentioned, her weight transfer to her front foot as she released the knife at chin height once more. Her fingers, raw and blistered, snapped together as she watched the flash of silver stick at a gratifying straight strike near centre. It was the first of the blade throws from overhand and seemed to come to the Saldaean quicker than the faster but less accurate underhand.

Even after her face had been slashed and clumsily healed into a raw mess of a scar on one side Valla had always thought she had a good smile. It was a satisfied one that now curled her lips as the next knife thrummed through the air.

OOC: Thanks for doing this! I'm having fun.

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