Obstacle Courses
Wed Sep 6, 2006 09:28 (XFF:

With a weave of Air, she touched on a gong that sat on the east side of the room, the deep tone ringing through the hall and quieting everyone in their place so that not even a murmur escaped their lips. There was no doubt that the premise behind this exercise had drawn even the half-interested. It wasn't often that Novices and Accepted were placed in a class with Trainees, though Demetri was also equally certain that what she and the Head Gaidin would put them through today would be far more useful than any classroom lesson.

"Thank you all for coming today." Demetri began. "When you first saw the notice for this lesson, it was vague and gave little indication of what you would be put through today, so now it's time for a little clarification."

"As Trainees," Jield continued. "You learn everything that is necessary to defend the life of your Aes Sedai, should you be bonded, but rarely are you placed in a situation to apply these skills. What you've been taught in the past was theoretical, today you'll learn the practical end of it."

"As Novices and Accepted you learn that you may channel so long as it doesn't interfere with the Three Oaths, but after living a life of relative independence, it's hard to switch from that lifestyle to working as a team with your Warder or Warders." Demetri picked up where he paused. "Learning to channel doesn't mean learning when to place your life in the hands of another or where to focus your attentions to achieve a goal."

She felt the need to pace, it was a habit she tried to suppress and at that moment instead just clasped her hands before her. "Today the group of you will be put through an obstacle course to help you develop just that. Trainees, you'll be taught how to defend your 'Aes Sedai' and Novices and Accepted, you'll be taught how to give over some control of the situation to focus on what you can do."

"Aethan'Tar, you will be paired with what Novices we have in attendance today, and some of you will be fortunate enough to pair with Accepted. Sei'Tar, you will be paired with Accepted. But now you have to be wondering what this will mean to you." Jield did pace, but it was a slow, stately one as a general addressing his troops.

"Aethan'Tar paired with Novices will be put through a different obstacle course that will test their ability to defend a channeler while he or she attempts to pass through a series of checkpoints. If at any time these Novices are 'harmed', they are considered wounded and dead and you'll have failed in your task. If they pass through all five checkpoints successfully, you have done your duty with excellence." Jield paused and looked to Demetri for her to continue.

"Novices," Demetri said. "You will be placed in an obstacle course with your Aethan'Tar. As the both of you move along the path, you will be faced with five checkpoints that will require you to channel in order to pass through. The first one will test you with Fire, the second with Air, the third with Water, the fourth with Earth and the final with a combination of Water and Air. While you attempt to channel and pass through each of these checkpoints, you will be 'attacked' in various harmless manners that will leave marks should your Aethan'Tar fail to protect you. Treat this as a situation of the utmost importance, however, and work to get through as quickly as possible as the attacks will stop the moment you successfully open the gate."

"For those who are paired with an Accepted." Jield moved on. "You and your Accepted will be placed with what the Aes Sedai calls a 'bond emulation'. This means that for a short time you will temporarily be able to sense where your Accepted is and how they're feeling, and vice versa. This will make you aware of how much danger your 'bondmate' is in and how quickly you need to act. Your job will be two-fold. You'll have to pass through a short maze in order to find your Accepted in the center, and then the two of you will be required to pass through three checkpoints of increasing difficulty." He stopped again and Demetri picked up.

"As with the Novices, you will be 'attacked' and must learn to rely on your 'Warder' in order to successfully pass through the points. If at any time you become 'injured', you must stop channeling and both you and your 'Warder' will have failed." She gave a small smile. "As an added incentive for you and your 'Warder' to find one another, Accepted, while you wait, you will be 'attacked' in various manners, both physical and with the One Power and you'll need to call on your abilities to defend yourself as necessary. Once you and your 'bondmate' have come together, you'll then proceed to the exit and pass through your three checkpoints to the end."

"I'd like to reiterate that you will not actually be in any physical danger, but the point is to pass through the course as if each attack were real. Because if either one of you is 'killed', you don't succeed. So remember." Jield finished. "Learn to rely on each other. Work with one another to figure out what you can and can't do and how to rely on you 'bondmate'. Remember that you protect one another and that the ultimate objective is to get through your obstacle course unharmed. You'll go through one at a time, but we'll pair you up right now. When I call out your names, come forward and meet your bondmate for the afternoon."

"While you're waiting for your turn, talk to your partner and get to know them. Learn their strengths, their personalities, this will help you in the long run." Demetri added.

Jield looked at her with a nod. They had prepared the group as best they could. "Accepted Sorcha Eamonn and Tain Aethan'Tar…"

As the moved down the list of names, pairing each channeler with a Trainee, the groups broke off into many pairs and then the gong sounded again, indicating it was time to begin.

OOC: Hopefully this won't be a longer OOC than Mark's was for the BT thing, but here goes…

*We've broken this up into two groups according to rank and then just randomly closing our eyes and picking people:

Group A: Nyda Aethan'Tar, Ardan Aethan'Tar, Novice Dempsey, Novice Adem

Group B: Valla Aethan'Tar, Rahim Aethan'Tar, all Sei'Tar (And Tsuga, you're considered Sei'Tar now), all Accepted.

*You may partner with anyone you wish (Sorcha and Tain have been paired already) within your group.

*You must each write two posts of at least 500 words describing getting through the obstacle course. Remember that creativity and length of posts will be rewarded, so you are not limited to two posts, feel free to write about getting to know your bondmate, what problems and successes you have, how you work together, anything. This is more an opportunity for you to write with someone in the parameters that we gave than it is a lesson!

The attacks that you will have pitted against you will be harmless but still something you'll need to defend against. I'll leave it up to you to find out how creative the Aes Sedai and Gaidin are, but remember—harmless and painless, but if either of you are touched by the attacks you're considered dead and have to quit the obstacle!

Your five checkpoints will require you to:

*Burn through a rope to open a gate (Fire)
*Move a boulder in order to get through (Air)
*Fill up a small container with water to release a latch (Water)
*Disintegrate a lock keeping the gate shut (Earth)
*Freeze water from a clock that will lock the gate irrevocably when it reaches a certain time (Water and Air)

You can write in that your Novice has learned all of this (we don't mind you godmoding that knowledge this go around), and because they will be attacked during all of this, it will require them to rely on their bondmate in order to concentrate to do the weaves.

In addition to fighting off various attacks (you can make them up, we trust your creativity) physically and with the OP while waiting for your bondmate to appear, once they do appear you will need to get through three checkpoints:

*Disarming a Ward that will explode and cause rocks to block the checkpoint
*Creating a bridge that will allow you to cross a large (30 foot) gorge by any means you can use
*Removing a large wall of stacked boulders by any means possible

And that's all for now. If you have questions regarding this lesson, email me or Jeremy and we'll be happy to answer your questions. We've given you the situation, you now have the freedom to interact within it however you wish. So be creative!

And remember that whichever pair shows the most creativity in this lesson will be rewarded with a free credit!

  • A Lesson of SortsJield Pilaweth, Head Gaidin, Thu Aug 31 00:36
    Jield pulled back his hair into a tail as he felt his stomach give an excited jump – finally, the day was upon them. After near on a month of planning, the day had finally arrived, and all of the... more
    • Undefined lessonAccepted Celeste Illharess, Mon Sep 11 09:45
      Muscles stretched, pulling with a slight ache as Celeste shivered slightly. The remnants of the cool morning mist swirled about her, clinging on to her limbs as the Accepted went through a familiar... more
    • A Silent EntryNovice Kareen din Yokiri, Sun Sep 10 15:06
      Kareen found herself faced by a closed door when she came to the place where the so-called lesson was to be held. She had only been a few moments late, but unfortunately, it was late none-the-less... more
    • Obstacle CoursesDemetri Sedai, Keeper of the Chornicles, Wed Sep 6 09:28
      • You Want Me to Protect What!? (Dempsey)Nyda, Aethan'Tar, Sun Sep 17 13:20
        Mortified. That was the only word that Nyda could plaster to how she felt just then. Men, boys, any and all persons of the opposite gender had always had one type of classification to Nyda;... more
        • A Giant Savage with BreastsNovice Dempsey Apteco Taborwin, Sat Oct 21 03:42
          Dempsey was not troubled by the affairs of other novices. While some rushed about, looking for their perspective partners, he considered himself the wiser. Dempsey casually leaned upon his left foot, ... more
          • This Was Not in the Job DescriptionNyda, Aethan'Tar, Sat Oct 21 18:45
            One might not have thought it possible for a face as dark a tan as Nyda’s to turn four shades of red and purple in turn. Well, she defied logic. The entire six plus feet of Aiel shook like parched... more
            • No Need to Thank Me! (No...really...there isn't!)Novice Dempsey Apteco Taborwin, Sun Oct 22 04:49
              Dempsey was grappling with saidin , trying to grasp it from the darkness of the Void. The Void was a very odd feeling, as it had been the first time he entered it. He did not enjoy being sheltered... more
      • The Obstacle Course Within (Valla)Accepted Sonja Meranes, Wed Sep 13 16:49
        It was all properly dramatic, Sonja thought, shifting in her seat in an effort for some sort of comfort. Demetri and the Head Gaidin took the up the conversation in turns as smoothly as if they’d... more
        • Space: A Gap To Be FilledValla Karajan, Aethan'Tar, Mon Sep 18 01:22
          “We’re supposed to get to know each other, but I doubt we’ll become bosom buddies in five minutes,” the Accepted said awkwardly, mirroring Valla’s own thoughts. “I’m Sonja, I can channel, and I live... more
          • A-Mazed and ConfusedAccepted Sonja Meranes, Wed Sep 20 14:17
            Well, at least her partner didn’t seem too horrible, Sonja thought, shifting from foot to foot. Her anxiety was growing, and she wondered if she would be able to get through this bizarre exercise... more
            • Lost in a Loopy LabyrinthAccepted Sonja Meranes, Wed Oct 18 14:31
              Sonja ran, and collided into a brick wall. “Ooph!” She staggered back, disoriented, then realized the brick wall was in fact, Valla. What made the whole thing truly bizarre was that she could feel... more
      • Searching for a Way OutRahim Vaelyn, Aethan'Tar, Tue Sep 12 13:13
        Rahim had been studying those around him, his dark eyes always moving, always roving around the room. He didn’t trust many of the people here, couldn’t know whether or not they were good…but he had... more
        • Too Late NowNovice Kareen din Yokiri, Thu Sep 14 16:13
          Kareen was still taking in all those that were on the other side of the room when she was informed by a voice somewhere behind her that her partner was to be ‘that one.’ A hand pointed to another... more
      • Paired off. (Kate)Tsuga, Sei'Tar, Mon Sep 11 14:34
        Tsuga listened attentively as Jield and the Aes Sedai began explaining the lesson. As they expanded on what was going to happen, she became more and more excited. This was going to be a very... more
        • PartnershipAccepted Arin Alistaire, Sun Sep 17 14:58
          Well, this would be interesting. Arin had never given much thought to the subject of bonds… at least, not much more than the average White Tower initiate, as everyone gave it some thought at some... more
          • A rat in a maze.Tsuga, Sei'Tar, Sun Sep 17 18:37
            Tsuga had to smile to herself slightly as Arin filled her in on some of the things she needed to know. She was somewhat surprised to hear that the Accepted knew hand-to-hand combat, though it... more
            • Fun With FireAccepted Arin Alistaire, Wed Sep 27 22:41
              Arin normally would have been more irritated by the look Tsuga had given her, but after only a moment, Arin could feel the Sei'Tar's irritation at having not noticed the ward. It was easier to ignore ... more
              • Sticks and stones may break my bones, but . . . well.Tsuga Sei'Tar, Thu Sep 28 18:29
                Tsuga wasn’t sure how she was managing to evade the blows aimed at her by the “assassins” that seemed to materialize from nowhere, but by some stroke of luck both of the girls remained unscathed.... more
                • Belated credit!!Taryn, Sun Oct 8 11:11
                  Kate managed to direct my attention to the fact that you two finished up your Obstacle course, so there are two shiny credits for both of you!! ~~~~Taryn
      • Medieval man (Taryn?)Accepted Celeste, Mon Sep 11 12:04
        The echoing crash of a brass gong vibrated through the hall as Demetri Sedai signalled for attention. Silence ensued in the wake of the ringing tone as the Keeper waited for the sound to fade.... more
        • Roaring CatKat Tenzin Sei'Tar, Thu Sep 14 09:50
          There was something about the Accepted, Celeste Illharess, that rubbed Kat the wrong way. It was even more difficult to deal with because they were going to be placed together in a "life or death"... more
          • Icy welcomeAccepted Celeste, Fri Sep 15 13:09
            The pale blue witchlight bobbed silently beside her, its silent, cool halo banishing the darkness before her. The air in the stone corridors was humid and still. Dripping water sounded in the... more
            • Tempering hot emotionsKat Tenzin Sei'Tar, Tue Sep 26 08:36
              There was nothing that Kat could see or feel the woman doing, but then again, her entire focus was also on the twining vines that threatened to wrap her and the Accepted up in their grip. Her blades... more
              • Tea-party settingAccepted Celeste, Mon Oct 2 02:30
                Breath misted in the cool air as Celeste kept close to Kat. She paid little heed to the Sei’Tar now, concentrating instead on the location of the next gate. Like the first, it was marked in the... more
                • Sooty Trip WiresKat Tenzin Sei'Tar, Wed Oct 4 09:50
                  Somewhere amid the faux battles that she'd been fighting and the things that Celeste had been doing to disable the channel-wrought locks, they began to fall into an easy companionship with one... more
                  • Icy obstacleAccepted Celeste Illharess, Tue Oct 24 09:06
                    Wan light reflected off the mirrored edges, glinting faintly in the false dawn. Celeste squinted at the crystalline structure. The massive, edged contraption sat right where Saidar insisted the gate... more
      • Find Me A Partner (Tain, please!)Sorcha Eamonn, Sun Sep 10 01:13
        Sorcha was quiet as she listened to both Demetri Sedai and Jield Gaidin begin the lesson, explaining to them what would be expected. It seemed the two had thought everything through, assigning... more
        • Find me an Exit!Tain Aethan'Tar, Thu Sep 14 03:17
          Tain listened intently, noting everything he would need to accomplish the task that was set before him. He was glad to find that, of the pair of Trainee and Initiate that would enter this task, the... more
          • Bubbles of One Kind or AnotherSorcha Eamonn, Tue Sep 19 04:56
            “Greetings Sorcha Eamonn, I am, as you guessed, Tain Aethan’Tar. I will admit, because if what you say is true you will sense it anyway, that I am afraid of what is to come. Not the test, but the... more
            • Bubbles of anticipationTain Aethan'Tar, Tue Oct 17 03:06
              As soon as he had begun talking he had realized his mistake. He had failed to follow proper ceremony and had not offered the woman her proper title. He had felt slightly shocked at this little slip... more
              • Fireballs and Boulders and Daggers, oh my!Sorcha Eamonn, Tue Oct 17 17:17
                Sorcha felt a surge of emotion through the bond from the Aethan’Tar, but she wasn’t quite used to this feeling so she couldn’t decipher the emotion he was sending her. Besides, she was rather... more
                • A-Mazed!Tain Aethan'Tar, Mon Oct 23 00:39
                  I have to hurry! the mock bond was blaring at him inside his head. It carried feelings of what he perceived to be fear, impatience and anger. Tain stepped around a corner, right into the path of an... more
      • The Bigger They Are (Ardan)Novice Adem, Sat Sep 9 01:03
        "Good morning, Accepted." Adem responded, making an effort to be polite. He couldn't suppress a flash of irritation at the other man, however. He'd not seen Adrian since the incident during his... more
        • The harder they....are?Ardan Aethan'Tar, Mon Sep 11 04:14
          “Novice Adem and Ardan Aethan’Tar.” Ardan had been listening intently, focused on the objectives of the task and the goal. He presumed that the Aethan’Tar would be allowed at least the lathes to go... more
          • Here we goArdan Aethan'Tar, Tue Oct 3 07:35
            Before Novice Adem had the chance to reply to Ardan, it was their time to be sent off. Slowly the pair made their way to the front of the room, not a word having been exchanged between them aside... more
            • Food, Fire....and a Ball?!Ardan Aethan'Tar, Wed Oct 4 03:21
              Righting himself, while regulating his breathing, Ardan once again began to take in the setting around him. The cold marble floors beneath the pair were polished and grand, and Ardan soon began to... more
              • Cinderella?! We SHALL go to the ball!Ardan Aethan'Tar, Thu Oct 5 06:43
                Ardan stood stock still before Novice Adem, trying his hardest to overcome his incredulity at the scene that was unfolding before him and to hide it behind an unreadable mask, such as the kind that... more
                • Monster's BallArdan Aethan'Tar, Thu Oct 5 06:45
                  imprint of personality. Then he noticed that all the noblemen sported short cropped brown hair, and all of the noblewomen blonde hair. At first glance, it might seem coincidence, but now that Ardan... more
                  • Completed...Ardan Aethan'Tar, Wed Oct 18 09:30
                    Well, I guess I'll take the credit here :) I know it's not finished, but in some of Ardans later posts you'll find out more about the last two tests and how they were completed if that's alright :D... more
      • To Be Intruded Upon (Robyn!)Sirestes Sei'Tar, Fri Sep 8 23:04
        Their introduction was drawn-out, was alternating between man and woman, was vague enough to leave true mystery in the task at hand . . . and yet Sirestes listened, not about to make a fool of... more
        • A Fight Without SteelAccepted Adrian, MuC, Sat Sep 9 19:51
          The world spun. Adrian tried to fight it. Breathe, he told himself. Don’t let it get to you. Just breathe and wait. It can’t spin forever. But the spinning refused to wane. On and on, until Adrian... more
          • Only Ghosts of Real ThreatsSirestes Sei'Tar, Thu Sep 14 12:59
            Life would be easier, he decided, if the fellow would just stand bloody still. As it was, he did not know where Adrian could be–past anything the emulated bond told him, at least. Due north-east, and ... more
            • Fighting the Right BattleAccepted Adrian, MuC, Tue Sep 19 19:58
              I failed, Adrian thought miserably. Failed. I just don’t fail. I can’t afford to fail. Not now, not ever. He stared at the swirling mist around him, berating himself over and over again for his... more
              • Credit earned!!Taryn, Wed Oct 11 16:57
                Granted, Sirestes is the only one who actually GETS credit, but still!! Good job!
    • AnnoyancesSirestes Sei'Tar, Mon Sep 4 14:20
      “You really do drink too much, you know.” Sirestes’s green eyes narrowed, taking in the purveyor of such unwelcome sentiments. He wouldn’t say the Aethan’Tar was shrimpy if only out of civility,... more
    • I'm Here; Teach Me.Accepted Sonja Meranes, Mon Sep 4 13:25
      Sonja Meranes leaned against the wall just outside the classroom, listening to the buzz and murmur of voices from inside. Everyone she saw seemed to wear expressions of excitement or curiosity, as if ... more
    • A Lack of ComprehensionAccepted Arin Alistaire, Sun Sep 3 23:31
      Life was fairly unstoppable. It had a tendency to plow right on, regardless of one's various troubles and problems. And for those who'd known Tavon, life was indeed going on, albeit without her. I... more
    • The Luck of a BowAccepted Gaemalyn Mithier, Fri Sep 1 19:34
      Gaemalyn headed straight for the classroom. Gone were the days that he could simply wander the Tower, looking for something interested to do. Though such days had been rare as a novice, they had... more
    • Lessons for everyoneArdan Sur Glamoran, Aethan'Tar, Fri Sep 1 15:51
      Ardan awoke in the morning with a small, sharp start. From the small window in the corner of the room, the first rays of morning light shone through, bright and gleaming. Although the window was so... more
    • Dumpy Sashays AgainNovice Dempsey Apteco Taborwin, Fri Sep 1 06:37
      Dempsey sashayed along the halls. He was completely lost, without the slightest idea where he was, but he stubbornly refused to ask for help. His tiny form, shorter then anyone around him, swayed... more
    • What is in a lesson?Tain Aethan'Tar, Fri Sep 1 03:14
      Arms crossed, propped against the trunk of a tree, Tain waited. He eyed the small circle of Trainees before him with interest, watching as one or another of them stepped into the circle from time to... more
    • Morning LessonsSorcha Eamonn, Thu Aug 31 17:17
      “Are you going to the lesson today with the trainees of the Training Grounds, Sorcha?” Sorcha looked up from her meal across to table to Pret, whose knife was gently cutting through the fruits... more
    • Sleeping beauty needs her sleep.Tsuga, Aethan'Tar, Thu Aug 31 17:09
      The past several days had been an ordeal. Tsuga remained constantly tormented by the decision she’d made, and the memory of her sister’s tearful face haunted her dreams. She hadn’t slept well the... more
    • Biting Off More than One Can ChewNyda, Aethan'Tar, Thu Aug 31 16:22
      Go through what one Nyda had gone through for the past month or so, and one might have wanted nothing to do with those carrying the One Power. She had been turned upside down, held by her ankles, and ... more
    • Where Angels Fear to TreadNovice Adem Draek, Thu Aug 31 14:28
      For what it was worth, Adem didn't really want to go through with this. He sat on a bench in the gardens, watching novices and Accepted pass by on their way towards the training grounds, his dark... more
      • Beware of the ImpAccepted Adrian, MuC, Sun Sep 3 18:45
        Accepted Adrian was most definitely not a morning person. Even back when the dark, lanky Accepted had been a young and his fellow lads harassed their parents at early hours, he had craved morning... more
    • Pain and ExhilarationValla Karajan, Aethan'Tar, Thu Aug 31 10:16
      Staring up at the clouds Valla fought the swirling blue and white spots that marred her vision and seemed to crowd her head with a piercing whistle. Her breath came raggedly, her chest aching at the... more
    • Thoughts of the PastRahim Vaelyn, Aethan'Tar, Thu Aug 31 07:41
      Rahim Vaelyn brushed the hair out of his eyes, pushing the black locks from his face with a sweaty hand. He had just gotten done sparring with another trainee with the bundles of sticks known as... more
    • Part of the Excited CrowdKat Tenzin Sei'Tar, Thu Aug 31 06:42
      Pulling at her hair, Kat twisted the dark brown locks into a plait once more and fanned her face. The day wasn't particularly warm or cold, but she had just spent the last two hours putting her body... more
    • Hunter and HuntedAccepted Kipcha al'Shain, Thu Aug 31 06:25
      Kipcha al’Shain stood in the garden, where novices clad all in white went scuttling about like so many mice. Her green eyes followed them as a hawk would follow mice, her tilted Saldaean eyes and... more
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