The harder they....are?
Mon Sep 11, 2006 04:14 (XFF:

“Novice Adem and Ardan Aethan’Tar.”

Ardan had been listening intently, focused on the objectives of the task and the goal. He presumed that the Aethan’Tar would be allowed at least the lathes to go into the challenge with. He would feel more comfortable with a weapon at his side for sure, even if it was just a wooden one. He had spent all of his days here working and working until his body ached, his muscles pulsated and he felt as though he couldn’t practice any longer, till his legs felt as though their next step would be its last, and then he pushed on some more; fought a little longer, ran a little further, ached a little more. Now today he was faced with a challenge that he was prepared for- he hoped -and the prospect was exciting enough to put a lopsided grin on his face. It lasted for a brief moment, before he went back into deep concentration, to prepare himself mentally for any Aes Sedai tricks that would occur during this task, preparing to throw himself in front of any danger that threatened Novice Adem.

As he looked around for the person that would be Novice Adem, he was almost unsure of whether this person existed or not, but upon second glance, an extremely short young man was walking towards him, with a sheepish smile on his face and a blatant stare at the malformation on his face. That was to be expected, and not the man’s fault, so Ardan let it go, trying to think about the positive side of this venture. It would measure his abilities so far and would hopefully generate a friendship, or at least comfortable acquaintance.
’Which would be more than I have already’ Ardan thought with a last glance at the Sei’Tar behind him, who obviously found the difference in size and build between the pair so hilariously funny that they took time to snigger and jeer silently at them when Jield Gaidin or the Aes Sedai’s eyes were not on them.

"I'm Adem” he said with a pause, and another stare at the scar the poked out at the edges of the silk cloth that covered most of the scar. “I guess we're going to be working together today."

Ardan put on a comforting smile although he wasn’t sure it didn’t look entirely like he was baring teeth, and managed to bark out a greeting. He chastised himself mentally; so far he wasn’t exactly making the best impression. A look at the young man suggested that he was from Cairhien, with fair skin and dark hair, although the way he spoke suggested more of an Andoran raising. Being so unsure, Ardan decided not to try idle conversation with talks of home, and the past. Most of that was exactly where it belonged. In the past.

“Do not worry, Novice Adem. I will protect you. You will come to no harm while we work together”

There. That was surely suitable enough for a friendly gesture, politeness, manners, and respect. Although it did come across kinda gruff. He would have to try and work on that whenever he could, but it wasn’t so high on his priorities list. All that really mattered to him now was the protection of his ‘Aes Sedai’ and the completion of the task. The man before him may have come across sheepish and nervous, not in the least intimidated, but Ardan didn’t doubt for a moment the man’s control of the Power. Anyone that was taken to the White Tower… well, anyone who was enlisted in the White Tower’s ranks clearly had what it took, the potential to become Aes Sedai, and these tasks surely wouldn’t be too tough on the Novice, although if given the choice, Ardan would rather be exactly where he was, as a Gaidin-in-Training rather than become enrolled in the Book of Novices. The thought brought a look to his face, whether it was bitterness, ruefulness or some other mixed emotion, he just couldn’t tell.

“Any idea what kinds of challenges we’ll have to face?”

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