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The Stances
Sat Sep 9, 2006 19:35 (XFF:

“Master I have chosen to follow the Void as my philosophy. The choice was easy as I have already been instructed in this manner. But I fear I am stuck for my discipline. Both Mo’kai’la and the Way of the Wind seem attractive to me. How am I to choose? I am ready to begin when you are Master!”

Jield found the fact that Tain called him ‘Master’ a little bemusing. He’d never met an Aethan’Tar that called a Gaidin ‘Master’ before, but he would not question it – whatever Tain wanted to call him would be fine, as long as it showed some respect. Looking down at the boy in front of him, Jield pondered his predicament – it was not something that he had mentioned to the Aethan’Tar, which really was his fault.

“Don’t worry, Tain,” he said, his voice calm and easy going, “it is my fault that I forgot to mention that some trainees have difficulty choosing between two disciplines. So they come up with a unique solution and blend the two of them together. They say they use both, but more often than not they’ll take the traits from each that they like and use those traits when they are fighting, so that they use both discipline. I should have mentioned this to you before, I am sorry. If you would like to use both Mo’kai’la and The Way of the Wind, then this is more than acceptable.”

“Thank you, Master,” Tain replied, “I will use both then!”

“Alright, that’s good. Now, as I said before – I want you to go and practice the stances. Take your lathe with you,” Jield said, gesturing to the wooden lathe that Tain held in his hands, “and I will call out a stance for your to practice. We’ll go through all five of them – Los’Val, Taer’Val, Mosiev’Val, Rahien’Val and Ji’Val – and I will practice them alongside of you with my lathe. Just go off a little bit away from me so that we both have space.”

Tain obliged and quickly took a few steps to one side, Jield stepping in the other direction so that they were close, but that there was still enough room between them.

“Good, now we’re going to begin with Los’Val!”

OOC: I know this is an incredibly short post. Your post was fine, and I understand you finished where you did with a question, but we still need to run through the stances, so this is me just answering your question and running through to the next part of your post. Like I said, short post, so make sure yours is longer, not that I have to worry! =D

  • To LearnTain Aethan'Tar, Thu Sep 7 03:22
    Tain followed the Gaidin like a dog, always no more than a step from his heels, till they came to the desired yard and they stopped. Im glad I do not need to have any knowledge of the sword before... more
    • The Stances — Jield Pilaweth, Head Gaidin, Sat Sep 9 19:35
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