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Tain listened intently, noting everything he would need to accomplish the task that was set before him. He was glad to find that, of the pair of Trainee and Initiate that would enter this task, the Trainee had the less complicated of parts, having to stick only to what they knew, thinking fast and reacting quicker. It was no easy task mind, the attacks they would face, he presumed, would be quite hard to turn aside.

You can do it Tain, just think of it as a gauntlet through the Rahad! he laughed slightly to himself as he thought this, acutely aware that he was more likely to die in the Rahad than here! Atleast I hope I am!

Both Jield and Demetri Sedai took turns to describe the type of task that they were expected to complete, telling of the mock danger they would face and how they were to go about getting through the task. He did not envy the Initiates, their part of the partnership, though less physically depleting, was certainly more tiresome in some respects. It had a lot to do with the power, or so it seemed. Tain really didn’t understand, for all he knew Demetri Sedai could have been making the whole thing up as a joke on the Trainees gathered!

An Aes Sedai wouldn’t do that… Would she? Tain cocked his head to the side and studied the tall Green interestedly. Wait, Aes Sedai cant lie, can they? Im so confused!

Tain continued to study the Aes Sedai, only half listening to what it is she was saying. It was quite amusing really, to have been in the Tower for the past year and to not even know if what the woman was saying was even half true. Tain would have to look in to the matter further when he got the chance, but for now…

"Accepted Sorcha Eamonn and Tain Aethan'Tar will work together.”

Tain shook himself out of his thoughts and looked up. He stood there stunned for a second till he finally caught what was happening. The pairing off had begun and his partner was already picking a path toward the group of Initiates. Taking a step forward Tain paused, unsure whether he should go to her or not. He hesitated a second too long it seemed, as he felt a nudge in the ribs. Turning, he almost jumped in surprise as he gazed down into the eyes of a very familiar Arafellan Sei’Tar.

“What ya waiting for ya lummox? Get out there!” Faoelin pushed him roughly out of the group before he could argue.

Taking a deep breath he strode toward the woman, back straight, eyes locked firmly on hers. He had instantly assumed the walking stance of a Gaidin, though one that lacked the Gaidin’s years of experience and unyielding confidence. He studied the Accepted as he neared, taking in ever-visible inch of her and smiling slightly to himself. He appreciated what he saw. The woman, though markedly shorter than him, did not appear to find him intimidating. In fact, the opposite was true. A fire burned in her eyes, a fire of self-confidence, of inner strength, a fire fueled by the knowledge that he could not harm her in any way.

When he was a step or two ahead of her he bowed fluidly, before straightening. He took a closer look at her then, truly cataloguing everything he could to memory. He smiled to himself slightly, as she began to introduce herself, and began to slowly caress the full, thick beard he had taken to sporting.

“You must be Tain Aethan’Tar. I am Accepted Sorcha Eamonn. It seems that we have been paired together for this part, and we know nothing about each other, yet soon we will feel the presence of each other within our own minds. It’s alarming to think how close we may become in the next few hours of this lesson, for you will surely see a side of me none have seen before, and vice versa, I would imagine.”

His idle movement halted when she began to speak of what was going to happen in the lesson. He would be able to see into her mind. Well… be aware of her anyway, as she would be able to do with him. His head shot swiftly from side to side, searching for an escape route. He had not been made aware of this little fact when he decided to join this lesson. He was decidedly uncomfortable with the thought of having another in his head!

Dart for the door! No one will miss you! a voice shouted hysterically within his skull. No! What about the woman? She will blow our escape! a calmer, yet more sinister voice reasoned. Ask her to come with us! Tell her we are going to the gardens and are feeling sick! the hysterical voice responded. Or… we could make her come with us then… Dispose of her! the sinister voice laughed darkly, before Tain quashed both bodiless voices.

He returned his gaze to the woman and gulped audibly.

“Greetings Sorcha Eamonn, I am, as you guessed, Tain Aethan’Tar. I will admit, because if what you say is true you will sense it anyway, that I am afraid of what is to come. Not the test, but the closeness we will experience. There are a lot of things in my head that need to stay there, I would be greatly indebted to you if, by some way you come across one of these such things, you will never speak of them again? Apart from this little fact… It will be an honor to act as your Warder today!” he flashed the Accepted a broad grin and bowed fluidly. “If I may ask, where are you from? I myself hail from Ebou Dar, more specifically, the Rahad. Have you heard of it?”

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