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Sun Sep 3, 2006 07:54 (XFF:

He stared at her impassively. She smiled wickedly. It was a match.

Valla had chosen two knives to spar with, her partner just the one. His choice of a single blade was puzzling; the more weapons the better surely? The tow haired young man was a quietly spoken, whip thin individual who seemed to be a little less comfortable with the blades than the majority of trainees at this lesson. An Aethan'Tar like herself, he was one of the faceless trainees she trained with, queued for breakfast with and passed countless times everyday with absolutely no knowledge of the other's existence. She was too wrapped up in herself to really try to recall his name even though he had only just introduced himself. The Saldaean was more interested in assessing his abilities. At only a hand's breadth difference between height and a similarly svelte physique Valla anticipated a turn of speed and agility that she would find challenging. Although the seriousness he maintained would be irritating.

A short bow indicated the readiness of her opponent, she returned it and sprang forward in the same movement. He scuttled backwards, not allowing Valla to close with him, warding her away with a low swipe way out of range but intended to simply force her away. She brandished the knife in her right hand in an exaggerated show, flourishing it distractingly high as her left hand knife sliced to a calculated puncture of his torso. Unfortunately, the Aethan'Tar saw it coming and swatted Valla's first attempt away with moments to spare. In doing so, his body turned too much. The boy's weight pulled him round making him wrong footed, his knife hand was at the furthest point of it's arc after batting aside her stroke but his worst mistake was that he had forgotten Valla's second knife.

Flipping the second blade from a reverse to handle grip Valla made a quick thrust that disabled his weapon arm at the shoulder. A little off target but it had a similar effect to that which she had expected. The man grunted with surprise, letting his arm drop and releasing his weapon as the rules of a spar dictated. Valla had him open and defenceless, it was to easy. Stepping in to finish with a double piercing low and high in the boys torso it was her turn to gasp in surprise as her opponent dropped and kicked out her legs from under her. Valla landed heavily, her head bouncing off of the ground sickeningly. She felt a rough hand surround her own and turn her own knife round to press against her ribs at her heart.

"At least, you would have died quick." The boy smiled through his panting breath. He smiled, so he was not so serious then. Valla pushed against his shoulders to get room to stand up again dusting off the yard dirt as she did so, then, very carefully and deliberately, made a face that any five year old lad would be proud of.

Stepping apart and making the bow again Valla had a feeling that the other Aethan'Tar would begin the onslaught. Instead, he stood. Patience was never a virtue that Valla had considered worthwhile attaining. Still, she waited. Stubbornness won out over patience everytime. He broke first. A high, overpowering blow that didn't have enough conviction for a follow though letting Valla know he would divert to low gutting stab. Sure enough, his position shifted and the knife snaked down but instead of going for a killing stroke he opted for a precise tendon snapping disablement. Her left wrist ran hot and cold as, numbly, she let her knife drop. Valla's partner stepped back and winked.

Cocky little ...

So now they had a knife each. A big step forward and Valla was so close she could smell her adversary's sweat, he tried to step back but Valla followed him like a dancing partner. Slightly panicky he pushed her back with a rough shoulder, bringing up his knife with it for an attempt at a sting in the tail. Valla beat it down with a grimace, throwing herself back into fight and closing with the Aethan'Tar she wrapped a foot round his lower leg tripping the man up. He whirled his arms, desperately grabbing onto Valla as he fell and drawing her down with him. Once again she landed heavily, but this time on something soft. unfortunately, her opponent had not been so lucky having trapped his knife arm under Valla's weight. With all the egotistical cocksure-ness she could muster Valla took her time in resting the protected knife under the hapless Aethan'Tar's chin.

"At least, you would have died quick" The Saldaean smiled.

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