Beware of the Imp
Sun Sep 3, 2006 18:45 (XFF:

Accepted Adrian was most definitely not a morning person. Even back when the dark, lanky Accepted had been a young and his fellow lads harassed their parents at early hours, he had craved morning hours of lying abed, dreaming of what the day would hold for him. It seemed to him that an ideal day would involve the first quarter in bed, the next two quarters working with weapons, and the final quarter eating, boozing, and cuddling with a fine woman. It also seemed to Adrian that he had never experienced an ideal day in his entire existence.

The White Tower, however, did not seem to hold mornings abed in the proper esteem. It was his general opinion that at least a dozen Aes Sedai existed simply to make novices and Accepted squander glorious mornings. This particular morning stood out in Adrianís mind as a perfect example.

The pervious week had been a nightmare for Adrian. He was coming close to reaching the requirements to be proficient at the throwing knife, and Yushan Gaidar pressed him harder than ever, demanding every second that wasnít being used for his Accepted duties be spent at the Training Grounds. The very intensity of the practices kept Adrian up late at night nursing sore muscles. The Sisters, too, were doing their part in keeping him well occupied; Adrian must have taught at least a dozen channeling and seizing classes as well as attending his Talent class of Cloud Dancing. All in all, the Accepted was completely and thoroughly exhausted.

Today, however, both Yushan Gaidar and all the Aes Sedai had given him off. Although unsure of this strange turn of events, Adrian wasnít about to complain. He had planned a long morning full of sleep followed by an afternoon of light weapons sparring.

His plans hopes had been shattered several candlemarks earlier by an urgent summing from Jamlia Sedai. That particular shrewish Red Sister seemed to think that the Creator given her the personal task of making Adrianís life a living blight. Apparently, Jamlia thought it necessary for Adrian to take his turn at supervising novice kitchen duties this morning. Light knew why she had taken that into her head, but Adrian was in no position to be insubordinate, not if he wished to continue on his duel training.

About a quarter candle mark ago, Adrian was released from kitchen supervision and decide to spend the rest of the morning making good on a knife throwing bet a fellow SeiíTar named Pliate had cast against him the pervious week. On the way, he had run smack into Yushan Gaidar, who strongly suggested he take a break from his weaponry from the day, as she previously suggested, and instead join a combined Gaidin-in-Training, novice, and Accepted lesson taking place on the grounds.

Hence, Adrianís current foul mood and heavy footsteps in the direction of the Training Grounds. He watched critically as excited novices hurtled down the paths, followed by serene Accepted carefully eying his fellow SeiíTar. No one eyed him though; Adrian figured his reputation carried too much weight to be considered as eligible for a forbidden relationship.

Upon arrival at the Grounds, Adrian carefully scanned the crowd. It was mostly segregated: AethaníTar and SeiíTar on one side while novices and Accepted stayed on the other. Chuckling a bit to himself, Adrian wondered which group he should join. As a member of both parties, he had labeled himself a social outcast. That was okay with Adrian, but it did make situations like these a tad sticky.

Unable to decide, Adrian took the middle road, taking in his surroundings as he walked towards the middle of the area designated for the lesson. Suddenly, his eye lingered on a familiar novice. He knew many due to his multiple lessons, but this particular young man stood out in his memory. A flash of intuition told him it was none other than novice Adem Draek, a novice that he had first taught to seize while under tremendous stress. Adrian hadnít really seen the novice since, and was interested to see how the young man channeled the One Power when he wasnít under pressure.

ďGood day to you, Adem,Ē he said, approaching the other. ďI see that today we are on the same side of the lesson. I hope that it will provide less than the previous one we spent together, no?Ē

The noviceís expression, at last, peaked his interest. Despite being deprived of a good morningís sleep, Adrian decided that today wasnít going to be a complete waste, after all.

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