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To Learn
Thu Sep 7, 2006 03:22 (XFF:

Tain followed the Gaidin like a dog, always no more than a step from his heels, till they came to the desired yard and they stopped.

Im glad I do not need to have any knowledge of the sword before now, id really fail then! he thought with a laugh. He was expecting to fail miserably with this lesson, for he did not feel that his skill lay in the use of the sword.

“I want you to start running laps, Tain, while I collect the required weaponry from the armory. It’s just a way to warm up, so don’t push yourself too hard, but continue until I return.”

“Yes Master,” Tain bowed fluidly to the Gaidin, before spinning on his heels and setting off at a steady pace, along the edge of the field.

The sun beat down on him from the skies above as he circled the field, keeping a steady but brisk pace. He was looking forward to the chance of working with his Mentor for the day. He had had no contact with the man, well practically none, since he had enlisted in the training grounds. He had felt the need for true guidance growing only recently. He had been spending a lot of his time in the Archery Yards, polishing the skills he had been taught a little while ago, till he had become quite good. Well… in his own eyes anyway!

Pity it is only in your eyes! he thought to himself, as he increased his speed.

When Jield returned he signaled to Tain to halt and handed him a set of bundled lathes. Tain flicked his wrist tentatively, intrigued by the weight and length of the practice weapon. He had not, as of yet, had the privilege to train with this sort of practice weapon and was intrigued by it greatly. The length would get some getting used to for one thing.

If you melted down every knife I own, you wouldn’t get a real version of this weapon! Tain thought, gazing wonderingly at the lathes in his hand.

“Now that you’ve warmed up, I will now talk to you about philosophies.”

When Jield began to talk Tain pulled himself out of his own head and began to listen intently.

“As dull or as pointless as it might sound, these are essential for combat. It gives you your direction and motive. There are two main philosophies: The Void and the other remains without a name. The Void, you might know, is a state of peace. Utter calm within the mind. Some say they form a flame in their mind and burn away their emotions. This is the most commonly used method, so its best to stick to it.”

Tain smiled to himself and nodded slightly to himself. Tain himself had been using this Flame and Void method for years, without ever understanding its true use. He himself had at times used it for the purpose that the Gaidin intended, as a way to centre ones mind before entering into the fray. He had been amazed to find when he came to the Tower, that this was a Philosophy taught to the Gaidin in Training.

It makes sense though. Even the best blade in the world can lose its edge! he nodded to himself slightly, pleased with the fact that the lesson was off to a good start.

Tain listened intently as Jield explained the Nameless Philosophy, but discarded that out of hand, he had already chosen his Philosophy and was not about to turn back now. After finishing the philosophies, Jield turned next to disciplines.

“In total, there are five disciplines. The first of the five is called Scales of Power. As you could probably guess, this discipline requires you to overpower your opponent. It requires strength and is probably better suited to the bigger, stockier Aethan'Tar.”

Again Tain discarded this out of hand, he was one of the taller trainees, but in no way was he one of the stockiest. Tain himself looked a lot like his Mentor in build, tall and willowy but not scrawny.

"The second I will teach is my own chosen discipline. It has an odd name: Mo'kai'la. It originates from Illian, my home nation. In order to master this discipline, you must become a master of the forms. I will show you some forms for later, and explain more about them, but know that each form is a specific movement or set of movements to attack with in a fight. To master this form is to know which form counters which, flows into another, and essentially fight with the forms. This is, perhaps, one of the more difficult disciplines, but others argue not.”

Tain paused for a second, considering this discipline. To master completely the Forms. The possibility of having that much understanding of a weapon was intriguing. Tain had essentially come to the Tower to better himself and to be able to believe that he could master the forms was an exciting prospect for him.

“Mo’kai’la!” he whispered the name to himself, to imprint it upon his memory.

"The Way of the Wind is the name of the next discipline. It requires that you are nimble and agile. To add to that, you must be relaxed whilst in battle and this will allow you to attack quickly and also permits that you can talk to your opponent, jaunt them and tease them.”

Tain froze, this was surely the discipline for him! Nimble and agile he was and he was amazingly skilled at keeping his cool under pressure, surely this was the discipline he would dedicate himself to. As he returned to listening to the Gaidin explain the remaining disciplines, he nodded when none caught his attention. There was a long silence, for him to think over his choice he presumed.

Mo’kai’la or The Way of the Wind? Ill have to think about it! he smiled to himself silently and returned to listening to Jield.

"Okay, hopefully you've found your philosophy or discipline by now, and you can tell me about them in a minute. If they truly are suited to you, you'll be able to remember and tell me all about which one you picked after I've shown you the basic stances. Now. As with the disciplines, there are five basic stances. To quickly clarify, your strong side, is literally the same side of the body as which hand you write. Similarly, your weak side is the side of your body opposite to which you would write with. I hope you can write, Tain.”

Tain laughed slightly to himself, remembering! He had been apprenticed to a scribe while he had lived in the Rahad and had become quite proficient at both reading and writing. A useless skill back then, but one that was proving invaluable in the here and now.

Tain listened to each stance as Jield explained them, cataloguing them into his memory. It was amazing how much there was to know about simply standing.

Next ill be told how to sit! Tain smirked to himself, gently shaking his head in amusement.

"Right, now; first thing’s first, you are going to come and tell me which form and discipline you have picked, or are torn between. Once you’ve done that, I want you to take up your lathe and prepare to practice the forms as I shout them out to you. I will do them also, in time with you, and then we’ll go from there!”
“Master I have chosen to follow the Void as my philosophy. The choice was easy as I have already been instructed in this manner. But I fear I am stuck for my discipline. Both Mo’kai’la and the Way of the Wind seem attractive to me. How am I to choose? I am ready to begin when you are Master!” he bowed fluidly to the Gaidin and straightened, awaiting instruction.

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