Too Late Now
Thu Sep 14, 2006 16:13 (XFF:

Kareen was still taking in all those that were on the other side of the room when she was informed by a voice somewhere behind her that her partner was to be ‘that one.’ A hand pointed to another standing across the room. Kareen did not even think to look around and see who was speaking to her. Instead, she strode over to the instructed person. Upon her arrival, she had been instructed that she was to be working with one of the trainees. They would be acting as bondmates for the course of the lesson. The prospect did not hinder her one bit. These trainees seemed far less frightening to her than one of the Aes Sedai. She still had it half in her mind that they were similar to Atha’an Miere.

The medallions tinkled merrily on her cheek as she wove through the rabble of people scrambling to find their own partners. Finally she made it to the one to which would be her ‘bondmate.’ He was faced away from her, looking around for her she guessed, unless he did not know that they were partners already. Kareen did not make a move to tap him on the shoulder or anything else to make her presence know, that would surely have been rude, at least in her mind. Instead, Kareen simply spoke up, her voice calm–it almost projected a readiness for what was to come. “You are partner less, are you not?” The question was simple, and in case she had mistaken the pointed hand, she would not feel like a fool. Her delicately tattooed hand remained clasped in front of her.

The Aethan’Tar turned about to face her. The first feature immediately visible was the scar that dominated his otherwise flawless face. It took a moment for her to spread her vision and take in the rest of him. He didn’t quite project the grace she had seen in some of the other recruits, but maybe it was just because they were standing in the middle of such a crowd of people, she did not know. The scar meant nothing to her. She had seen more ravaged features in her lifetime, and a marred face was the least of some peoples problems. By the look of the man in front of her, he didn’t take and worries about it either.

Kareen smiled at him, but she could not sooth her disconnected features just yet. He was new to her, and until then she was to remain a little guarded as well. “You’re my partner, I take it?” Kareen was relieved to find that she had not mistaken where the hand had pointed. She only gave a slight nod of her head before he went on to introduce himself. “I’m Rahim Vaelyn. Aethan’Tar.” Now Kareen knew this man to actually be her partner for the lesson, she let her eyes take him in once more. The vivid green measuring and taking into account every part of him she could. She may be a Novice, but she had not grown up some ignorant farm girl. She knew people, having grown up with strangers all around when they were docked at some port and not out at sea.

Reciprocating his own introduction, Kareen introduced herself. “Kareen din Yokiri.” She gave no title, it was blatantly obvious she was a lowly Novice of the White Tower, and there was no need to bring attention to it.

A gong sounded, giving the now paired up groups indication it was time to find their way to this obstacle course that had been created for them. Kareen following the crowd, wherever it was they were being lead. A quick glance showed that her partner was still there next to her, following like the rest.

OOC: There we go. ^.^ I guess we’re partners now, no? I think that was the original plan anyway, but no matter, here we are. ^.^

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