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Well, this would be interesting.

Arin had never given much thought to the subject of bonds… at least, not much more than the average White Tower initiate, as everyone gave it some thought at some point. It was an interesting prospect, but at the same time frightening – the knowledge that, at some point, you could willingly give the person of your choice access to your inner self as well as the ability to know where you were at any give time… well, it was a bit disturbing. The only run-in Arin had ever had with bonds, up to this point, was the bond that Lysander shared with an as-yet-unnamed Aes Sedai, and that had, as of now, caused them fairly minimal trouble as opposed to the many other issues they had.

She examined the woman that she had been paired with. The Sei'Tar was taller than she, of course – by this point, Arin was long resigned to the fact that almost any given person would be taller than herself. The Sei'Tar – Tsuga; she had a name – seemed fairly self-assured. It was likely that she would make a good partner.

"As she said, I'm Arin," Arin said, trying not to sound awkward. She hated meeting new people – it made her distinctly uncomfortable. "I'm an Accepted – raised about four years ago… I've been at the Tower for… I think about eight years. If I'm to defend myself, I'll be using mainly saidar, as would be expected, but I'm also fairly proficient with hand-to-hand combat and I'm alright with knives." Tsuga nodded, though whether in approval or just out of politeness Arin wasn't sure, and then provided some information of her own. They continued to converse for quite some time, trying to, as Demetri had suggested, "get to know each other". It didn't seem like much time had passed before they heard "Accepted Arin and Tsuga Sei'Tar" from the front of the room.

They waited for a moment as the weave was set upon them. The effects were fairly instantaneous – Arin blinked and shook her head, surprised by the sudden presence of another mind at the back of her own. Tsuga, in addition to still being the person standing beside her, had become a small bundle of emotions in the back of her head. Arin also knew that, if she were asked to go into the next room, close her eyes, and then spin around, she would still be able to point in the exact direction of the other woman. Interesting indeed.

Arin was led to the center of the maze, Tsuga staying at the entrance, and then left there. She stood still for several minutes, the area entirely calm and quiet. She had just begun to tap her foot lightly, wondering what she was supposed to be waiting for, when a ball of Spirit flew out from one of the walls. She recognized it as harmless, but nevertheless, she was expected to defend herself – it was fairly simple to weave a razor of her own from Spirit and slice through the ball, effectively destroying it. She'd barely finished with the first "attack" when someone stepped out from behind another nearby wall and ran at her. She had no idea who it was – the person was dressed entirely in black with a veil over their face, almost like an Aiel – but she nevertheless reacted quickly, turning and throwing the person, who through some stroke of luck was not much taller or heavier than herself, over her hip. The stranger hit the ground and rolled, then sprang back up and threw a punch, which Arin blocked and then responded to with a kick of her own. They fought for a few moments, then the person simply stopped and left the room.

Arin was rather puzzled, but didn't have long to think. In fairly short order, to her surprise and horror, flames sprang up from the floor, surrounding her. She was not afraid of fire – it was her second-strongest element, and she was very good with it – but when it was all around her, it was none too pleasant. Nevertheless, she wove a succession of small nets of Water, dropping them on various patches of the fire, which each vanished. Arin suddenly found herself wondering why there was no smoke accompanying this fire when she realized, to her slight amusement, that the fire was merely Illusion that responded to Water like its hotter counterpart, and in fact not harmful at all.

She fended off several other attacks, and was in between them when she saw, or rather felt Tsuga at one of the entraces. "Good to see you," Arin said.

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    Tsuga listened attentively as Jield and the Aes Sedai began explaining the lesson. As they expanded on what was going to happen, she became more and more excited. This was going to be a very... more
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        Tsuga had to smile to herself slightly as Arin filled her in on some of the things she needed to know. She was somewhat surprised to hear that the Accepted knew hand-to-hand combat, though it... more
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            Tsuga wasn’t sure how she was managing to evade the blows aimed at her by the “assassins” that seemed to materialize from nowhere, but by some stroke of luck both of the girls remained unscathed.... more
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              Kate managed to direct my attention to the fact that you two finished up your Obstacle course, so there are two shiny credits for both of you!! ~~~~Taryn
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