Accepted Celeste
Medieval man (Taryn?)
Mon Sep 11, 2006 12:04 (XFF:

The echoing crash of a brass gong vibrated through the hall as Demetri Sedai signalled for attention. Silence ensued in the wake of the ringing tone as the Keeper waited for the sound to fade. Beginning easily, the Aes Sedai thanked all present for coming, her warm, gentle tones carrying easily across the hall.

Celeste listened carefully as the Sister began explaining slowly, what the lesson would be about. The Head Gaidin interjected at regular points from his position beside Demetri Sedai, filling in details as they explained the lesson to the gathered students. The Accepted blinked as the details started to sink in. It seemed someone had finally come up with a relevant idea. Not that the lessons she took were irrelevant, just that she had expected someone else to come up with the idea a little sooner.

The lesson would be an interactive exercise with the Aethan’Tar being paired with Novices. Similarly, Accepted would be paired with Sei’Tar. The whole objective of the session was to simulate the team circumstances in which a Warder and an Aes Sedai would primarily operate in. To Celeste, the lesson made immense sense. After all, despite all the training they went through, neither group really knew much about the other, much less understood how they worked.

Celeste paid little attention to the portion of instructions meant for the Novices. Instead, she gathered her hair, braiding the silvery-white strands together in anticipation. "For those who are paired with an Accepted." Jield droned, finally reaching the briefing for Sei’Tar. The Accepted listened carefully as the Gaidin explained how the Sei’Tar would be bound together with an Accepted in a “bond emulation”. Celeste knew what that meant. It was a weave that basically replicated the effects of the Warder/Aes Sedai bond but in a much more temporary capacity.

It seemed that the lesson would consist of the Accepted being placed in a “maze” while their “Warder” searched for them. Apparently, while waiting, the Accepted would have to fend off attacks, failing which they would be marked and disqualified. Once the partners had found each other, they would be required to exit the maze and clear three checkpoints before reaching the end of the lesson.

“Sounds simple enough,” Celeste muttered to herself, her hand sub-consciously reaching to her left as Jield Gaidin began to rattle off names from the lists he was holding. “… Lemuel Sei,Tar, Accepted Celeste and Kat Sei’Tar, Accepted Ariel and…, “ the names came and went so simply that Celeste nearly missed her own as well as that of her partner’s.

The Accepted moved off to the side of the hall, her eyes sweeping over the rapidly thinning crowd in the centre. Kat. A female then. Privately, Celeste was thankful. It was just one of those days. She did not know how she would react to a chauvinist Gaidin trainee but it was not likely to be pretty.

A slight girl approached, walking towards her calmly and confidently, the balanced gait almost a swagger. Celeste felt her breath catch slightly, a grin tugging at the edges of her mouth. The resemblance was striking. Not visual but something deeper. It was the posture, the air, the measured movement, everything about the girl smacked of someone familiar. The Accepted suppressed the urge to mentally impose her brother’s image over the figure of the approaching Sei’Tar.

Stretching out her hand, she asked, “Kat?” The other girl nodded, moving beside her as they joined the line waiting for their turn. Chatting idly, the girls took turns at quizzing each other gently, finding out little details about each other.

“Accepted Celeste, Kat Sei’Tar,” an grating voice called somewhat impatiently. Breaking out of the queue, they hurried over to the scowling Sister. Dressed in blue, the Aes Sedai wasted no time with talking. She laid a hand over both their heads and channelled, not even bothering to hide the weave.

Celeste watched carefully as the Sister wove, committing the sequence to memory. Basically a mess of Spirit interlaced with Water and Air, the Accepted waited expectantly as the finished weave descended onto the both of them.

Light the Accepted swore mentally, nearly jumping out of her skin when she felt the alien presence in her mind. Before she could protest at the equally startled mass, another Sister grabbed her hand, pulling her through a Gateway. Dimly, in her mind, she felt her erstwhile bond-mate do the same.

Cool mist swirled around, the translucent tendrils caressing her face as the Accepted looked around. The billowing veil drifted, revealing portions of stone walls and staircases. A gust of cold, wintry air blew past, causing Celeste to shiver. The Aes Sedai were certainly sparing no effort here to simulate reality. Stone felt real to touch as her heeled boots clicked on the cobbled yard.

Dimly, the Accepted felt Kat in her mind. The Sei’Tar was somewhere above. Above and cold. A wash of other sensations came through the bond, sweeping faster than Celeste could make sense of each. She shrugged. She knew the other girl was physically fine. Celeste did not know the extent to which the bond worked but she tried it anyway, trying to get a firm bearing on her “Warder”. Eastward.

Embracing Saidar, Celeste channelled slightly. The tinkling of ice filled the courtyard as condensed mist crashed onto stone. It was moments before the Accepted could close her mouth again. She was in the middle of a courtyard of an old castle. Stairways of stone led onto the walls and into the structure proper. A large, wooden double door a few metres away seemed to be the main entrance.

Without warning, the mist reappeared. One moment the air was clear and the next, the mist had reformed. Quite evidently, the Sisters had decided that the mist was part of the challenge. Somewhere in the maze of corridors in the castle, her Warder was wandering.

Celeste stepped forward, heading toward the door.

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              • Belated credit!!Taryn, Sun Oct 8 11:11
                Kate managed to direct my attention to the fact that you two finished up your Obstacle course, so there are two shiny credits for both of you!! ~~~~Taryn
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            • Credit earned!!Taryn, Wed Oct 11 16:57
              Granted, Sirestes is the only one who actually GETS credit, but still!! Good job!
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