A Fight Without Steel
Sat Sep 9, 2006 19:51 (XFF:

The world spun. Adrian tried to fight it. Breathe, he told himself. Donít let it get to you. Just breathe and wait. It canít spin forever. But the spinning refused to wane. On and on, until Adrian felt physically sick. Was this part of this demented lesson? Was he honestly being tested on his tolerance to endure constant dizziness? The part of him that remained coherent considered it feasible. The rest of him focused on keeping his breakfast firmly in his stomach.

Abruptly, the world was still again and Adrian found himself lying on his back on hard packed dirt. He lay there, simply trying to keep his body under control, not trusting what his senses were telling him. Was the world really this steady? As Adrianís mind steady regained control of his body, so his body regained memory of his bond.

Adrian suddenly wanted very much to vomit again. He felt violated. Ever since the Green Sister placed that repulsive weave upon him, he had fought the strong desire to take a bath, to cleanse himself, anything to get Sirestes out of his body and away from his soul.

Above all else, Adrian hated the idea of having anyone privy to what occurred in the depths of his soul. That was his territory only, and only should have the power to invite others in or turn them away. He would have told Yushan Gaidar to go to the Dark one and gone back to bed if he had known he would be getting bonded to a SeiíTar that evening. Especially if the SeiíTar in question was Sirestes.

It wasnít that Adrian had anything in particular against Sirestes. He doubted whether the younger man even remembered who Adrian was. Certainly he didnít when they were bonded. Perhaps that was the best. No, Sirestes was just one of those SeiíTar that turned Adrian off. Perhaps it was the rumors that Sirestes spent all his evenings drinking and wrenching instead of slaving over the One Power or missed weapons lessons like Adrian. It was petty jealous, and Adrian knew it, but somehow the Accepted had just steered clear of Sirestes if at all possible. It appeared that it wasnít possible anymore, especially when they now shared souls.

Eventually, his cool head kicked back in. He need to make the best of this, and making the best of things didnít involve lying on his back in the dirt. He need to figure out what had happened to him since he entered the gate. He sat up and looked around. And layed back down and groaned.

Obviously, there were many, many Aes Sedai linking together to create this very real illusion surrounding him. Adrain could see nothing about him. It wasnít dark; he felt like he was in the middle of a great plain on a very foggy morning. He couldnít see more than a foot in front of his face. Light new what waited for him just out of reach.

What was it he needed to do? Right, find Sirestes. Adrian paid his full attention to the bond, fighting down the bile that rose in his throat. Apparently Sirestes was quite some distance to the southeast. Gorgeous.

Adrain began to walk slowly in the direction of his bondmate, wondering just what was in store for him in this fog. A step. Then two. Nothing. Another step. Still nothing. Adrian frowned. What kind of test was this? After several minutes with no dangers popping out at him, he began to fight the urge to relax. Perhaps the dangers were directed towards Sirestes instead.

And then Adrian noticed just how hard it was to breathe in this mist. His heart sped up. Each breath felt like he was sucking in lead. He tried to calm himself, but each time he opened his month, his urge to let go and simply hyperventilate took over. This wasnít something he could fight with simple steel. Although as an Accepted trained in the One Power, Adrian still felt that any problem that couldnít be solved with a quick thrust of a knife wasnít a problem worth fighting.

His light-headed mind belatedly tried to come up with a weave that would purify the air. He failed to think of something, and just began to blindly run, trying to escape the deadly fog. He lost all thought except for the faint sensation that Sirestes, too, was panicking. Whether it was because of Adrianís peril, or another, the Accepted didnít know or care. He was simplyÖ.soÖtired. He faintly considered slowing down and trying to weave something again and was mildly surprised when he felt the ground come up to meet him.

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            Granted, Sirestes is the only one who actually GETS credit, but still!! Good job!
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